W2W - Fiscal responsibility

THE Prime Minister states that austerity is over, but fiscal responsibility is not.

I don’t agree with the former, while entirely concurring with the latter.

With the national debt at a staggering £1.8 trillion pounds, the country’s finances are still in a parlous state.

Diary - exciting challenge for agriculture post Brexit

Up early for my run and into the park in glorious autumn sunshine. To the office on my bicycle - a risky business in itself - and then spent time refining my speech on the Agriculture Bill in the afternoon. A charming young man from my constituency came and spent the day in the office.

Speech - new opportunities for agriculture

Heavens! You caught me by surprise there, Mr Deputy Speaker. I was not ready for that at all. Anyway, thank you very much for calling me to speak. I refer hon. Members to my entry in the Register of Members’ Financial Interests.​

New law - better protection for our emergency services

The Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act 2018 became law on 13th September 2018.

This Act provides greater protection for our emergency services by making assaulting any emergency worker carrying out their duty a statutory aggravating factor in the eyes of the law.

Diary - more support for prison officers

An early start and up to London for our first day following the Party Conference season. The morning was spent on routine matters and catching up on all the political gossip, which is not insignificant here! At 1330 I attended the first of two private meetings about Brexit.

W2W - future healthcare provision on Portland

ANY threat to a community hospital is always emotive.

Much-loved, local and reassuringly personal to patients and their families, changes to them are always fiercely resisted.

The recent closure of the beds at Portland Hospital is a typical and understandable example.

Diary - in prison

Up early, into the office, and a quick visit to have a couple of stitches out, before heading back to Portland to visit HMYOI. I first met up with POA Branch Chairman Tony Walker, a former Royal Marine, who I have got to know well.

W2W - controlled immigration

WITHOUT doubt, the EU debate and referendum has at last allowed this divisive topic to be discussed without, on the whole, rancour.

Until then, the subject was riven for years by accusations of racism and xenophobia.

Diary - visiting a defence company on Portland

A busy morning and then to Portland on my motorbike. A beautiful sunny day for a ride. First to revisit a specialist company called Tods Defence, which makes highly secretive bits and bobs for submarines and surface ships.