Diary - events dear boy, events!

Rumours abound that the 48 letters have been reached. I would not be surprised if they have bearing in mind the situation. I am saddened that we and the country are facing such humiliation.

Diary - a chaotic day

Yet another extraordinary day, and one Mrs May and her Executive will live to regret, sadly. Until about midday, ministers were on the airwaves pushing Mrs May's deal.

Diary - we must keep our word

Another long day in Parliament. I had put in to speak in the EU Withdrawal Act debate, as had more than 70 other MPs. Time was inevitably going to be limited. I worked in my office until about 1115, when I descended to the Chamber to take my usual seat at the back.

Diary - the confusion continues

Day Two on the EU Withdrawal Act. With more than 40 MPs putting into speak on each of the five days, each Member is getting about seven minutes to speak. I am due to speak tomorrow. A busy morning in the office working on constituency matters before PMQs at midday.

Diary - gloves come off in the House

Another extraordinary day in politics as Remainers continue to do their best to prevent Brexit, some under the pretence of a second referendum. It was the first of five days of debate on withdrawal bill.

Diary - the truth booms out

Another extraordinary day in the Commons. The much anticipated appearance of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC came after the PM had made a Statement on her recent G20 meeting. Mr Cox had come to the House to explain the legal ramifications of the PM's Withdrawal Bill.

Diary - Project Fear rolls back into town

Here we go again! Project Fear 2. Chancellor Hammond and his team of Remainers once again warn we're going to hell in a handcart. As freedom day approaches these tactics are going to be applied more and more.

Diary - rumours abound

More and more rumours abound as this so-called Withdrawal Deal and Political Declaration are torn apart, and rightly so.

Diary - democracy is under serious attack

Another sad day for democracy and politics in this country. The Prime Minister was making her second Statement in a few days about the Withdrawal Agreement and the Political Declaration. Few, if any of us, were happy with either, both riddled with ambiguity.