W2W - vital we get on with our lives, despite the virus

THIS week, along with 46 MPs and peers, I called for a return to business as usual in both Houses.

Our point was, that unless we lead by example, we are in no position to tell others to go back to work.

And near-empty debating chambers in both Houses only emphasize our hollow instructions.

Yes, the virus is on the up again, and mainly in the young, as they spread their wings as we’ve all done.

However, their symptoms are slight and even England’s deputy chief medical officer had to admit hospital admissions and deaths were “at a very low level”.

My point to those who have written to me is that our response must be proportionate.

Risk is an ever-present fact of life and this one will be with us for years to come.

Consequently, families should be allowed to assess the risks themselves, without Government diktats.

We will have a vaccine one day but, like flu, I suspect the virus will only be tamed, not beaten.

The latest edict now bans social gatherings of more than six.

From the responses I’ve had to date, this has only spread further confusion.

I can see some sense in local lock-downs, especially in areas where there’s been a spike, but to apply this to the whole of England flies in the face of common sense.

We must learn to live with this disease, or cause untold harm to the lives and livelihoods of millions of our citizens.

So, let’s continue to target our resources at the most vulnerable and allow everyone else to get on with their lives.

That way, we can protect the few and secure the longer-term future of the many.