Diary - supporting our police

It certainly was not as cold on my morning run than it has been. Wolfed down a bacon-buttie once in the House and scoured all the papers. A bit of balance in some of them!

Speech - more police needed on the beat

I really do not want to enter the blame game, but I am going to start by just reminding the House and putting it on the record that, in 2010, we did inherit a financial mess. [Interruption.] Opposition Members groan but it is a fact.

Diary - tackling knife crime

A busy morning and then to London for another week of politics. We had an interesting Urgent Question(UQ) from Labour on knife crime, which I attended.

Diary - our AGM

Our annual Association AGM is always well attended, and this year was no exception. It started outside, when I found my caseworker Hennie Weld in the road caring for an elderly gentlemen who'd fallen on the ice.