Statement - Dominic Cummings

First, I do understand why so many people are angry at his actions. The perception is that it’s one rule for him and another for them. There’s the point, too, that people were specifically instructed to stay at home unless for exceptional circumstances.

Diary - pushing hard for tourism with minister

Wall-to-wall sunshine. No rain. The fire at Wareham Forest remains out and my deep gratitude to all the firefighters who tackled the fire for days. Apart from many constituency duties, I had two interesting conference calls.

Diary - helping with a firebreak

Another wonderful, sunny day. As a farmer, we need rain and badly. None is on the horizon at the moment. The fire brigade made a request for some tree clearing to create a better firebreak and I was more than happy to accommodate it.

Diary - checking on Wareham Forest fire

Another very warm day. With the Bank Holiday in full swing, reports came back of packed beaches. With dozens of firefighters still in Wareham Forest, I headed out again to see how they all were.

Diary - high winds re-ignite heath fire

Another sunny, but windy day, the latter creating a nightmare for firefighters tackling the fire on Bloxworth Heath, near Bere Regis. First thing, though, was the regular weekly catch-up with Dorset Council and my parliamentary colleagues.

W2W - warning that China buying up defence companies

WHILE the world suffers from this pandemic, China continues to manoeuvre.

This week, evidence was given to the Defence Select Committee, on which I sit, that China is buying up French defence companies which have gone bust during the outbreak.

Diary - a tour of fire-ravaged heathland

Another sunny and very warm day. I'd organised to meet Fire Chief Ben Ansell at the scene of an horrific heath fire which began on Monday near Bere Regis. The fire actually happened just across the border from my constituency in Michael Tomlinson's.

Letter - CQC position on dental providers by

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has presented challenges to the whole health & social care sector, including intense challenge and changes to how care is delivered.

Diary - a slot at PMQs

Another sunny day which created quite a lot of feedback from residents living in and around beauty spots who felt swamped by visitors. There is nothing the police can do as people have been told they can travel anywhere for the day, so long as it is not overnight.

PMQs - reviewing our defence supply chain

The Defence Select Committee heard recently that France is conducting a root-and-branch review of its defence supply chain following concerns that China is buying up defence-related companies that are going bust during the pandemic. Does my right hon.