ESC Committee - Former Brexit Minister Suella Braverman gives evidence

Chair: Good afternoon, Mrs Braverman. We have just had Dominic Raab here. I would like to ask you, first of all, about your resignation letter, in which you referred to the backstop as “a betrayal” and said that the concessions made in the negotiations “do not respect the will of the people”.

Diary - supporting our police

It certainly was not as cold on my morning run than it has been. Wolfed down a bacon-buttie once in the House and scoured all the papers. A bit of balance in some of them!

Speech - more police needed on the beat

I really do not want to enter the blame game, but I am going to start by just reminding the House and putting it on the record that, in 2010, we did inherit a financial mess. [Interruption.] Opposition Members groan but it is a fact.

Diary - tackling knife crime

A busy morning and then to London for another week of politics. We had an interesting Urgent Question(UQ) from Labour on knife crime, which I attended.