Diary - two Dorset unitaries given the green light

A morning run and into the House. First up was another meeting of the ESC. At 1030 we took oral evidence from N Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley, who was accompanied by the Director of the NIO, Colin Perry.

Blog - carnage on the border

LIKE most viewers, I am appalled by the scenes of carnage from Gaza.

At the last count 58 Palestinians were dead and almost 2,000 wounded, with reports of hospitals being overwhelmed and “running with blood”.

Diary - The Lords exceeding their brief

A busy day, starting with my usual jaunt out into the park. The first commitment was a meeting with Mark Francois to discuss the vexed and on-going issue of our veterans being chased through the courts many years after an alleged incident is claimed to have occurred.

Diary - a meeting with the PM

An early start as I was keen to attend a meeting with the PM at midday. With the sun shining, I decided go on my motorbike, which was a wise choice. I arrived at the Commons in plenty of time to get to No 9 Downing St by midday.

Diary - new investment on Portland

An hour in the office and then to Weymouth and the local newspaper to help judge the annual business awards. The Editor, Diarmuid Macdonagh, was there, along with three others and we set sipping teas and coffees poring over entry after entry in about eight categories.

W2W - fighting for press freedom

ANOTHER attempt to impose more regulation on the Press was narrowly avoided on Wednesday by just nine votes.

We all knew it was going to be a close call, with some of our MPs siding with Labour’s two amendments.

Diary - to Dorset

Up early and out for a run. Then on to my motorbike and home to Dorset. A clear run and to my desk where I spent the day working on many constituency issues and finishing off my weekly newspaper column. 

Speech - press freedom, by Jacob Rees-Mogg MP

The freedom of the press is so overwhelmingly precious that we should preserve it even if sometimes the press upsets us. It is amazing how many people who have had run-ins with the press have suddenly found that they think it should be more tightly regulated.

Diary - press freedom wins the day

Another sunny day. Up early and out into the park for a run. With a debate on the Data Protection Bill looming, I spent the first part of the morning preparing for it. PMQs at midday saw Corbyn struggling and failing to land blows on the PM.

Diary - the will of the people continues to be thwarted

A busy morning in the office in Dorset and then, in glorious sunshine, to London on my motorbike. A clear run saw me at my desk in about two and a half hours' time, where various constituency matters awaited.