Update - latest update on coronavirus by Dorset Council

Please find below the latest information about essential council services.

We want to reassure you that council officers are working hard to ensure we keep on top of the rapidly changing Coronavirus situation.

W2W - stick together and we'll beat this virus

SCHOOLS shut; not even a world war achieved that.

But, then, the enemy was all too visible.

Today, it attacks, unseen and from unexpected quarters.

We are all having to face up to an unprecedented health scare, which I believe will prove a game-changer.

Letter - Coronavirus update from the Communities Secretary


We all have a crucial role to play in supporting people throughout this global pandemic. It’s my priority to ensure we get the necessary support to our local authorities, families and individuals across the country.

Diary - hording is unacceptable and unnecessary

It was a day spent on the telephone, writing emails and dealing with enquiries. Each statement by the Government raises many questions and people are turning in every direction to try and find an answer. On my website now is some advice and contact details from the Treasury.

Diary - schools to shut on Friday

Hurray! Today felt spring-like as I sped around the park early morning. However, there was the most unusual feel to the place as I was virtually the only one in it. Normally it's heaving first thing, but clearly the coronavirus really is taking a hold on our lives.

Letter - Covid 19 factsheet from the Chancellor

Dear Colleague,

I am writing to set out further details of the announcements I made at Budget and on 17 March to provide immediate economic support in response to COVID-19.