Diary - new community hospital CEO meets Health Secretary

A run in the drizzle and into the Commons for another depressing day. By the end of it we learnt that a fiery Andrea Leadsom told the Cabinet meeting in on uncertain manner that we must leave on WTO terms on 29 March.

Diary - Speaker throws a spanner in the works

Another strange day in the Commons. One thing is for certain, it's better not to predict anything. Events move in peculiar ways at the moment, mainly as most MPs do their level best to stop Brexit in one way or another, sadly.

W2W - Brexit chaos

What a mess!

Wednesday night’s betrayal of Brexit by 47 members of my Party is a shocking indictment on the state of our politics.

Of course, it wasn’t just Conservatives, but politicians from across the House who let you down.

Statement - Chancellor's Spring brief

Today the Chancellor reports on a resilient economy which is creating jobs and delivering the fastest rate of wage growth in over a decade.

Diary - we are sold out

Another blow for democracy, integrity, honesty, our word and the future of our country as 47 of my colleagues betray the Government, allowing an amendment through that will take no-deal off the table.

Diary - a sad day for democracy

This was always going to be a depressing day, and so it proved. The Prime Minister had brought her Meaningful Vote back to the Commons for the second time.