Diary - freedom of the press

Another full day, beginning with my customary run in the park. Seeing members of the Household Cavalry on their black mounts never fails to bring back many happy memories of my military days. A routine morning and into PMQs at midday.

Diary - sympathy for prison officers

Out early into the park. Always amuses me to see cyclists roaring down the tracks rather than in their specially built cycle-ways. A friendly gesture that they are in the wrong place normally ends in abuse. Oh, well!

Diary - well done the England cricket team

Up early and into the office. Then to London arriving at the Commons early afternoon. A meeting with me team and catch-up. The Commons remains pretty quiet at the moment, with both leadership contenders still battling it out away from here.

W2W - unintended consequences of tinkering with the tax system

TWEAKS to our tax system can often have unintended consequences.

Back in 2015, the then Chancellor, George Osborne tinkered with pension savings so they could no longer exceed an annual cap without penalties.

Nowhere has this been more keenly felt than in our NHS.

Diary - giving my support to an MP colleague

Today was a sad day, as I headed to Taunton to support my friend and colleague Rebecca Pow MP. Her husband, Charles Clark, died of cancer in June and this was his memorial Service. I climbed into my leathers and set off from London at about 0930.

Diary - putting prison officers' concerns to the minister

An early morning run and into the Commons. A routine morning, although a flick through the papers shows that the Sir Kim Darrock story is not going away. This is the UK Ambassador to the US, whose critical comments on the President and the state of his team were leaked.

Diary - pension crisis in the NHS

A busy morning and then back to London. Northern Ireland business dominated the afternoon. However, I attended one Urgent Question (UQ) and one Statement before that debate began. The first was on pension arrangements for senior clinicians and executives.