The row over redefining 'marriage' rumbles on. I am saddened that Cameron has gone down this road when no Party mentioned this in their manifestos. It is the unintended consequences which worry me most. There will be a militant tendency which will now want to ban words like 'Mr' and 'Mrs' and 'husband' and 'wife'. I buried my frustrations in a good morning run before meeting the Navitus offshore wind farm team and the Crown Estates. It was good of them to organise this drop in session and talk we must continue to do. They attempted to butter me up by saying they'd reduced the number and height of the wind turbines and had placed them another 1km out. That means they will now be circa 14 kms off Swanage. When you think that the EU recommends 23 kms you can understand why I wasn't bought. Good try, gentlemen, but not good enough. Too busy to attend the weekly cat fight, I watched PMQs from my office. Nothing of great value gained. I worked through until 3pm when I attended a useful meeting of MPs and Peers who are against this redefinition of marriage. None of us are reassured by the Government's promise of a quadruple-lock when equalties' legislation and human rights' laws will probably prevail. What a waste of time this all is when there are so many other pressing issues. I then had my select committee duties to attend to and today we took oral evidence from Holly Sims, from Calor Gas, and then John Slaughter, from the Home Builders' Federation, Graham Biggs, from the Rural Services' Network, and Sue Chalkley, chief executive of Hastoe Housing Association. Our inquiry is into rural communities, which are so under threat today from rising prices, poor public transport, unemployment and the like. It was an interesting session. When asked about second homes, Mr Biggs thought this should be incorporated into planning law. In other words when housing developments are built it should stipulate they can never become second homes. We had a vote at 5pm and then we went to a one line Whip. I worked on in my office until 7.30pm and then headed to Dorset.