Diary - catch-up day

The day ended where I started - in Dorset. I had intended to head up but a barrage of Statements took up most of the day in the Chamber and I knew that a contribution I wanted to make during the Ivory Bill debate would never be heard.

W2W - a Royal treat

CONGRATULATIONS to the newly-married Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

My goodness, we in this country put on a good show.

It had all the pomp, ceremony and tradition, but perhaps a little less formality than usual.

Diary - Swanage pupils visit the Commons

Up early and out for a run in the park. With the House on a one-line Whip, I stayed on overnight to welcome pupils from St Mary's Primary School in Swanage. They'd come on an educational visit to the Commons and choose a lovely sunny day.

Diary - Beechcroft Primary students visit the Commons

An early morning contribution to Dorset's BBC Radio Solent began my day. They wanted to talk to me about the Airborne Initiative on the back of a radio package from one of the YOIs that run the programme.

Diary - standing up for our veterans

Up early and out into the park in glorious sunshine. Once in the House, my first meeting was in Mark Francois' office to discuss the on-going disgrace of seeing our veterans hounded for alleged offences committed sometimes decades ago.

Diary - a Royal Wedding

On the day of the Royal Wedding, I headed to Northampton to attend a Thanksgiving Service to celebrate the life of a very old family friend. My eldest son is named after him, such was his influence on my young life. As the sun shone for Harry and Meghan at Windsor, so it did for us. What a day.

W2W - House of Lords heading for reform

DUBBED the enemies of the people for intentionally attempting to derail Brexit, the Lords continue to flout convention.

Their unconstitutional stance appears to have emboldened them as they continue to push their agenda on the Commons, rather than the other way round.

Diary - in the House

With a one-line Whip running, I went to the House until mid afternoon. Sitting quietly in my office, I caught up with a lot of constituency work. Many colleagues had returned to their constituencies.