Diary - big day tomorrow

What a day! It's been a day of reading, reading and reading. We have had little time to really understand what is on offer on Saturday, but time is tight and that is not the fault of the PM.

Diary - a deal with the EU is agreed

A deal is done! Boris has done it, the papers cried. We learnt a little more about this significant step forward when Leader of the House Jacob Rees-Mogg waved a copy of the deal at the Despatch Box. That got Opposition MPs going!

Diary - speaking in the Chamber

A morning run and into the Commons. My bicycle proving very handy in that traffic was heavy and I could slip past it all with ease. My very large and loud bell proving even handier as pedestrians repeatedly tried to walk in front of me! The Queen's Speech continued and I had put in to speak.

Diary - desperate plight of the Kurds

An early morning run and into the Commons. The Queen's Speech continued, but was delayed by a number of Urgent Questions (UQs). I attended the first, which was raised by Tobias Ellwood. He wanted an update on the Turkish invasion of northern Syria.

Diary - Queen's Speech

An extraordinary day really, as the State Opening of Parliament was carried out amid a swirl of political intrigue and following the longest session of parliament since the Civil War. In high winds and lashing rain, I headed to London on my motorbike, getting there in one piece, thankfully.

Diary - a final farewell to a lovely man

The Turkish assault in northern Syria continues amid widespread condemnation. The Kurds in the firing line are the very same people who bravely fought Islamic State jihadists.

Diary - meeting with the PM

The House had been prorogued but I had a meeting with the PM at 1400 so went in to the Commons after a morning run. The protesters were still there, of course, and the rubbish continues to pile up. At 1315, I met with other colleagues for a pre-meeting and then we all wandered down to No 10.