Diary - meeting head at Corfe Castle Primary

Kept a long standing engagement at Corfe Castle Primary School, now run by Emma Miller, a most charming woman who took over from Nigel Beckett. We chatted for 30 minutes or so on a range of education issues before I had an enjoyable guided tour.

Diary - meeting Purbeck police officers

Election matters in the main, broken with a most useful meeting with Inspector Andy Keel, who runs the Purbeck team. We chatted about many things before he introduced me to his other officers.

Diary - election under way

With the House suspended, it was back to Dorset in the morning. A mass of election issues to sort out and then a meeting with my team in the evening. 

Diary - lobbying new rail franchisee

Into the Commons on our last day before my MP status is removed and I return once more to be the prospective parliamentary candidate for S Dorset. I had a pre-arranged and very important meeting with our new rail franchisee, FirstGroup, who'd taken the franchise off SW Trains.

Diary - a special ceremony in Swanage

This morning I had the privilege and honour to attend the boathouse opening and naming ceremony of the new Shannon Class lifeboat at Swanage. As you'd expect, the turnout was high, all coming to see the immaculate new boat and smart crew.

Diary - questioned by 10 year olds

Up early and into the office before climbing aboard my motorcycle and heading to Swanage. I went straight to the bus deport by the station to meet Morebus MD Andrew Wickham, a most charming man, who'd kindly asked me to launch their new open-top bus service for the summer.

W2W - been a pleasure to serve

THIS will be my last column of the Parliament.

I would like to thank the Echo for giving me this privilege, which I hope has informed, entertained and, no doubt, caused a few jaws to clench.

Serving as your MP for the past seven years has been an immense privilege and honour.

Diary - standing again for parliament

Into the office early before popping across to CCHQ for a photo with the PM. Clearly, others wanted one too judging from the number of MPs I met. Then back to Dorset, into the office, before heading to Winfrith for my selection meeting with my Association.

Diary - Question No 2, Mr Speaker

An air of expectation hung over the Chamber all morning as we waited for PMQs. I had Qu No 2 and used it to point out Mr Corbyn's lack of credibility as a leader when it came to issues like MI5, the police and of course our Armed Forces.