W2W - time to stand up for the UK

I SPENT many hours this week listening to the on-going debate about our departure from the EU.

There were many contributions from those on both sides of the House, some of whom do not want to leave the institution.

A handful of others, who claim to have accepted the result of the referendum, attempted to find wriggle-room to extend our departure date.

Let’s not forget that all three major Parties promised a referendum, and to honour the result.

For the next few weeks, we will continue to debate the EU Withdrawal Bill, which transfers EU law into UK law.

While I totally accept the need to examine the Bill, some of the many amendments are clearly vexatious, aimed at delaying our departure, or worse, stopping it.

Looking on, I cannot help wondering what’s happened to our great country.

Has it been emasculated to the extent we can no longer think for ourselves, or make laws that are pertinent to us?

Again, I accept that some EU law might stay, but governments of the future must be able to review it if circumstances change, and they do.

The word ‘uncertainty’ is a constant refrain from the doubters and of course no one can predict exactly how Brexit will go.

But falling back on World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules is not the ‘cliff edge’ many would have you believe.

You might be interested to know that 24 nations, including the great powers of China, Russia, USA, Australia and New Zealand, all trade with the EU under WTO rules.

These economies are hardly basket- cases!

Yes, clearly we’d like to strike a deal with the EU, but it’s clear to me that they have no intention of negotiating fairly and reasonably.

They want our money, and the more the better.