Diary - chatting to the Rotarians

A busy morning, working lunch and then across to Dorchester for one of my regular meetings with the able CEO of the Tri-Council, Matt Prosser. Armed with a cuppa, we discussed many local issues for an hour.

Diary - a special couple

Having helped with a very sad case involving the loss of a son, the parents had kindly asked to see me in order to thank me and my team for all that we had done. I have met them on several occasions and they are the most charming couple and my heart bleeds for them.

Diary - a couple back in their home

A stint in the office first thing and then on to my motorcycle and across to see Roy and Noma Hooper at their cosy cottage near Wareham. Tragedy struck this lovely couple when their thatched roof caught fire, burning their house to the ground.

Diary - a sombre day

Today was a sombre day as my Father was cremated in a short and poignant service at Poole Crematorium. It was a private affair, with just family present. Afterwards they all came home and we enjoyed a lunch together. It's hard to believe a parent has gone. You always think they live forever.

Diary - off to prison

On to the motorbike at 1000 after a stint in the office and down to Portland in murky and windy conditions. I drove straight to Portland YOI to meet the newish Governor Steve Hodson. I had met him before at the prison and have always been impressed by his quiet and efficient demeanour.

Diary - debating the NHS

Following a morning run, I spent most of the morning working on my speech for the Adjournment Debate that I'd called.

Diary - last PMQs of this session

The last PMQs of this Parliamentary session, and I had a question. An early morning run before that, into the office and steady progress through a mass of routine matters. I met my cousin, who I have not seen for many years, and took him up to the Gallery to watch PMQs.

Diary - end of term feel

An early morning run and then a catch-up at the offices of the Daily Mail, which was so helpful during the Al Blackman case, or Marine A, as you may remember him as.

Diary - hospital visits

Today was hospital day. First stop was the top-notch Linden Unit in Weymouth. The 15 bed unit caters for those with mental health issues and is highly regarded.