Diary - three down and seven to go

All eyes are fixed on the fight for the top job in politics. And today the result of the first ballot was announced at midday. Boris Johnson has proved to be the favourite and his supporters, like me, expected him to do well. However, we were all surprised at just how well he did.

Diary - supporting Boris at his launch

Well, you could never say politics was boring right now. After a run through the park, I headed off to 3 Carlton House Terrace for Boris' launch, which was due to start at 1100. I got there early in order to catch up with colleagues and, out of interest, to see who was there.

Diary - meeting a charity for blind veterans

Another day of hustings for the PM's job and an interesting meeting with a charity called Blind Veterans UK. A run began the day and then into the Commons to meet a group of soldiers from Bovington in my constituency.

Diary - meeting air ambulance teams

Back up to London in pouring rain. Leadership bids have to be in by 1700 today. Eleven of my colleagues are expected to stand if they have the required number of eight colleagues to support them. Meanwhile, alliances are being made and no doubt jobs promised to those who support each candidate.

Diary - a promise delivered

This morning, my wife and I said farewell to Al and Claire Blackman. If you recall, Al, who was better known as Marine A, was jailed for murder after shooting a Taliban insurgent while serving in Afghanistan in 2011.

Diary - tales of courage

D-Day commemorations moved across the Channel as celebrations to mark the biggest seaborne invasion ever continued. There were many moving scenes and stories told, leaving many in tears. It's impossible not to get a lump in your chest on historic days like today.

Diary - further commemorations of D-Day humble us all

Another wonderful day of commemoration to mark the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Today the pomp and ceremony moved to Portsmouth, where the Queen, PM and many other dignitaries attended a moving Service, songs and story telling, held on a raised stage.

Diary - the race for the top job is on

Back to the Commons as the race as to who becomes our next PM gets under way. There are plans to change the rules to ensure that no-hopers don't waste our time, when it's important we select our next leader as quickly as we reasonably can.

Diary - a final farewell to Mum

It was a sad, but happy day, today. We commemorated the life of my Mother at Milton Abbey under a bright sun and in beautiful school grounds. I am most grateful to the school and many others for all the work this week to prepare for the event.

Diary - a drubbing in the European elections

The predictions came true, of course, and our Party received a massive drubbing in the European elections. Politically, those Parties which want to leave the EU and those who wish to remain in it did best. Again, no surprise there. To me the message is clear.