Diary - a final farewell to a lovely man

The Turkish assault in northern Syria continues amid widespread condemnation. The Kurds in the firing line are the very same people who bravely fought Islamic State jihadists.

W2W - Brexit will help our fishing industry

GET Brexit done.

How often now do I hear that call to arms, and no one wants this more than the fishing industry.

The presence of a super-trawler in British waters last week highlights what is so wrong with the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).

Diary - meeting with the PM

The House had been prorogued but I had a meeting with the PM at 1400 so went in to the Commons after a morning run. The protesters were still there, of course, and the rubbish continues to pile up. At 1315, I met with other colleagues for a pre-meeting and then we all wandered down to No 10.