Diary - farming update

Into the office early for a series of meetings. Today my friend and colleague Neil Parish MP was due to speak to my farming group at Furzebrook Village Hall and we were all looking forward to that. Neil sat on the Efra Select Committee with me during our first term in Parliament in 2010.

Diary - another step to once again be in charge of our destiny

It was always going to be an interesting day, and so it proved. It began with a run and then into the House. I attended a meeting of the Whips at 1015, to hear the running order for the day. Into the Chamber at about 1140 for PMQs.

Diary - don't legalise cannabis for recreational use

A day of meetings. Began with a run and ended with supper with my youngest son. Routine matters in the morning and then I dropped down to the Chamber to listen to the Home Secretary make a Statement on cannabis.

W2W - a solution to North Korea, or not?

GIVE President Trump his due, he has achieved more on the Korean peninsula than any other world leader has ever done.

Predictably, the jeering has been deafening from all sides.

Diary - saying farewell to a true countryman

Today was my wife's birthday. But that did not prevent me from attending the funeral of long-time supporter Norman Randall, a farmer from Stoborough. He was one of the those special country men, who worked the land all their lives, with a devoted family and many friends.

Diary - Weymouth & Portland matters

Left for Dorset in the morning on my motorcycle. I was ensconced in one of my regular meetings with the CEO of the Tri-Council, Matt Prosser, and some of his team by 1400. These meetings are in private and they cover a multitude of topics from the micro to the macro.

Diary - SNP storms out of the Chamber

An early morning run and into the House. Routine matters to 1130 when I entered the Chamber in time for PMQs. I had a question, so it was important to have a seat and microphone. I followed the weekly contest between Corbyn and Mrs May.

Diary - votes won, but at what price?

What a day! It began with an early morning run. Good time to clear the head in preparation for what was always expected to be a close call. It did not turn out that way, but the shenanigans carried out by a handful of Remain MPs on our side was embarrassing.

Diary - PM calls MPs to order

This week will hopefully see the successful conclusion of the European Union Withdrawal Bill. The Bill is designed to do one thing, and one thing only: to place all EU law into British law. After that we can decide which bits we want to keep, improve or reject.