Diary - debating an essential Bill

It was a one-line Whip, but MPs were debating the all-important EU Withdrawal Bill and I wanted to both listen and contribute. Sitting on the Green Benches and listening to other colleagues in the House is extremely educational.

Diary - lobbying for flood relief money

Another busy day. Up early to do a radio interview with BBC Solent about the new commercial helicopter company which has taken over former SAR site on Portland.

Diary - busy day back in the office

A busy day back in the office. A morning run and then to my desk to run through the familiar routine of papers, correspondence and emails. At midday I headed to No 10 for a sandwich lunch with a number of MPs.

W2W - a dangerous game

IT’S been many decades since air-raid sirens have wailed their warning in this country.

So it’s hard to imagine what impact they’d have today if a hard and real threat sent us scurrying for cover once again.

Diary - the loss of a lovely lady

A sad day. The lovely Toni Ives has died recently, and very quickly - within 24 hours. Thankfully, she was able to say goodbye to all her family. Today her husband John held a Thanksgiving Service for his wife of more than 60 years.

W2W - threat to free speech

ONE of the cornerstones of our great democracy is free speech.

But, today, offending anything or anyone all too often is followed by calls to resign or even threats to personal safety.

Diary - local enterprise partnerships

I had a most interesting catch-up meeting with Gordon Page, the chairman of our Dorset LEP. He's based at Bournemouth University, which goes from strength to strength. We had a long session, which covered many local issues, from new roads to improved rail links.

W2W - Dunkirk spirit needed

THE new movie Dunkirk is a must-see.

An avid reader of military history myself, I was enthralled from beginning to end.

As the credits rolled, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Blog - migrant crisis intensifies

While the Mediterranean refugee crisis may have vanished from the front pages, the tide of human misery continues to wash up on Europe’s shores. Italy is now the main point of arrival, with all those rescued off the coast of Libya brought to Italy, often by private charities.

Diary - chatting to the Rotarians

A busy morning, working lunch and then across to Dorchester for one of my regular meetings with the able CEO of the Tri-Council, Matt Prosser. Armed with a cuppa, we discussed many local issues for an hour.