I was privileged to attend Baroness Thatcher's funeral at St Paul's Cathedral today. What a momentous and emotional occasion it was. Mrs T, as all of us in the armed services referred to her as, with great affection, was the Prime Minister during my military days. Soldiers need to know that their political masters are right behind them and we never had any doubt where Mrs T stood, especially during the Falklands' War, where many of my friends served. After the war, they told me that a major factor in the final victory was Mrs T's steadfastness and of course political courage. Today, thousands of people came to mourn and pay their respects. The Service was quite stunning, with powerful and poignant hymns and anthems, sung beautifully by the choir. Mrs T was a great lady; formidable, yet modest; uncompromising, yet attentive and caring. I had the privilege of meeting her twice when soldiering. On both occasions, her presence lit up the room, and she won a place in the hearts of all ranks, whatever their political affiliation. Mrs T was one of the greatest Prime Ministers this country has ever had the great fortune to elect, and three times, no less. May she rest in peace.