Speech - Covid-19 update by the Prime Minister

Good afternoon,

Two weeks ago, I updated you from this podium on the progress we had made as a country against coronavirus.

And in many ways that progress continues.

The number of patients admitted to hospitals is still falling, and now stands at just over 100 each day.

Speech - Coronavirus update by the Prime Minister

Good morning,

In the two weeks since I last addressed you from this podium, I am pleased to report that we have continued to make steady progress in our collective effort to beat the coronavirus.

Speech - a New Deal for Britain by the Prime Minister

It may seem a bit premature to make a speech now about Britain after Covid

when that deceptively nasty disease is still rampant in other countries

when global case numbers are growing fast

and when many in this country are nervous – rightly – about more outbreaks

Statement - Covid-19 Strategy by the PM

Good evening and thank you for joining us for this Downing Street press conference.

First of all, I want to update you on the latest data in our fight against coronavirus. I can report through the Government’s ongoing testing and monitoring programme that, as of today:

Statement - PM returns to work

I am sorry I have been away from my desk for much longer than I would have liked

and I want to thank everybody who has stepped up

in particular the First Secretary of State Dominic Raab

who has done a terrific job

but once again I want to thank you

Speech - PM's address to the nation on coronavirus

Good Evening,

The coronavirus is the biggest threat this country has faced for decades – and this country is not alone.

All over the world we are seeing the devastating impact of this invisible killer.

Conference Speech - The Prime Minister

It’s great to be here in Manchester at the best attended conference for years and I know that some of you may have been mildly peppered with abuse on the way in but are you abashed? are you downcast?