Diary - tackling re-offending

Another busy day in the House before it rises for a further three weeks for the Party conference season. Had to cancel a meeting with the Weymouth job centre, which I will re-organise.

Diary - festival goer found dead

The main debate saw the Finance Bill put to bed. It did not go on for as long as some expected, with few contributors from Labour. A further two hour debate on Committees, their role and make-up got the House going a bit, with Labour accusing us of putting more of our MPs in each Committee.

Diary - EU chaos averted

Back into the Commons for Day 2 of the EU Withdrawal Bill's Second Reading. I had sat for some hours on Thursday in the hope of being called, but regrettably was not. Today I was more fortunate. The Speaker began by asking Members not to crowd the Chair, asking when they would be called.

Speech - EU Withdrawal Bill

This is the second day on which I have sat listening to many good speeches on this topic, but I cannot help but feel that during some of them, irony sits heavily in the air; we have heard about “scrutiny”, “democracy”, “democracy of the people” and “functioning democracy”, but where has democracy

Diary - meeting Poole Hospital CEO

A busy day dealing with a multitude of constituency issues. I had a most interesting meeting with the CEO of Poole Hospital, Debbie Fleming, a most charming and able woman who is doing a fantastic job there.

W2W - robots that can kill

ROBOTS that can kill are now being tested.

I know it sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, but it’s true and here now.

Silicon Valley inventor and billionaire Elon Musk has warned that artificial intelligence, or AI, is: “Potentially more dangerous than nukes.”