Diary - EU withdrawal bill back in Chamber

An early morning run on a chilly morning and into the Commons. Routine matters until about 1030 when I met up with a handful of students from the Quest college in London. My son had done there and I was more than happy to oblige.

Diary - no more cuts to defence

A brief flurry in the office and then to London in order to attend Defence Questions at 1430. Got there in time and took my seat in the normal position - rear right at the back. Searching through the questions, I saw I could come in on the back of No 7, which my colleague Kevin Foster asked.

Diary - wetland habitat for wading birds

A busy day. A short burst in the office and then to Cllr Malcolm Barnes's home to chat through a project which is worrying residents in Arne. The RSPB wishes to create a wetland habitat for birds on about 300 acres of their land near Arne.

W2W - must not neglect defence

OUR flagship HMS Ocean has been sold to the Brazilians for £84 million.

This, after a £65 million refit only three years ago.

The £19 million we will make on the deal is barely enough to run two frigates for a year.

Diary - catching the Speaker's eye

An early morning run and into the Commons. Routine matters to PMQs and then into the Chamber in the hope I might catch the Speaker's eye.

PMQs - tug and lifeboat crews praised

Having read about the heroism and courage of the crews of the Poole-based tug Kingston and the lifeboats from Swanage and Weymouth, I was keen for others to hear about their amazing efforts. Leaping up and down at PMQs today, I was rewarded when the Speaker called me right at the end.

Diary - routine day

A day spent on constituency matters and the odd meeting with colleagues concerning more general issues. Votes at 1900.

Diary - reorganisation of blue light services

Up early and into the office until 1100 when I drove to London. The House business started with Home Office Questions, where I had secured the third one. I asked what steps the Department was taking to encourage greater collaboration between police and fire services.