W2W - every good team needs a leader

IT was a sight that I’m sure many constituents would have approved of – their MP in the stocks.

The wet sponges came thick and fast, all in a good cause.

W2W - shame on Parliament

MAKE no mistake, democracy is under threat with this disreputable Parliament.

Enabled by a biased Speaker – shameful in itself – members of the Commons have seized control of legislation, forcing the Prime Minister to beg for an extension to Article 50 at the EU summit on 17 October.

W2W - a welcome change in the air

THE Prime Minister’s bold move to suspend parliament has certainly put the cat among the pigeons.

Predictably, Remainers are calling it an outrage.

W2W - maritime power is important

NAVAL convoys imply a serious threat and the last time we saw them was in the late 1980s during the Iran/Iraq war.

Then the United States resorted to them to ensure vitally-needed oil for the West continued to flow.

W2W - school sport is essential

SPORT was my saviour at school and an important outlet from the stresses of academia, which was never my forte.

It taught me many things which I would never have learnt in the classroom.

W2W - unintended consequences of tinkering with the tax system

TWEAKS to our tax system can often have unintended consequences.

Back in 2015, the then Chancellor, George Osborne tinkered with pension savings so they could no longer exceed an annual cap without penalties.

Nowhere has this been more keenly felt than in our NHS.

Letter to the Sunday Telegraph - time for Boris

SIR – A stark choice faces the nation now. Leave the EU on 31 October, or face the risk of a Marxist government, which will have Orwellian consequences. It is time for all Conservative MPs to get behind the new Prime Minister and do the honourable thing: deliver Brexit in full.