Diary - catching up with the Chief Constable

Lots to do in the morning, before heading to police HQs at Winfrith. There I had one of my regular updates with retiring Chief Constable Debbie Simpson, and PCC Martyn Underhill.

W2W - out means out

THE mocking tone of the Remainers continues unabated.

None of us knew what we were voting for, is the common refrain.

We did, and constituents who want out have consistently told me so.

Diary - outdoor training for young prisoners

Up early and into the park for a run. Routine matters in the office, before meeting General Sir Rupert Smith, a most distinguished and decorate former soldier, who is now chairman of the charity The Airborne Initiative.

Speech - The Airborne Initiative

I start by praising and thanking all those who serve in the Prison Service. I frequently call them members of the forgotten army. Being an ex-solider myself, I think that is rather appropriate, because all too often our prison officers are forgotten.

Diary - good show by Brexit minister

Up early and out into the park for a run. Into the office and dealt with the routine matters. At 1230 I went into the Chamber for an Urgent Question on a leaked report that claims leaving the EU will damage the country economically.

W2W - no more cuts to our Armed Forces

I’VE met the Chief of the General Staff, so I was not surprised to see him breaking ranks and criticize, however obliquely, his political masters.

Still, it’s a rare and courageous act, prompted by the very real threats we face.

Diary - launching the new Enterprise Zone

Up early and into the office before heading to a surgery at Bovington. A meeting with a representative of the Royal College of Nursing was cancelled as the lady who'd come to see me could no longer make it.