Speeches in Parliament

Speech - Overseas Operations (Service Personnel And Veterans) Bill

It is a pleasure to follow my hon. Friend the Member for Belfast East (Gavin Robinson). As he said, I too am honoured to sit on the Defence Committee. We have a very cohesive Committee, which is doing some fascinating work on behalf of our armed services.

Speech - coronavirus update from the Prime Minister

Mr Speaker, with your permission, I will make a statement on our response to the rising number of Coronavirus cases

and how we must act now to avoid still graver consequences later on.

Speech - protecting the Union, by the PM

Mr Speaker, I beg to move that the Bill be read a Second time and this House acts to preserve one of the crucial British achievements of the last three centuries: namely our ability to trade freely across the whole of these islands. 

Speech - Second Reading of the Fisheries Bill

I, too, pay tribute to all the fishermen who fish our waters, particularly those who fish off the beautiful cost of South Dorset. They are an integral part of our community, and a very valuable one, and we must fight to do all we can to retain them.

Parliamentary Question - Huawei update

We know that the few existing vendors rely on component parts from China, and I suspect that will continue for some time. To make our move successful, other countries in the west must come into line with us. What guarantee can my right hon.

FCO Question - quarantine at airports

Richard Drax [V]

Many of my constituents have said, “We’ve all been locked down but people have still been allowed to come into our country.” Why is the quarantine about to be launched at airports being done now, and will it include arrivals by port and the channel tunnel?

Statement - Coronavirus update from the Health Secretary

With permission, Mr Speaker, I would like to make a statement on covid-19. The spread of coronavirus is rapidly accelerating across the world and in the UK. The actions that we took yesterday are not actions that any UK Government would ever want to take, but they were absolutely necessary.