W2W - take a closer look at the EU

I FIND it astonishing that while Parliament wrangles over Brexit, the EU has almost totally escaped scrutiny.

Only last week, veteran TV presenter Andrew Marr lamented that not one EU politician had ever appeared on his Sunday programme.

Diary - a totally unnecessary foul-up

Another day at  the office, and not a satisfactory one. The withdrawal from the EU was back in the Chamber and I'd put in to speak. After a routine morning, I entered the Chamber just after midday and took my place at the back on the right.

Letter to the Chancellor - further education funding

Dear Chancellor,

Following the Government’s announcement of the 2019 Spending Review, we write to you on behalf of 164 colleagues across the House for your support in increasing Further Education (FE) funding in the next Spending Review this spring.

Diary - Brexit continues to dominate the agenda

A cold morning run and into the House. Routine morning and then into the Chamber for PMQs. Nothing especially scintillating today. At 1345 it was time for the weekly meeting of the European Scrutiny Committee, which was held in private. There's a lot going on behind the scenes, as you'd imagine.

Diary - the dangers of an anti-acne drug

An early start and out into the cold for some exercise. Into the House and routine matters through the morning. At about 1230 I entered the Chamber to listen to another Statement by the PM. It was very short on detail and really repeated what we'd already heard.

Diary - back to the Commons

Back up to the Commons for another week. It was a quiet day but it gave me time to catch up with a lot of constituency correspondence and other matters. The Whip was shortened from 9pm to 6pm, but one statememt and three urgent questions kept matters running to about 1900. 

Diary - catch up with an island friend

Off to Portland first thing in blustery and rainy conditions. My first port of call was to meet Les and Jean Ames, two of the loveliest people you could care to meet. Les is now 99 and has served the island with dignity, courage and devotion for decades.

W2W - what's happening to the young?

WHAT on earth is going on with our young?

Some 200 youngsters are committing suicide each year and we face an epidemic of self-harm.

All this is in Children’s Mental Health week.

The debate on what the problem is, and how to prevent it, is now widespread.