Diary - EU chaos averted

Back into the Commons for Day 2 of the EU Withdrawal Bill's Second Reading. I had sat for some hours on Thursday in the hope of being called, but regrettably was not. Today I was more fortunate. The Speaker began by asking Members not to crowd the Chair, asking when they would be called. A Whip kindly let me know that I was on the list and would be called. We were all limited to six minute speeches. For two days I'd listened to colleagues on both sides of the House banging on about democracy and how the Bill would not allow MPs to scrutinise returning EU legislation properly in the House. Frankly, no one has uttered a word of complaint over recent years as the EU Commission has pushed more and more legislation on us without so much as a peep of scrutiny. I know, as I sat on the European Scrutiny Committee for some time and saw firsthand all the legislation coming though from Brussels. So today here we were debating a Bill that would at last allow our elected representatives to review EU legislation for the first time, but Labour had chosen to vote against it. This really was a shameful exercise in political posturing of the worst kind, especially as Labour has changed its tune on Brexit. So, when I was called to speak, I'm afraid I told it how it was, which certainly raised the tempo a little! The votes came at midnight and I eventually fell into bed at about 0130. To all our relief, we won the vote and the Bill now goes to the Committee stage.