W2W - a very special relationship

FOR once this week, the BBC buried its Brexit bias and reported on a story that touched many people.

Being a former Serviceman, it resonated deeply with me.

Diary - shortage of nurses

A busy morning in the office, working on constituency matters. A sandwich lunch and then to Wool to hold two appointments at our Association HQs. The first was with the newly appointed Enterprise Zone Manager, Sarah Powell-Pisareva.

Diary - more shenanigans in the House

A cold start to the day, which rather reflects the mood in the House! The plotters continue to do their best to stop Brexit, including a handful our own MPs, who are now threatening to resign if no-deal is not taken off the table. Let them, I say.

Diary - PM lays out Plan B

Back to a divided Commons. After a quiet morning, the Prime Minister returned to the Chamber at about 1530 to make yet another Statement on the deal she is trying to get through parliament.

W2W - Brexit betrayal

BETRAYAL is in the air as we learn our own Chancellor is working behind the scenes to rule out the no-deal option.

This would single-handedly weaken the Prime Minister’s negotiating hand when she returns to the EU to seek further concessions.