Blog - it's light or darkness today

Today is polling day. Today is the day the country either moves forward under Boris Johnson, or is taken to the darkest of places by Corbyn.

W2W - Notre Dame

EASTER is upon us and what could be more symbolic than the news that Notre Dame will rise again from the ashes.
The fire that destroyed a major part of this 850-year-old cathedral was truly shocking.

Blog - double horror

My heart goes out to the families and friends of those affected by both yesterday's terror attack outside the House of Commons and the collapse of the motorway bridge in Genoa, Northern Italy.

Blog - phones in cells

AT first sight, proposals to install telephones in in prison cells look questionable, with private phones joining television, sports facilities and lending libraries as possible unearned privileges.

Blog - I remain unconvinced

At first glance, it would appear that the Prime Minister has crossed her own red lines on our future relationship with the EU, putting her weight behind a Brexit that has certainly turned them pink.

Blog - betrayal in the Lords

So far, the Lords have inflicted eight substantial defeats on the Government with amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill. The latest defeat last night, would if ever enacted, allow the Lords to block Brexit through a complicated series of triggers, thereby reversing the result of the referendum.

Blog - free school meals and universal credit

For the second time in a month, local campaigners are suggesting that the new rules governing free school meals after the full introduction of Universal Credit will deprive large numbers of Dorset children of the chance of a meal at school.

Blog - Syrian strikes were necessary

WE live in interesting times. Last week’s decision to bomb three chemical weapons facilities in Syria was not an easy one for the UK, the US and France.