Diary - presenting park manager with award

A busy day. First stop Swanage. The sun, having reappeared, I was encouraged to take the bike, which is always of benefit as it beats the traffic in most instances. I headed to Cauldron Barn Farm Park, which has been there in one guise or another for decades.

Diary - a sad day of remembrance

Cancer has sadly claimed another victim, this time the brother-in-law of my caseworker, Hennie Weld. David Caradoc Weld-Davies was only 56 and leaves behind a wife and two young children.

Diary - special care for those suffering from dementia

Rain, rain and more rain, and just when farmers are bringing in the harvest. So, I abandoned the idea of motorbiking to Weymouth and instead resorted to car. First stop was a wonderful service for those suffering from dementia.

Diary - Sandbanks ferry breakdown

Back from hols and into the in-tray. At the top - the Sandbanks ferry. Regrettably, the ferry has had to be towed to Southampton for major repairs to the drive-shaft.

Diary - to McDonalds in Weymouth

Up early and enjoyed a couple of hours in the office in the cool of the morning. Then on to my bike and down to Weymouth to the McDonalds franchise in Jubilee Retail Park.

Diary -

A new start today. Boris made his maiden appearance at the Despatch Box as PM. Before that my good friend and colleague Jacob Rees-Mogg did an outstanding job in his new role as Leader of the House.

Diary - Boris takes over as PM

Another hot day. Dentist and haircut first thing and into the Commons. It was Mrs May's last PMQs and it turned out to be a rather bitter one, with neither side giving much ground.

Diary - Boris wins the crown

A very early morning run to avoid a scorching sun and into the Commons for what was an interesting day, not least for Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson. I headed over to the QE11 Centre at about 1100 to join the throng of MPs, journalists and Party helpers to see who had won the crown.

Diary - piracy in international waters

Out into the sunshine first thing and then to the Commons. Coffee and papers and then routine constituency matters before attending the first of three Urgent Questions (UQs) on the latest outbreak of violence in Hong Kong.

Diary - police open day attracts thousands

Who could resist a police open day? II certainly could not, and regrettably leapt into my battered Landrover to make my to police HQs at Winfrith. I say regrettably because the traffic was appalling and I should have gone by bike.