Diary - remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice

After Saturday's downpour, I think we were all hoping for a reprieve on Remembrance Sunday. Someone was listening, because that's what we got. A cold, but clear day, and one I enjoyed with residents from both Portland and Swanage.

Diary - out and about

A cold, clear day at last. Rain up north is causing chaos, but down here it's at last stopped. Chat with the team then out and about. A small river had overflowed in Wyke, so I stopped by and chatted to residents affected.

Diary - out and about

Check in with my Association team first thing and then down to Swanage to sell poppies with the charming Bobby Alexander inside the Co-op. I do this every year and much enjoy our time together.

Diary - electing a new Speaker

Back up to London for the last time before the general election (GE) to vote in the next Speaker. I went via Conservative Party HQs to grab a photo with the PM and then to the Commons. The voting for the next speaker began at 1430 with Ken Clark in the chair.

Diary - out and about

For the fourth time in nine years, I face another general election (GE). There's something invigorating about a GE; this is our democracy in action and, despite the timing, I am confident that most people understand why one has been called.

Diary - off to prison

A busy day. Nigel Farage announces at 1100 that he intends to put candidates in all Seats unless we ditch the Deal. He claimed that we would not leave the EU under it. That is simply not true and we can and will leave the EU by Dec 2020 if a deal has not been struck.

W2W - teamwork will get Brexit done

“IN the name of God, go!”

That was Oliver Cromwell’s demand to a so-called ‘rump parliament’ 360 years ago.

MPs were not representing the people then, and I feel we have a similar case today, with many Members dishonouring the 2016 referendum.

Diary - Speaker's last PMQs

PMQs was always going to be a rumbustious performance and so it proved. The last one before an election, both the PM and Corbyn were in campaign mode. No surprises there. A few MPs took the opportunity to thank the Speaker for his time in the Chair. He goes tomorrow.