W2W - humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen

A HUMANITARIAN disaster continues unabated in Yemen.

According to the United Nations it could be the worst in history.

It’s calling for a pause in the fighting to allow food and medical supplies to get through.

W2W - a Royal engagement

OUR Prince is to marry an American actress.

It’s been on the cards for a while, but this week was formalised and I am delighted for both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Everyone enjoys a love story and the beautiful country of Botswana has featured heavily in theirs.

W2W - cleaning up our oceans

HAUNTING footage of a pilot whale carrying her dead calf has sparked a long-overdue debate about the danger of discarded plastic in our oceans.

Revered for his wealth of knowledge, Sir David Attenborough suggested the calf may have died after drinking its mother’s polluted milk.

W2W - time to stand up for the UK

I SPENT many hours this week listening to the on-going debate about our departure from the EU.

There were many contributions from those on both sides of the House, some of whom do not want to leave the institution.

W2W - democracy not bureaucracy

CATALONIA’S bid for independence has been ruthlessly crushed.

The referendum has been ruled illegal, nine members of the regional government are in prison, while former leader Carles Puigdemont and four colleagues have fled to Belgium.

W2W - enough is enough

FOR too long, both former and serving soldiers have been subjected to baseless investigations into alleged wrong-doings.

In the Commons, I and many of my colleagues have been lobbying the Prime Minister to draw a line under this shameful persecution.

W2W - treason

NOT so long ago treason was punishable by death.

In my view, the behaviour of those of our citizens who travel to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIL is akin to treason, and certainly so if they return to take up arms against us here in the UK.

W2W - tackling re-offending

HOW many times have I heard people calling for the return of boot-camps to instil some discipline into wayward young men.

A short, sharp shock is just the ticket, they say.

I’m tempted to say that I agree with them, although it didn’t work when it was tried before.

W2W - thanks to the thousands of volunteers

IT’S perhaps a little known fact that nationally our coastal rescue service is manned by 3,500 volunteers.

They are trained and managed by about 80 of the 450 full-time officers who, themselves, are overseen from the Marine National Operations Centre at Fareham.