Diary - in the wind and rain on Portland

A morning in the office working on constituency matters. A working lunch and then to Swanage for one of my regular surgeries. It's always nice in the Conservative Club, where there is always a warm welcome.

Diary - concerns of the fishing community

Run, dentist and into the Commons. Met a team from the campaign group Fishing For Leave, which is concerned at the lack of clarity about what happens to our waters post March 2019. I share that anxiety.

Diary - more home visits

Out for a run and then into the Commons. I entered the Chamber at the tail-end of Justice Questions to attend the UQ on Personal Independence Payments (PIPs). The UQ was brought on the basis the Government had lost a Tribunal case brought by a claimant.

W2W - the tactics of the bully

CLOAKED in anonymity, the on-line mob disperse their bile, hatred and intolerance on those who don’t share their views.

Threats to kill, rape and assault are not uncommon and several of my colleagues are victims of this new form of puritanism.

Diary - a prison once again

Up early and again down to Portland to visit HMP The Verne. The former immigration centre is in the process of being turned back into a prison. The prison officers have all been drafted out to other prisons, with a skeleton crew maintaining a presence while refurbishing work is undertaken.

Diary - Academy on the right track at last

Into the office for a short flurry and then to Portland to catch up on the latest news around the Atlantic Academy. I was tempted to take the bike as I'd heard roadworks on the Portland beach road were causing problems, but resorted to the car as I looked at the weather.

Diary - a touch of the old school

Into the Commons early due to the fact our European Scrutiny Committee was meeting at 0930 so that Members who wanted to could speak in the final day of the EU Withdrawal Bill. I entertained two boys from my old school and the head of school's Association to PMQs and lunch.