Diary - stop chasing our N Ireland veterans

Early start and a short stint in the office before heading to London for another week in parliament. The main event for me today was a three hour Westminster Hall debate, prompted by an on-line petition calling for soldiers who served in Northern Ireland during Op Banner to be granted immunity.

Diary - update from Dorset CCG

Early rise and then to Portland on my motorbike to meet the two new Independent councillors, Rob Hughes and the Mayor of Portland, Cllr Susan Cocking.

Diary - we must stop chasing NI veterans

Into the Commons where we heard that Mrs May intends to bring back her withdrawal deal early next month, this time in the form of a Bill. I despair! This has gone beyond a joke now. Attended PMQs, where there were many empty seats.

Diary - back to the Commons

Up to the Commons in the morning. A routine morning and a meeting with a reporter from The Times. Several private meetings to attend, also, including the ERG. An update from the campaign group F40, which, with MPs like me, is trying to secure a better school funding formula.

Diary - in the office

With a quiet day ahead in Parliament, I was slipped for the day, giving me a chance to catch up on much constituency work. 

Diary - new facility opens for young sailors on Portland

A sunny morning tempted me back on to my motorcycle in order to attend the opening of a new centre at the National Sailing Academy on Portland. It's housed in two very smart wooden lodges next to the Academy itself.

W2W - US should be respected

TRUE, Donald Trump remains a controversial figure to many, but he is the democratically elected leader of the free world, and we should respect that.

On 3 June the President’s motorcade sweeps into town in order to commemorate the anniversary of the D Day landings.