W2W - stick together and we'll beat this virus

SCHOOLS shut; not even a world war achieved that.

But, then, the enemy was all too visible.

Today, it attacks, unseen and from unexpected quarters.

We are all having to face up to an unprecedented health scare, which I believe will prove a game-changer.

W2W - investing in UK plc

UP he jumped, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

And I’m not talking about the Prime Minister, but his newly appointed Chancellor.

W2W - EU unity a sham in the face of migrant exodus

ONCE again, the Aegean islands are witness to some of the most desperate people on earth scrambling to enter the EU.

Thousands of mostly Syrian refugees are being encouraged by Turkey’s President Erdogan to cross into Greece.

W2W - we've got to tolerate offence

AS a politician for 10 years, I have seen an ever-increasing assault on free speech.

It’s often perpetuated by those who are easily ‘offended’ if their cult-like beliefs are questioned.

W2W - investment in defence is needed

ARMY recruitment is up, which is excellent news.

After six years in the doldrums, expectant regiments and corps will be mightily pleased.

Last week, the annual allocation was 99 per cent full, with most going on to start their basic training.

W2W - when China sneezes

AT the time of writing, the new coronavirus sweeping China has broken out in 25 countries across the world, infecting more than 43,000 people.