W2W - tackling re-offending

HOW many times have I heard people calling for the return of boot-camps to instil some discipline into wayward young men.

A short, sharp shock is just the ticket, they say.

I’m tempted to say that I agree with them, although it didn’t work when it was tried before.

W2W - thanks to the thousands of volunteers

IT’S perhaps a little known fact that nationally our coastal rescue service is manned by 3,500 volunteers.

They are trained and managed by about 80 of the 450 full-time officers who, themselves, are overseen from the Marine National Operations Centre at Fareham.

W2W - an act of madness

IN a random, pitiless and, so far, motiveless act, the gunman aimed out of his 32nd floor hotel bedroom window at a mass of people a field away.

He was a former accountant; they were country and western fans, neither clan notorious for violence.

W2W - the German elections

INCREASINGLY dubbed the ‘far right’, Germany’s new political party has done well at the recent election.
Only four years old, the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) won 12.6 per cent of the vote and 94 seats in the 709-seat Bundestag.

W2W - a dose of optimism

I HAVE never been in any doubt that it is in our country’s best interests to leave the EU.

Bureaucrat-in-chief Jean-Claude Juncker only confirmed my worst fears last week.

W2W - robots that can kill

ROBOTS that can kill are now being tested.

I know it sounds like something out of a science-fiction movie, but it’s true and here now.

Silicon Valley inventor and billionaire Elon Musk has warned that artificial intelligence, or AI, is: “Potentially more dangerous than nukes.”

W2W - a dangerous game

IT’S been many decades since air-raid sirens have wailed their warning in this country.

So it’s hard to imagine what impact they’d have today if a hard and real threat sent us scurrying for cover once again.

W2W - threat to free speech

ONE of the cornerstones of our great democracy is free speech.

But, today, offending anything or anyone all too often is followed by calls to resign or even threats to personal safety.

W2W - Dunkirk spirit needed

THE new movie Dunkirk is a must-see.

An avid reader of military history myself, I was enthralled from beginning to end.

As the credits rolled, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.