Letter to the Telegraph - let Parliament work

SIR – The Government is right to exhort people to return to their place of work (report, September 3). We all need to learn to live with the virus, and manage the risks, so we can get the economy back on its feet. Parliament must therefore lead by example, but it is failing to do so.

Diary - a spike in cases of coronavirus

Government date showed that a further 2,988 cases of coronavirus were reported in the UK over the past 24 hours. It is the highest number reported on a single day since 22 May and a rise of 1,175 on Saturday.

W2W - acrimony in the USA

WHAT on earth is going on with our closest ally, the United States?

Strange and worrying times see the land of the free imprisoned in an ideological nightmare, with pitched battles on the streets and each side claiming the moral victory.

Diary - much to discuss with council leaders

The first of our fortnightly meetings - they were weekly - with Dorset Council took place this morning. This was the first one since Parliament went into recess and there was much to talk about and the meeting went on for 90 minutes.

Diary - Chancellor reassures new intake of MPs over feared tax rises

Began the day with a long run in glorious early-morning sunshine. I noticed that the leaves on the chestnuts were already beginning to turn, indicating autumn is not too far away. The chestnut is the first to leaf in spring, so another summer fades away.

Diary - taking back control of our fishing waters

Back to the Commons. Protests to the left and right, but what's new! Extinction Rebellion appeared in Parliament Square at midday, while taxi drivers did their thing in Park Lane. The former were predicting the end of the world, while the latter were carrying on their campaign for fairness.