W2W - must look forward now

THERE was less pomp and ceremony at this week’s State Opening of Parliament.

Further, there might not be another for two years, as the Government concentrates on negotiating Brexit.

Speech - priorities must change

It is a genuine pleasure to follow my hon. Friend the Member for Strangford (Jim Shannon). I also congratulate my new colleague, my hon. Friend the Member for Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk (John Lamont), on his excellent maiden speech. Well done; brilliant!​

Diary - speaking on the Queen's Speech

I had put in to speak on the Queen's Speech today, but my chance was delayed due to two Statements - the Grenfell Tower fire and terrorism - and Business Questions. I attended the first Statement, where.

Diary - State Opening of Parliament

The delayed State Opening of Parliament was held today rather than Monday. The Queen arrived by car rather than carriage and Prince Charles stood in for the Duke, who was in hospital. Security was tight as Far Left activists had promised a 'day of rage'.

Diary - back to the Commons

The House is not sitting today as the State Opening of Parliament was postponed until tomorrow. However, the shock and horror following the horrific Grenfell Tower fire continues.

Diary - another senseless attack

Another senseless attack on innocent people last night, this time against British Muslims near their place of worship. The attacker drove a van into a crowd of people in Finsbury Park, killing one and injuring 10 people.

Statement - Prime Minister on Finsbury Park attack


This morning, our country woke to news of another terrorist attack on the streets of our capital city: the second this month and every bit as sickening as those which have come before.

W2W - The Grenfell Tower Fire

THE terrible Grenfell Tower fire in West London still smoulders on as I write.
My heart goes out to the shattered survivors, many of whom have lost everything.
The death toll is mounting and the numbers of those still missing suggest an unthinkable, final count.

A huge thank you

WHAT a great honour and privilege it is to be returned as MP for South Dorset.

Thank you to those who voted for me, and to those who did not, I shall continue to serve everyone without fear or favour.