Diary - fairer funding for Dorset schools

After a week at home dealing with the aftermath of my Pa's sad passing, it was back to the Commons for the penultimate week before the House rises for the summer. The most important item on today's list was the fairer funding meeting with the campaign group F40.

W2W - supporting our fishermen

FEW have suffered more from our membership of the EU than our fishermen.

A skeleton industry now exits where once we had a thriving fishing fleet, providing a living for one proud generation after another.

Diary - debating army style

I had the most pleasurable task of chairing  a debating session, held at the Officers' Mess, Bovington, for young Troop Leaders, who are going through the next stage of their training post Sandhurst. There were three debates on three different motions.

Diary - the sad loss of a good and gentle man

It's been a quiet week for me politically as I remained at home to stay with my dear Papa, who was taken into hospital last week. We were warned by the doctors that he was seriously ill and it was unlikely he'd make a recovery.

Diary - time to say farewell and thank you

A sad day as I headed to Portland SAR base to say farewell and thank you to all those who have served at the base over the past  22 years. The SAR base was officially shut yesterday but the Mayor of Portland Cllr David Thurston had rightly organised today's event.

Speech - farewell to SAR helicopter

There can be no job more honourable than the one dedicated to saving life.

Since 1995 … aircrews and aircraft have taken off from this base on nearly 4,200 occasions.

Diary - grilled by the children

A busy day. Began early presenting a thank you to two members of my home team who have worked here for a staggering 40 years. Then onto to Westfield School in Weymouth, run by the superb head, Andrew Penman.

W2W - citizens' rights after we leave the EU

THE vexed question of citizens’ rights after we leave the EU is top of the Prime Minister’s priority list.

Mrs May first put her toe into the water eight months ago when she suggested a ‘reciprocity deal’ to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Diary - final day of Queen's Speech

The final day of Queen's Speech debate. Having spoken already in the debate, my day was spent on parliamentary and constituency matters. When the votes came, the Government came through unscathed. 

Diary - continued politicising of an appalling tragedy

With PMQs and the first votes of the Queen's Speech on the agenda, it was always going to be a slightly fraught day. Before the former, I continued working through a mass of constituency correspondence and wrote the first draft of my weekly column for my local paper.