W2W - time to leave

WEDNESDAY’s uproar in the Chamber was unprecedented.

Against advice from his own Clerks, Speaker John Bercow undermined his role’s neutrality by allowing MPs to vote on a vexatious amendment, laid by arch Remainer Dominic Grieve.

W2W - no second referendum

IN just over 100 days’ time, the UK will leave the EU.

That’s, of course, if a withdrawal deal cannot pass through the Commons.

As the clock ticks away, those attempting to keep us in the EU are upping the ante, with tales of doom and gloom and calls for a second referendum.

W2W - Russian threat

AS I write, the Ukranian President is warning of a “full-scale war” with Russia.

Petro Poroshenko says that troops and tanks are massing on his border and has placed his country under martial law in anticipation of an attack.