W2W - US President ruffles feathers

THE President returned to the USA this week widely accused of treason, foolishness and pandering to Russia.

Even Mr Trump’s most diehard supporters found his summit with President Putin in Helsinki hard to digest.

W2W - it's all about integrity and trust

TO fight like lions and lose, but retain your integrity, is an honourable estate.

The England football team have done just that, and they can return home with their heads held high.

W2W - hospital will not close

NO one Party or politician has a claim on the NHS, which is celebrating its 70th birthday.

And I should like to thank all those who work in the organisation for their professionalism and dedication.

W2W - "Thank you, Arthur."

ARMED Forces’ Day last Sunday was especially poignant for me.

Waiting to walk out to the Cenotaph, my eye was caught by an elderly gentleman, sitting in a wheelchair and wearing the distinctive green beret.

Article - EU summit, by Rt Hon John Redwood MP

The UK may want the EU summit to be about that post Brexit relationship, but much of the time will be taken up with the rest of the EU trying to stitch together a new migration policy.

W2W - Europe's integrity threatened by uncontrolled immigration

WHILE the EU pushes for ‘ever closer union’, uncontrolled immigration alone is threatening to bring the whole edifice down.

Anti-immigration parties – from both right and left – have been swept to power in Hungary, Austria and Italy.

W2W - NATO must have primacy

THE best way to guard against a major conflict, is to prepare for one.

In 1949, scarred by two World Wars and worried about on-going Soviet aggression, the USA, Canada and 10 European countries did just that by forming the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO).

W2W - a Royal treat

CONGRATULATIONS to the newly-married Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

My goodness, we in this country put on a good show.

It had all the pomp, ceremony and tradition, but perhaps a little less formality than usual.

W2W - House of Lords heading for reform

DUBBED the enemies of the people for intentionally attempting to derail Brexit, the Lords continue to flout convention.

Their unconstitutional stance appears to have emboldened them as they continue to push their agenda on the Commons, rather than the other way round.