Diary - travel chaos

Travel chaos has ensued after the UK updated its advice against all non-essential travel to Spain to include the Balearic and Canary Islands, following a rise in coronavirus cases. Foreign Office guidance was changed on Monday to include both mainland Spain and islands such as Ibiza and Tenerife. Holiday firm Jet2 told passengers not to go to the airport after it cancelled flights to all Spanish destinations. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps is coming home early from his summer break in Spain so that he can quarantine as rapidly as possible and get back to his desk. Hardly the right way to enjoy a much-needed rest with his family. Today, I dealt with two requests from hospitals in Dorset to help them over the same issue. I am treating their actual ask as confidential. I'm afraid I was not particularly impressed with the Government's new strategy to help people lose weight. The proposals include a ban on TV adverts for unhealthy food before 9 pm. There'll be no more 'buy one and get one free' deals on unhealthy foods, and there'll be new rules for displaying calories on menus. Alarmingly, 63 per cent of adults in England are currently overweight, or living with obesity. This is nanny state of a kind I did not think our Party believed in. To lose weight for the majority is simply a matter of eating and drinking sensibly and taking exercise. Surely, that's up to each adult to decide. As for children, there isn't nearly enough emphasis on sport. Sport is an important outlet for most youngsters, as well as teaching them about aspects of life that are important, like courage, competitiveness, learning to lose, camaraderie. The list goes on.