W2W - A New Start

TRUST the people.

News outlets, pundits, commentators and social media all predicted a hung parliament, but the silent majority had not spoken.

Diary - winning votes at last

We had to be in by 0930 as we went straight into the debate on the WU Withdrawal Bill. I had put in to speak and was called, by which time we were down to five minutes each. My speech is on the website.

Speech - European Union (Withdrawal Agreement) Bill: 2nd Reading

Before I start, may I thank the voters of South Dorset for returning me? I am humbled to be returned again and look forward to serving them to the best of my ability. The Prime Minister is not here, nor is the Speaker, but I welcome them both to their places.

Diary - Queen's Speech

Up early and out into a grey and overcast day for my run. Today was the second Queen's Speech, the last being only a few weeks ago. This occasion was more muted, understandably, with the Queen arriving by car rather than carriage.

Diary - swearing in

Up early and into the park for a long run. Old army habits don't die easily! Dentist and haircut and into the Commons to get sworn in. This has to be done in the Chamber before you can take part in anything. You don't get paid, either.

Diary - a new start in the Commons

Well, back to the Commons for the first time since the election. It was a very different atmosphere that greeted me as I wandered through the corridors to my office, bumping into new and former colleagues of mine who'd been successfully returned.

Statement from the Prime Minister

This morning I went to Buckingham Palace and I am forming a new Government, and on Monday MPs will arrive at Westminster to form a new Parliament, and I am proud to say that members of our new one nation Government – a people’s Government – will set out from constituencies that have never returne