W2W - every good team needs a leader

IT was a sight that I’m sure many constituents would have approved of – their MP in the stocks.

The wet sponges came thick and fast, all in a good cause.

Diary - Kingston Maurward College forging ahead

With the sun shining, I had no hesitation in hopping on to my motorbike and heading to Dorchester to visit Kingston Maurward College. There I met Principal Luke Rake, who has now been in place for over two years.

Conservative brief - new RN warships will be built in the UK

The Prime Minister has announced that new warships for the Royal Navy will be built in the UK, securing thousands of jobs for people at British shipyards and ensuring the United Kingdom is a global, outward looking nation as we leave the EU.


Consultation - general licences

Environment Secretary Theresa Villiers today (12 September) launched a public survey as part of a planned review of general licences to manage wild birds in England.

Diary - high-tech defence company to expand to Winfrith

I am sure that, like me, you were shocked to read of the rape of an 11-year-old girl on Portland. I understand that two men have been arrested, so I cannot say too much more. But the attack is depressing as well as shocking.

Diary - the assault on democracy continues

It's almost midnight and the never-ending assault on our democracy continues, minute by minute, hour by hour. As I write, the Prime Minister is once again attempting to get round the dreadful Fixed Term Parliament Act and secure a general election.

Diary - reassurance from oil company Perenco

Away from the madhouse and back in Dorset's clean air. A busy day, beginning in County Hall, Dorchester, where I attended one of my regular catch-ups with the senior management team of the new unitary authority.

W2W - shame on Parliament

MAKE no mistake, democracy is under threat with this disreputable Parliament.

Enabled by a biased Speaker – shameful in itself – members of the Commons have seized control of legislation, forcing the Prime Minister to beg for an extension to Article 50 at the EU summit on 17 October.