Diary - putting prison officers' concerns to the minister

An early morning run and into the Commons. A routine morning, although a flick through the papers shows that the Sir Kim Darrock story is not going away. This is the UK Ambassador to the US, whose critical comments on the President and the state of his team were leaked. He's had to resign as he can no longer do his job, clearly. Some pretty biased reporting and clearly biased politicians have tried to link this to Boris Johnson, who refused to give Sir Kim 100 per cent support during a live hustings. Sir Kim's resignation has nothing to do with Boris. The leak has seen a total breakdown in confidence between our team and the US's and Sir Kim can no longer do his job, which involves diplomacy at the highest level. It's the leaker who should be seriously dealt with. PMQs was reasonably lively, with Corbyn attacking Mrs May on legal aid. Corbyn claims cut backs have left the less well more vulnerable to not being represented. At 1500, I met three charming prison officers from HMP The Verne. They'd come up to attend a meeting of officers from around the country who have been assaulted, some very seriously. This is an issue that I am concerned about and continue to raise it with ministers. I believe there is not sufficient deterrent to stop prisoners from behaving violently. The law has been toughened up, but not enough. By chance, I was meeting the prisons' minister that afternoon anyway, so I took their concerns straight to Robert Buckland. I was accompanied by Dave Maddow, the deputy governor of the YOI. Together, we raised many issues and Mr Buckland promised to visit in the autumn. We would welcome that. We were dropped to a one line whip mid afternoon.