Westminster to Weymouth - Fake News

IF ‘post-truth’ was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2016, ‘fake news’ must be a qualifier for 2017.
While post-truth means real facts have less impact on shaping public opinion than emotion, fake news omits the facts completely.

Speech on motion to approve Police grant

Before I start—and I shall not speak for long—it would be negligent of me not to thank the chief constable of Dorset, Debbie Simpson, and our police and crime commissioner, Martyn Underhill, the 1,200 brave officers who serve us and the 1,000-odd staff who support them so admirably across Dorset.

Diary - routine day

A busy day dealing with constituency matters and preparing for a speech on police funding tomorrow. 

Diary - school funding formula

Back to the House early afternoon after a busy Monday morning. First up was a presentation by Margaret Judd, from Dorset County Council, who leads for the F40 group, which has been campaigning for over 20 years for fairer funding for schools.

W2W - a more discerning approach to overseas aid

THE mark of a civilized nation is the help it gives to those facing starvation, war and displacement.

Have no doubt that I believe we should contribute a portion of our wealth to overseas aid.

Diary - update on proposed healthcare provision for the county

A busy morning on constituency matters and then out to East Dorset Golf Club to meet the new police Inspector at Wareham. Sadly, there was no time for a round (of golf), but Andy Keele and I did chat for some time about policing in Purbeck and other related matters.

W2W - cost of health tourism

HEALTH tourists have come under increasing scrutiny and criticism.

These are people who come to the UK to abuse the system intentionally.

It’s estimated they cost the NHS up to £280 million a year.

Diary - Boris comes to dinner

A busy morning and then down to Weymouth for one of regular surgeries in ASDA. The store has very kindly lent me a room at the back, which is perfect and this week our table was decorated with flowers! A wide variety of cases this week, as is always the case.