Diary - fracking and seahorses

Run and into the Commons. First meeting was with a colleague of mine Lee Rowley, MP for NE Derbyshire. He wanted to chat about fracking and raise his concerns about Government proposals to allow energy companies to explore for fossil fuel without planning permission.

Diary - Portland MD sees defence procurement minister

Early morning run and into the office for a busy day. After completing routine matters in the morning and a working lunch at my desk, I headed across to Mark Francois's office to sign a letter to the PM.

Diary - meeting an inspirational team

Up early, a short stint in the office and then to London for another week. My first appointment was with the Weymouth Chamber of Commerce, whose members had come up for a tour of the House.

Diary - exciting challenge for agriculture post Brexit

Up early for my run and into the park in glorious autumn sunshine. To the office on my bicycle - a risky business in itself - and then spent time refining my speech on the Agriculture Bill in the afternoon. A charming young man from my constituency came and spent the day in the office.

Diary - more support for prison officers

An early start and up to London for our first day following the Party Conference season. The morning was spent on routine matters and catching up on all the political gossip, which is not insignificant here! At 1330 I attended the first of two private meetings about Brexit.

Diary - in prison

Up early, into the office, and a quick visit to have a couple of stitches out, before heading back to Portland to visit HMYOI. I first met up with POA Branch Chairman Tony Walker, a former Royal Marine, who I have got to know well.

Diary - visiting a defence company on Portland

A busy morning and then to Portland on my motorbike. A beautiful sunny day for a ride. First to revisit a specialist company called Tods Defence, which makes highly secretive bits and bobs for submarines and surface ships.

Diary - Chequers rejected

The front page of our local paper led with a data breach story, with animal rights' activists claiming they had the details of those involved in the badger cull. This was a wild claim and pure speculation, but shows the lengths to which some will go for their cause.

Diary - apes, prison and helicopters

A mixed bag today. I found myself heavily involved in talks with HeliOps and HMP The Verne, both on Portland, and with Monkey World, the ape rescue centre near Wool.

Diary - meeting Budmouth's new Principal

A busy day, including a visit to Budmouth College to meet the new Principal, Richard Jacobs. Despite the fact Ofsted officials were in the building, Mr Jacobs very generously gave me an hour of his time.