A long day in the office. Much to organise and deal with. As the Savile investigation continues, publicist Max Clifford has now been dragged in and interviewed by the police. I wonder where on earth this will lead. It's that Christmas time of year and I've begun the great despatch. I called the Coastwatch tower on Portland Bill to both get their postcode and wish them a happy Christmas. They are the most extraordinary group of people, totally devoted to their role, which they do diligently and professionally. I have met many of them and I would describe them as the salt of the earth, selfless and just wanting to give something back in their later years. Ed Balls is all the airwaves, attacking Osborne's Autumn Statement. Balls' stammer is suddenly top of the agenda because he made a bit of a slip-up during his reply in the Commons yesterday. Personally, I'm surprised he has the gall to appear at all after all the damage he and Labour did over 13 years of profligacy. If he was working for a private company, Balls would now be toast and looking for another job! Enjoyed an evening run, which is always interesting because you can't really see where you are going and it was raining. Still, the bath afterwards was worth it.