Diary - tightening up the legislation governing the release of convicted terrorists

Out for a run and into the Commons. Today the Sentencing Bill was being pushed through parliament. This is the legislation that will prevent convicted terrorists from leaving jail having served only half their sentence. A number of individuals like this are due to be released imminently, hence the urgency. Opposition Parties are supportive. PMQs only make Corbyn look old and stale. The PM did well. A working lunch and then to the first meeting of the Defence Select Committee, which I was voted on to last night. I am very grateful to all my colleagues who voted for me and I much look forward to serving on this committee under the chairmanship of my colleague Tobias Ellwood. This meeting was really a non-event as our individual membership has yet to be confirmed in the Chamber, but Mr Ellwood thought it would a good thing for all of us to get together and run through his thoughts on the direction of travel. This went on for some two hours, after which I returned to my office and continued working through to about 1800. Then back to Dorset.