Diary - thanking the posties

The row over what Corbyn did or did not say at PMQs yesterday is splashed across all the papers. My colleague Amber Rudd is promoting a second referendum, which, for a Cabinet minister, is strange as it's not exactly following the Government line. But she is a Remainer, so that probably explains it. My column tomorrow is on this very point. It was an early start today as I had to be in the Royal Mail's Weymouth sorting office by 0730. I try and make this appointment annually, as the fun team there are a great bunch and I feel they are owed a huge thank you. Our mail is delivered through rain and shine, with some of the posties walking more than 10 miles a day to do so. There's always a lot of banter in this depot and today was no exception. Then it was across to Wareham to meet the area manager of Aster Homes. A constituent is faced with a large uplift in her annual charge and I was trying to get to the bottom of it. We did. Christmas cards to many in the constituency who have kindly send me one.