Campaign brief - so much to fight for

The Prime Minister has started the final day of the campaign before polling day delivering milk in Yorkshire. By the end of today, he will be door knocking in Essex and speaking directly to voters. Throughout today, he’ll reinforce that:

Campaign brief - let's get Brexit done

Two days before polling day, today, the Prime Minister will be in the West Midlands and the North West where he will outline why it is only the Conservatives who have a plan to get Brexit done.

Campaign brief - last push for our country's future

In the last three days before polling day, the Prime Minister will be visiting every region in England and Wales. His tour will include visits to North Wales, West Yorkshire, Cheshire, Leicestershire, East Anglia and the South West.

Campaign brief - a stark choice next Thursday

With four days to go the Prime Minister has written for the Sunday Telegraph and the Sunday Express reminding people of the choice they face in Thursday's election.

Campaign brief - delivering the transport investment we need

A Conservative majority government will get Brexit done and deliver the transport investment our country needs by boosting local trains, buses and trams in England's biggest cities, and the towns around them - changing the face of local transport around the country, improving quality and deliveri

Briefing - NATO key to our security

Today, the UK will host NATO leaders from 29 countries for a meeting to mark the 70th anniversary of NATO – the most successful military alliance in history, which protects a billion people. Our 2019 manifesto sets out how we’ll keep Britain safe and support our armed forces by:

Department of Trade report - UK trade continues to flourish


We are the number one destination in Europe for foreign investment.
Since June 2016, UK tech companies have received over £5 billion in venture capitalist funding – more than France (£1.55bn), Germany (£2.15bn) and Sweden (£644m) combined


Statement - UK air strikes in Syria


Last night British, French and American armed forces conducted co-ordinated and targeted strikes to degrade the Syrian Regime’s chemical weapons capability and deter their use.