Diary - Northern Ireland back on track

Up early and out into the park for a run. After routine matters, I dropped down to the Chamber to attend a Statement on Northern Ireland. It's very good news that devolved government is now back on track after three long years, with both sides having to make compromises.

Diary - picking up on the Queen's Speech

Up early and out into a sodden park. So wet that I had to keep to the paths for most of my run. Routine matters once in the House and into the Chamber for PMQs.

Diary - Iran becomes more and more of a threat

Into the Commons by 0800 for a meeting with the Chief Whip that I'd asked for. Although the conversation was in private, I can say the subject was the future of farming. I had asked Neil Parish and Owen Paterson to accompany me.

Diary - difficulties in the Royal household

More speculation over the future of the Royal Family as the Queen, Prince Charles, Prince William and Prince Harry met to discuss how this new relationship that Harry and Meghan want might work.

Diary - EU Withdrawal Bill heads to the Lords

The final day of the EU Withdrawal Bill before it heads to the Lords. What an historic moment that will be. But first out for an early morning run, before running through routine matters in my office.

Diary - airliner crashes in Iran

More bad news from Iran ended the day. An Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 crashed only minutes after leaving Imam Khomeini International Airport this morning, killing all 176 people on board. With all that is going on in Iran right now questions are being asked about the cause.

Diary - first day back

First day back in the New Year. Having dealt with routine matters, I dropped down to the Chamber for Treasury Questions at 1430. Unusually, nearly all the seats had been taken, the new intake of MPs making their presence felt.

Diary - Middle East erupts again

I had a feeling it was too quiet over New Year which has now taken on a new dimension with the death of Qassem Soleimani, the brutal Iranian general killed in a recent drone strike.

Diary – Happy Christmas

On this special day, can I wish you a very Happy Christmas and a peaceful New Year. I think we all need both! It's been quite a year, ending with high, political drama. 2020 will beckon a new era, one where I hope we will fulfil our pledges and bring light to all parts of the UK.

Diary - winning votes at last

We had to be in by 0930 as we went straight into the debate on the WU Withdrawal Bill. I had put in to speak and was called, by which time we were down to five minutes each. My speech is on the website.