Diary - the assault on democracy continues

It's almost midnight and the never-ending assault on our democracy continues, minute by minute, hour by hour. As I write, the Prime Minister is once again attempting to get round the dreadful Fixed Term Parliament Act and secure a general election. The Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson has just repeated that her Party's aim is to revoke Article 50, thereby keeping us trapped in the EU. Everywhere you turn in this place, Remainers bleat on and on and on. It seems like a lifetime ago now, but I returned to the House in the morning, driving through wind and rain on my motorcycle. It wasn't long before we heard there was going to be an attempt to secure two emergency debates, one on forcing the Government to reveal all papers referring to the suspension of parliament and another on the rumours swirling around Westminster that the PM has no intention of obeying the recent Bill that took no deal off the table. Not unsurprisingly, both debates were granted by the Speaker. And, while talking about Mr Bercow, he took central stage by announcing his departure on 31 October. It was a chance for many MPs, mainly on the Opposition Benches, to leap to their feet on a Point of Order to pour praise on Mr Bercow. This lasted for about 90 minutes. My own view on the Speaker will remain mine. I have seen enough in the past nine years to make a pretty accurate assessment and that will remain private. There was some business to attend to on N Ireland which did not take too long, and then we ended the day on the PM's attempt to get a general election going. Mr Johnson made a good speech, attacking Corbyn from running away from an election that he has consistently called for. It hurt him, clearly. His response was tetchy as a result, with a lot of noise keeping the Speaker on his feet as he tried to regain control. I'm tired of hearing Remainers using the word democracy, as they continue to do all they can to stop our departure from the EU. Democracy is a very fragile piece of our country's history and success, yet most MPs are only too keen to trash it. We voted to leave the EU in June 2016 and that's what we must do if a deal that's fair to both sides cannot be struck. The day ended in an unseemly mess, with the Speaker unable to resist the temptation to show-boat for one last time before the House rose. Amid disgraceful scenes, Remainer MPs attempted to prevent the Speaker from going to the Lords. He did go, but not before we heard more indignation and bias. I remained in the Chamber as the majority of my colleagues headed to the Lords. There then followed about 30 minutes of disrespectful scenes as Opposition MPs took photographs, sang and shouted their contempt for democracy. The Speaker finally returned, with Opposition MPs queuing up to shake him by the hand. Of our side, there were none. If ever there was an argument for to prorogue early, I saw it last night. Parliament is gridlocked, and now taken over by Remainers. There is nothing more to say in the Chamber about leaving the EU. It's all been said. We now just need to leave on 31 October.