Westminster to Weymouth - Fake News

IF ‘post-truth’ was the Oxford Dictionary’s word of the year for 2016, ‘fake news’ must be a qualifier for 2017.
While post-truth means real facts have less impact on shaping public opinion than emotion, fake news omits the facts completely.

W2W - a more discerning approach to overseas aid

THE mark of a civilized nation is the help it gives to those facing starvation, war and displacement.

Have no doubt that I believe we should contribute a portion of our wealth to overseas aid.

W2W - cost of health tourism

HEALTH tourists have come under increasing scrutiny and criticism.

These are people who come to the UK to abuse the system intentionally.

It’s estimated they cost the NHS up to £280 million a year.

W2W - a call for nurses


I’m specifically referring to the national shortage of nurses, nowhere felt more keenly than in Dorset.

High house prices, particularly in Purbeck, which, like Portland is relatively isolated, are not exactly enticing.

Speech - leaving the EU

There have been some excellent speeches right across the House, and, contrary to what some Opposition Members may think, I do respect the remain view. However, I urge all those who still wish to stay in the EU to realise that we are not going to do that.

W2W - a step too far for the courts?

THE claim that the Supreme Court’s decision this week safeguards the sovereignty of Parliament is ironic in the extreme.

W2W - trouble in Northern Ireland

HAVING served on three operational tours of Northern Ireland, I fully appreciate how contentious and intractable politics can be over there.
I am not surprised that, yet again, politicians on both sides of the sectarian divide have hit an impasse.

W2W- Brexit wisdom hard to refute

YOU may recall that the outgoing US President threatened to send is to the back of the trade queue if voted for Brexit.
Well, we did, and I’m glad to report that the opposite is true.

W2W - Christianity under threat

PEACE on earth, and goodwill to all men.

I wish it were so.

Only this week, a hate-filled terrorist drove a lorry through a Christmas fair in Berlin.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends of the dead and injured.

W2W - charity begins at home

CHARITY begins at home.

And if the base is not secure, small problems become big ones.

Nowhere is this more starkly demonstrated than in the care sector, where both public and private providers are struggling.

We are told that £1.3 billion is needed now to plug the gap.