Speech - by Rt Hon Theresa May MP at the Mansion House

I am here today to set out my vision for the future economic partnership between the United Kingdom and the European Union. There have been many different voices and views in the debate on what our new relationship with the EU should look like. I have listened carefully to them all.

Speech - Rt Hon Michael Gove addresses the NFU

Thank you for that very kind introduction.

It’s a great pleasure to be here at this - my first - NFU conference.

But also a sadness that it will be your last as President, Meurig.

Speech - PM on future security


For more than half a century, the UK has worked with nations from Europe and across the Atlantic to forge our common security based on the fundamental values we all share.

Speech - Police Grant Report

It is a pleasure to take part in this debate and to listen to both the Minister, for whom I have a huge amount of respect, and the shadow Minister, the hon. Member for Sheffield, Heeley (Louise Haigh), who is rightly holding the Government to account. I take all her points on board.

Speech - The Airborne Initiative

I start by praising and thanking all those who serve in the Prison Service. I frequently call them members of the forgotten army. Being an ex-solider myself, I think that is rather appropriate, because all too often our prison officers are forgotten.