W2W - long live free speech

LET me enter the debate swirling around Boris Johnson’s comments about the burka.

First, I defend his right to say what he did.

Second, this torrent of phoney outrage is nothing more than political manoeuvrings of the most wilful kind by his enemies.

Blog - double horror

My heart goes out to the families and friends of those affected by both yesterday's terror attack outside the House of Commons and the collapse of the motorway bridge in Genoa, Northern Italy.

Diary - nurse debate successful

A busy day working on many constituency matters. I was delighted to hear that my submission for a debate on more home-grown nurses had been successful and I will be debating that in the Chamber at the end of play on Wednesday, 5 September.

W2W - US President ruffles feathers

THE President returned to the USA this week widely accused of treason, foolishness and pandering to Russia.

Even Mr Trump’s most diehard supporters found his summit with President Putin in Helsinki hard to digest.

Diary - a day on Portland

Up early and into the office. Down to Weymouth at 1200 to meet HeliOps CEO Steve Gladston and Tri-Council CEO Matt Prosser. The purpose of the meeting was twofold.

Diary - evidence from Michael Gove

A run and into the Commons to take oral evidence from Michael Gove, the Defra Secretary of State. It was always going to be an interesting session and so it proved. It began in public at 0930 and you can read what was said on my website.