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Letter to the Chancellor - further education funding

Dear Chancellor,

Following the Government’s announcement of the 2019 Spending Review, we write to you on behalf of 164 colleagues across the House for your support in increasing Further Education (FE) funding in the next Spending Review this spring.

ESC Committee - Former Brexit Minister Suella Braverman gives evidence

Chair: Good afternoon, Mrs Braverman. We have just had Dominic Raab here. I would like to ask you, first of all, about your resignation letter, in which you referred to the backstop as “a betrayal” and said that the concessions made in the negotiations “do not respect the will of the people”.

ESC Committee - former Brexit Minister confirms what we've all thought

Chair: Good afternoon, Mr Baker. It is good to see you. I will start by asking the first question. You resigned on 9 July 2018. To put it in context for the sake of anybody watching this programme, which is going to go out on the parliamentary channel, so I understand, that was in fact three days