Blog - Prince Harry to marry

From the moment the bookies stopped taking bets last week, the writing was on the wall. So congratulations to Prince Harry, who has announced his engagement to American actress Meghan Markle this morning.

Blog - New York City Attack

New York City’s TriBeCa area, formerly home to the twin towers, has again come under attack by Islamic terrorism.

Blog - another outrage

As I write, an 18 year old man has been arrested in Dover in connection with another appalling terrorist outrage, this time on the underground at Parsons Green. The threat level remains at 'critical', which is the highest level possible and indicates another attack is imminent.

Blog - migrant crisis intensifies

While the Mediterranean refugee crisis may have vanished from the front pages, the tide of human misery continues to wash up on Europe’s shores. Italy is now the main point of arrival, with all those rescued off the coast of Libya brought to Italy, often by private charities.