W2W - teamwork will get Brexit done

“IN the name of God, go!”

That was Oliver Cromwell’s demand to a so-called ‘rump parliament’ 360 years ago.

MPs were not representing the people then, and I feel we have a similar case today, with many Members dishonouring the 2016 referendum.

W2W - SNP threaten integrity of the UK

HAVING sat opposite the Scottish National Party (SNP) for many years, I am accustomed to the continuous whinging that emanates from their MPs.

The odd morsel of optimism is greeted with cheers, so seldom do they occur.

Why am I writing about the SNP?

W2W - Brexit will help our fishing industry

GET Brexit done.

How often now do I hear that call to arms, and no one wants this more than the fishing industry.

The presence of a super-trawler in British waters last week highlights what is so wrong with the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

W2W - huge gratitude to the police

THE police who serve our community deserve our praise, gratitude and unstinting support.

Despite reductions in manpower over recent years, our brave officers have held their own.

W2W - must honour the referendum result

AS the 31st October draws nearer, the efforts to stop Brexit are ramped up.

For Remainers, this week’s decision by the Supreme Court that proroguing parliament was unlawful was perceived as a victory, another nail in the Brexit coffin.

W2W - a new "Empire" arises, so help us all

SO, a new “empire” now exults in humiliating our Prime Minister.

The pre-planned ambush this week by Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel should dispel any doubts as to what the EU stands for.

Comment - former PM speaking on BBC1's The Cameron Years

One of the best arguments for leaving the EU is David Cameron's new book. Read it and note how obstructive the EU is. Mr Cameron made the comments below during BBC1's documentary: The Cameron Years. They make interesting reading  -