W2W - Dunkirk spirit needed

THE new movie Dunkirk is a must-see.

An avid reader of military history myself, I was enthralled from beginning to end.

As the credits rolled, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

W2W - farewell to diesel and petrol cars

HERE we go again.

No more new petrol or diesel cars to be sold in the UK after 2040.

It’s a big, bold statement and I trust not a kneejerk reaction to a High Court ruling forcing ministers to combat air pollution.

W2W - country first

AS Brexit negotiations get under way, politicians of all colours must surely appreciate that it’s country first and party politics second.

On Tuesday, the Prime Minister asked her Backbenchers for unity and discipline.

W2W - ISIS horrors to continue

THE city of Mosul was first subjected to the horrors of modern warfare 13 years ago when the West invaded Iraq.

The effect on those who live there is unimaginable, with hundreds of thousands fleeing their homes in search of safety.

W2W - supporting our fishermen

FEW have suffered more from our membership of the EU than our fishermen.

A skeleton industry now exits where once we had a thriving fishing fleet, providing a living for one proud generation after another.

W2W - citizens' rights after we leave the EU

THE vexed question of citizens’ rights after we leave the EU is top of the Prime Minister’s priority list.

Mrs May first put her toe into the water eight months ago when she suggested a ‘reciprocity deal’ to German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

W2W - must look forward now

THERE was less pomp and ceremony at this week’s State Opening of Parliament.

Further, there might not be another for two years, as the Government concentrates on negotiating Brexit.

W2W - The Grenfell Tower Fire

THE terrible Grenfell Tower fire in West London still smoulders on as I write.
My heart goes out to the shattered survivors, many of whom have lost everything.
The death toll is mounting and the numbers of those still missing suggest an unthinkable, final count.

A huge thank you

WHAT a great honour and privilege it is to be returned as MP for South Dorset.

Thank you to those who voted for me, and to those who did not, I shall continue to serve everyone without fear or favour.

W2W - been a pleasure to serve

THIS will be my last column of the Parliament.

I would like to thank the Echo for giving me this privilege, which I hope has informed, entertained and, no doubt, caused a few jaws to clench.

Serving as your MP for the past seven years has been an immense privilege and honour.