Diary - out & about

As always, a most interesting time with voters. Lots of feedback. 

Conservative brief - unemployment at its lowest for 45 years

New figures have shown that the number of people in full-time work has hit an all time high, unemployment has fallen to the lowest level in 45 years - and wages have risen ahead of prices for the 20th consecutive month.

Diary - out & about

A cold but clear day. First stop, a brief by expanding marina company Dean & Reddyhoff on their plans for improving Weymouth's inner harbour. I have always said that this area in particular is begging for investment.

Diary - remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice

After Saturday's downpour, I think we were all hoping for a reprieve on Remembrance Sunday. Someone was listening, because that's what we got. A cold, but clear day, and one I enjoyed with residents from both Portland and Swanage.

Diary - out and about

A cold, clear day at last. Rain up north is causing chaos, but down here it's at last stopped. Chat with the team then out and about. A small river had overflowed in Wyke, so I stopped by and chatted to residents affected.

Diary - out and about

Check in with my Association team first thing and then down to Swanage to sell poppies with the charming Bobby Alexander inside the Co-op. I do this every year and much enjoy our time together.

Diary - electing a new Speaker

Back up to London for the last time before the general election (GE) to vote in the next Speaker. I went via Conservative Party HQs to grab a photo with the PM and then to the Commons. The voting for the next speaker began at 1430 with Ken Clark in the chair.

Diary - out and about

For the fourth time in nine years, I face another general election (GE). There's something invigorating about a GE; this is our democracy in action and, despite the timing, I am confident that most people understand why one has been called.