Triggering Article 50

The Prime Minister has today triggered Article 50, beginning the process of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union


Key points to remember:


Diary - Marine A home with his wife in days

A sunny spring day dawned this morning and I was up and around the park to welcome it. Today was always going to memorable, either way, as learnt the fate of Alexander Blackman, the former Royal Marine Sergeant jailed for shooting a wounded insurgent on the battlefield in Afghanistan in 2011.

PR - new SW train franchisee should prioritise fast route to Weymouth

Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset, today welcomed new, South West Trains franchise holders, FirstGroup and MTR.

Stagecoach Group, which has run the service since privatisation in 1996, lost the franchise to the consortium after their bid was unsuccessful.

Diary - a new train franchisee announced

Back into the House post all the horror of last week's attack. Everything is back to normal, with floral tributes laid outside Parliament's front gates to the fallen PC Keith Palmer, who so bravely died defending us all within the Palace. A tragedy.

Blog - appeal for mercy for Marine A

The views expressed here are entirely my own, although I have cleared them with Alexander Blackman’s wife, Claire, and his QC.

Diary - another delay in justice for Marine A

London is beginning to return to normal after Wednesday's horrific attack. I hopped on to the tube in the morning to head towards the Royal Courts of Justice for what we all hoped would be the final hearing for former RM Sergeant Alexander Blackman.

W2W - terrorism will never win

WHILE medics fought valiantly to save a fatally wounded policeman after Wednesday’s attack, they were also working on the terrorist who’d stabbed him.

There are few other countries in the world where that would happen.

And this is what we are defending.

Diary - it is the duty of all of us to carry on

The day after the afternoon before. I think the full impact of yesterday's outrage had finally sunk in. And all our thoughts and prayers are with the relatives and friends of those killed and injured. Brave PC Keith Palmer, a husband and father, was killed doing the job he loved.

Diary - a terrible day

Some of the papers this morning carried horrific pictures of the IRA's handiwork following Martin McGuinness's death, so another terrorist outrage aimed at the heart of our democracy was a sobering reminder that there will always be people out there who want to do us harm.