W2W - time to take our country forward

ANOTHER election, I hear you say.

Yes, I’m afraid there is, and on the 8th June the country will once again go to the polls in order to clear the decks for our negotiated exit from the EU.

W2W - dangerous times

SUDDENLY, the world looks a lot less stable.

Two of the world’s great superpowers are currently ruled by two, extremely touchy autocrats.

 “Make America Great Again,” was Trump’s election battle cry, while Putin has promised to restore Russia to her former glory.

W2W - upping the rhetoric over Gibraltar

COULD we see another Falklands-style conflict as Spain casts a covetous eye over Gibraltar?

One or two of the more alarming press reports suggested this, laying out our respective Forces across their pages.

However, I can safely predict that war with Spain is a nonsense.

W2W - starting gun to leaving the EU is fired

ADDRESSING the Commons after Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Theresa May presented her vision of our country outside the EU.
She talked of optimism and hope and that our best days lie ahead.
I entirely concur and said so when called by the Speaker.

W2W - terrorism will never win

WHILE medics fought valiantly to save a fatally wounded policeman after Wednesday’s attack, they were also working on the terrorist who’d stabbed him.

There are few other countries in the world where that would happen.

And this is what we are defending.

W2W - justice for a courageous former Royal Marine

THE Royal Courts of Justice are an imposing place and nowhere more so than Court 4.

For it is here that the fate of former Royal Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman is being decided.

W2W - threat of terrorism rears its ugly head

THE IRA once infamously stated that they “only had to be lucky once”.

For any group of terrorists that is regrettably true.

Today, sadly, the threat of an atrocity in the UK has remained at ‘severe’ for more than two years.

W2W - time to look at the Lords

WHAT a shame that some in the House of Lords appear hell-bent on thwarting the will of the people.

One of those is Lord Heseltine who, this week, declared his intention to block Brexit, no matter what it takes.

W2W - Fake news

IF ‘post-truth’ was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2016, ‘fake news’ must be a qualifier for 2017.
While post-truth means real facts have less impact on shaping public opinion than emotion, fake news omits the facts completely.

W2W - a more discerning approach to overseas aid

THE mark of a civilized nation is the help it gives to those facing starvation, war and displacement.

Have no doubt that I believe we should contribute a portion of our wealth to overseas aid.