Diary - protesters disrupt central London

Back to the Commons, not made easier by environmental protesters calling themselves extinction rebellion. Hundreds - not thousands as reported by the Biased Broadcasting Corporation - of people, some equipped with drums, danced and sang in the drizzle as they severely disrupted livelihoods by blocking roads and bridges. The Speaker had granted five Urgent Questions (UQs) and I attended two, asking a question in both. They were EU related. No surprise there. There were plenty of constituency issues to deal with and private meetings to attend as the Brexit issue continues to dominate. At 1945, I attended a DL in CR 15 which did not last long. In the Chamber, a couple of N Ireland SIs kept us on a three line whip, but in the end there was no division. We were free to leave at about 2100 and I hopped on my bicycle and weaved my way through tents and protesters as I headed home.