Diary - a day of shame

Another depressing day in the Commons, battling the majority of MPs who want to either prevent Brexit or water it down to such an extent that we won't in effect have left the EU at all. A busy morning in Dorset and then up to London in time for yet another Statement by Mrs May.

Diary - meeting the new police team

As spring approaches and the weather warms, the temptation to get back on my motorcycle grows. So today I was tempted and headed down to Weymouth in perfect conditions to meet Inspector Barry Gosling and Chief Inspector Jim Beashel, two new appointees.

Diary - new community hospital CEO meets Health Secretary

A run in the drizzle and into the Commons for another depressing day. By the end of it we learnt that a fiery Andrea Leadsom told the Cabinet meeting in on uncertain manner that we must leave on WTO terms on 29 March.

Diary - Speaker throws a spanner in the works

Another strange day in the Commons. One thing is for certain, it's better not to predict anything. Events move in peculiar ways at the moment, mainly as most MPs do their level best to stop Brexit in one way or another, sadly.