W2W - more to Weymouth jobcentre than you'd expect

THE jobcentre has had its share of detractors over the years and, in some cases, fairly so.

But there’s been a revolutionary change in the way they operate and, on a recent visit to the one in Weymouth, I left genuinely inspired.

W2W - out means out

THE mocking tone of the Remainers continues unabated.

None of us knew what we were voting for, is the common refrain.

We did, and constituents who want out have consistently told me so.

W2W - no more cuts to our Armed Forces

I’VE met the Chief of the General Staff, so I was not surprised to see him breaking ranks and criticize, however obliquely, his political masters.

Still, it’s a rare and courageous act, prompted by the very real threats we face.

W2W - the tactics of the bully

CLOAKED in anonymity, the on-line mob disperse their bile, hatred and intolerance on those who don’t share their views.

Threats to kill, rape and assault are not uncommon and several of my colleagues are victims of this new form of puritanism.

W2W - must not neglect defence

OUR flagship HMS Ocean has been sold to the Brazilians for £84 million.

This, after a £65 million refit only three years ago.

The £19 million we will make on the deal is barely enough to run two frigates for a year.

W2W - Happy Christmas

PEACE and goodwill are the themes at Christmas as the year concludes with the celebration of the birth of Christ.

For me, that gentle image was rudely shattered recently when a young Rohingya boy explained to reporters how he’d seen his family massacred.

W2W - social media has a price

I HAVE always thought that social media was going to become more of a scourge than a saviour.

Now, there’s more and more evidence to support my concern.

We in public life are, like many, in the line of fire, with extreme threats of death or rape not uncommon.

W2W - humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen

A HUMANITARIAN disaster continues unabated in Yemen.

According to the United Nations it could be the worst in history.

It’s calling for a pause in the fighting to allow food and medical supplies to get through.

W2W - a Royal engagement

OUR Prince is to marry an American actress.

It’s been on the cards for a while, but this week was formalised and I am delighted for both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Everyone enjoys a love story and the beautiful country of Botswana has featured heavily in theirs.

W2W - cleaning up our oceans

HAUNTING footage of a pilot whale carrying her dead calf has sparked a long-overdue debate about the danger of discarded plastic in our oceans.

Revered for his wealth of knowledge, Sir David Attenborough suggested the calf may have died after drinking its mother’s polluted milk.