W2W - horror of Yemen

YEMEN is enduring a disaster on an apocalyptic scale.

The humanitarian crisis grows daily, with an estimated 14 million people on the verge of famine.

And let’s not forget the war’s 16,000 casualties.

Article - EU misconceptions, by Rt Hon John Redwood MP

I have been puzzling over why so many commentators think a so called No-Deal departure would be a heavy negative for the UK economy.

There seem to be a series of specific fears that are unlikely to be realised e.g.

1. “Planes will not fly on 30 March.”

W2W - stand up for our veterans

IT’S time to defend those who defend us.

We politicians send our Armed Forces into harm’s way, so it is only right that we protect them from vexatious claims of wrong-doing when they come home.

W2W - EU bluster is not for us

THE backstop to the backstop, and the extension to the extension, are both non-starters.

Our negotiating stance now smacks of desperation, with our consistently weak stance over the past two years leaving us vulnerable to EU delay and duplicity.

Education - fairer funding by F40

f40's central aim over more than 20 years has been to influence a significant change in the way the government allocates funding to local authorities and schools.