Diary - Freedom of the Borough for Sea Cadets

Day began early knocking on doors to meet more residents. Then I reported to the Weymouth Sea Cadets at Barrack Road for their big day at 1300. Appropriately, the sun shone as the youngsters prepared to march through the town to Holy Trinity Church as part of the ceremony.

Diary - launching new buses for Weymouth

Launched my second bus in a month. Not sure launch is the right word, but reported to the Pavilion in Weymouth to meet General Manager of First Wessex, Simon Newport, and his team to launch their new single deck buses that will run on the Route 2 and 10 corridors.

Diary - Sun, sea and residents

Out in one of the finest resorts today and not forgetting a small village. In the evening, meeting residents from W Lulworth and others from around the area at one of my Drax Direct meetings.

Diary - on the door

Out again all day meeting prospective constituents. Another fascinating day, with a lot of interesting feedback. A lot of warmth, too. 

Diary - meeting prospective constituents

Out all day meeting prospective constituents. French elections nearing the finishing post. Emmanuel Macron in the lead. Polls predicting a handsome win against Marine le Pen.

Diary - meeting head at Corfe Castle Primary

Kept a long standing engagement at Corfe Castle Primary School, now run by Emma Miller, a most charming woman who took over from Nigel Beckett. We chatted for 30 minutes or so on a range of education issues before I had an enjoyable guided tour.

Diary - meeting Purbeck police officers

Election matters in the main, broken with a most useful meeting with Inspector Andy Keel, who runs the Purbeck team. We chatted about many things before he introduced me to his other officers.

Diary - election under way

With the House suspended, it was back to Dorset in the morning. A mass of election issues to sort out and then a meeting with my team in the evening.