W2W - vexed issue of fishing

WE were led to believe that we’d take back control of our fishing waters at the end of March 2019.

There was genuine excitement and anticipation.

Instead, though, we find ourselves imprisoned in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) for another 21 months.

Diary - mental health issues and former veterans

Today I met Andy Price for the second time. The first occasion was in Bournemouth Square, where he and a hardy band of brothers were camping out in the street to highlight the plight of veterans with mental health issues.

Diary - fishing boat heads up the Thames

A morning run and into the House. My friend and colleague Jacob Rees-Mogg had in the meantime organised for a fishing vessel to come up the Thames and potter about in front of the Palace of Westminster to reinforce our concerns that we will not take back control of our waters until January 2021.

Briefing - pay rise for NHS workers

Public sector pay restraint was necessary to tackle the deficit left by the last Labour Government.  However, in September last year we ended the 1 per cent pay award policy for public sector workforces, recognising that some flexibility would be required in certain areas.

Diary - fishing industry and the EU

Up early and out for a run. An interesting day, the main item on the menu being fish! Many of us were disappointed to learn that we will not get back control of our seas until January 2021, this after being assured we'd do so at the end of March 2019.

Diary - finger points at the Russian state

Up early and out into the park in warm, spring sunshine. Into the office and some routine matters, which included a lesson on how to use my Ipad! Into the Chamber at 1130 to get a seat for PMQs and then the PM's update on this appalling murder attempt in Salisbury.

Diary - keeping control of our finances

Up early and out for a run. Spring has arrived, with daffodils all over the place. Today's showpiece was the Chancellor's Spring Statement. It followed Business Questions and at about 1230 Philip Hammond rose to his feet.

Statement - Spring Statement

The UK has come a long way over the last eight years, with our economy growing strongly, unemployment at a near-record low, the deficit down and more investment in public services like the NHS.

Diary - was attempted murder state-sponsored?

A short stint in my Dorset office and then up to London for another week of politics. The big moment of the day was the PM's statement on the murder attempt of a former Russian spy and his daughter.