Blog - another sarin attack

At the time of writing, the gas attack on Idlib province in Northern Syria has left 72 dead and 200 injured. What is certain is that the specific symptoms shown by the wounded and dying have led doctors and experts to identify the use of sarin gas.  Use of chemical weapons is a war crime.

Blog - cutting the Royal Marines

I am concerned by a report in the Times that the Royal Marines may be cut to meet a £10 billion shortfall over the next decade. This would be quite unacceptable and I hope this speculation is unfounded. The article specified that one of the three, frontline Commando units may be axed.

Blog - appeal for mercy for Marine A

The views expressed here are entirely my own, although I have cleared them with Alexander Blackman’s wife, Claire, and his QC.

Blog - we must never bow to terrorism

This afternoon at about 1500 we were voting in the Commons when word reached us that there had been an incident and proceedings were suspended. No one knew what had happened, but it was clearly serious as the Chamber and Division Lobbies were locked down, with hundreds of MPs trapped inside.

Blog - BBC Brexit Spin

How disappointed I was to hear my former employer, with whom I had 10 happy years, putting out more post-Brexit spin this morning.
The BBC’s Today programme led with Theresa May’s first outing as Prime Minister to the G20.