Diary - out on the door

Up early and to Weymouth for a spot of canvassing with our by-election candidate Richard Nickinson. He is a local man and would make an excellent councillor. I always enjoy being on the door because constituents rarely hold back from saying what they feel.

Diary - train crash at PMQs

Up and out early on a beautiful sunny morning. Hyde Park looks stunning. With the Commonwealth Heads of State here, London is a mass of police, sirens and traffic chaos. Into the Commons and after routine matters headed to the Whips' office for a briefing on today's Government business.

Diary - stories of bullying and abuse within Labour

What a fascinating day. It began with an early morning run in spring sunshine. Warmth at last! Into the Commons and a chance to promote my constituency in Treasury Questions at 1130.

Diary - the reason to bomb

The day was always going to be interesting, with the Prime Minister due to make a Statement on her decision to bomb Syria. Due to other parliamentary matters, Mrs May did not enter the Chamber until about 1615.

Diary - new marine engineering company at the Port

A visit to Portland Port was in the diary today, but before I got there I dropped in again on the former soldier, whose home is being refurbished to meet his disabilities. A site visit with all the contributors had been planned and when I got there at 0940 the house was full of people.

Diary - flood concerns at Ridge

First stop this morning was Weymouth. I was there to meet Claudia Webb, who is now running Weymouth Bid. She is doing an outstanding job and rightly reviewing what has gone before. She has many sound ideas and I support her completely. Also at the meeting was the new towncentre manager Ed Warr.

Diary - Home Secretary to stay

Into the office first thing, before heading to Weymouth to meet one of our prison officers and his wife. The PO concerned is recovering from a very serious assault at HMP Bedford, where he was on detached duty. He was knocked unconscious before the prisoner began stamping on his head.

Diary - lobbying for infrastructure funding

An early morning run and into the office. PMQs was particularly uninspiring, considering it was the last one before the Easter break. Corbyn chose mental health as his topic. The gloss is falling off this man as his true colours are revealed.