Diary - former Chancellor has last say

Flooding continues to dominate the news and the coronavirus, too. A routine morning and then into the Chamber for PMQs. Corbyn's attack plan was predictable, going for the PM about not turning out to visit flooded areas.

Parliamentary Question - flooding update

I am sure that my right hon. Friend has stood under a roof to see the sheer volume of rainwater that falls off. The more we build in our towns and cities, the more water falls onto increasingly concrete areas.

Diary - more police officers on the beat

Back to the Commons after recess. Floods and coronavirus were very much in the news, so it was no surprise that Secretary of State George Eustice made a Statement on the former.

Speech - supporting the police

It is a pleasure to speak in this debate. Just before I start, may I remind the Opposition that we are in this plight because of the spendthrift ways with which they ruined our country?

Alex Cunningham

You’ve had 10 years, man. Ten years.

Richard Drax

Diary - visiting two charities

Down to Portland to visit the Coastwatch team on the Bill. The volunteers have experienced some horrific conditions with the wind so strong on one occasion that the watchtower was closed.

W2W - investment in defence is needed

ARMY recruitment is up, which is excellent news.

After six years in the doldrums, expectant regiments and corps will be mightily pleased.

Last week, the annual allocation was 99 per cent full, with most going on to start their basic training.