Diary - debating the NHS

Following a morning run, I spent most of the morning working on my speech for the Adjournment Debate that I'd called.

Diary - last PMQs of this session

The last PMQs of this Parliamentary session, and I had a question. An early morning run before that, into the office and steady progress through a mass of routine matters. I met my cousin, who I have not seen for many years, and took him up to the Gallery to watch PMQs.

Diary - end of term feel

An early morning run and then a catch-up at the offices of the Daily Mail, which was so helpful during the Al Blackman case, or Marine A, as you may remember him as.

Diary - hospital visits

Today was hospital day. First stop was the top-notch Linden Unit in Weymouth. The 15 bed unit caters for those with mental health issues and is highly regarded.

W2W - ISIS horrors to continue

THE city of Mosul was first subjected to the horrors of modern warfare 13 years ago when the West invaded Iraq.

The effect on those who live there is unimaginable, with hundreds of thousands fleeing their homes in search of safety.

Diary - update on IPACA

Today I had a most interesting time at the Portland Academy, that has now been renamed Atlantic College. I had organised a catch-up with Regional Schools Commissioner Rebecca Clark.

Diary - an interesting lunch with Nigel Lawson

Another busy day in the House as approach recess. After a morning in the office, I dropped down to the Chamber for PMQs. Damian Green stood in for the PM, who was away. Emily Thornberry represented Labour. Mr Green did very well and gave a good account on behalf of the Government.