Diary - talent and hard work recognised at Weymouth College

Down to Weymouth College first thing to attend the 7th Apprenticeship Fair. I had managed to find Mark Cribb, the founder of a hospitality company called Urban Beach, to be our guest speaker. Based in Bournemouth, Mark runs a number of restaurants and has been remarkably successful. His address was superb and pitched just right. His audience was a mixture of College statf, trainers, companies, the students themselves and of course their family and friends. Hosted brilliantly and amusingly by College Principal Nigel Evans (his jokes are getting worse!), we began with a coffee in the restaurant before going upstairs for the presentations. Nigel gave an amusing introduction, before Mark did his bit, after which the newly-appointed Director of Apprenticeships and Employer Services, Natalie Merry, who started as an apprentice, gave a short address and then, with Mark, handed out the awards. I was asked to present the final one to the overall winner of the Apprentice of the Year, Josh Harvey, who had been studying stone masonry. Not only did he come top, but he's also one of 137 apprentices and students to have been selected by the WorldSkills UK talent programme to attend a 'skills olympics' in Shanghai, China, in 2021. What a tremendous achievement. I was fortunate enough to meet his charming parents. After a very happy and inspirational morning, it was across to Poole to meet officials from the CCG with some of my fellow Dorset MPs. The CCG;s CEO, Tim Goodson, and the Chief System Integration Officer, Phil Richardson, kindly updated us on health provision matters across the county. It was most reassuring to hear that Dorset has done well when it comes to future funding, with £350 million to spend on hospitals across the county. About £62 million of that will be spent on upgrading A&E provision at DCH. Dorset has already received £147 million for the various changes to Poole and Bournemouth. Back to the office where I worked through to 1900.