Diary - Operation Zulu

The day began early and, staring into the sky for any hints of rain, I hopped on to my motorbike and headed to London. Conditions on the way up were blustery but dry, thankfully. My faithful BMW ate up the miles and after two hours I was heading into London on pretty empty roads.

Diary - Lunch in Studland

Back from the Commons and off to a fundraising lunch in Studland, courtesy of Michael Ferguson. It was a well-attended lunch in a lovely house with an amazing view of the Isle of Wight.

W2W - must honour the referendum result

AS the 31st October draws nearer, the efforts to stop Brexit are ramped up.

For Remainers, this week’s decision by the Supreme Court that proroguing parliament was unlawful was perceived as a victory, another nail in the Brexit coffin.

Diary - a quieter day in parliament

Another fascinating day in parliament! The rowdy scenes in the Chamber yesterday were discussed in detail by the press and media, with the BBC showing its normal bias by inviting on anyone they could think of to criticise the Prime Minister.

Diary - PM stands up for 17.4 million people

With frustrations running high, today's sitting in parliament was always going to be rumbustious, and so it proved. We were back following the Supreme Court's ruling that proroguing parliament was unlawful.

Diary - a contentious decision that undermines our political system

The Supreme Court has made its decision, a decision that has extremely serious consequences on our democracy and unwritten constitution. My chief concern is that this decision gives the green light to future challenges to the workings of Parliament and decisions made by MPs.

Diary - Labour's great betrayal

Last night, Jeremy Corbyn and Labour once again dodged making any decision on Brexit, proving yet again that all they offer is more of the same – more talk, more indecision and more pointless delay.