W2W - hope for the homeless

ONE of the most pleasurable aspects of being an MP is meeting those whose efforts bring succour to others.

And no one fits that description better than Emily McCarron, who runs a programme to help rough-sleepers with her husband Eddie.

Diary - care for the homeless

With snow overnight, the morning was always going to be challenging. However, I fortunately have a Landrover and it can plough through anything. A very cold morning began early as I was heading to Weymouth by 0630 to visit a homeless charity called Refresh.

ESC Committee - former Brexit Minister confirms what we've all thought

Chair: Good afternoon, Mr Baker. It is good to see you. I will start by asking the first question. You resigned on 9 July 2018. To put it in context for the sake of anybody watching this programme, which is going to go out on the parliamentary channel, so I understand, that was in fact three days

Diary - attempts to stop or delay Brexit voted down

It being my birthday, I could think of no way better to celebrate it than spend the day in the Commons battling for Brexit! And what a day it turned out to be. The day began with an early breakfast with my wife, which fortified me well for what was to come.

Diary - the day before more votes on Brexit

Another day of private meetings in the House. There's talk and more talk about who said what to whom and who was going to support, or not, the amendments listed for tomorrow's debate. Most are aimed at stopping Brexit and make no mistake on that point.

Diary - a bus for the homeless

Down to Tesco on Portland first thing to meet those involved in a Government scheme called Big Energy Saving Week. I found Nicki Plummer, from Heat Project, and the CAB, manning a small stand at the entrance.

W2W - a very special relationship

FOR once this week, the BBC buried its Brexit bias and reported on a story that touched many people.

Being a former Serviceman, it resonated deeply with me.

Diary - shortage of nurses

A busy morning in the office, working on constituency matters. A sandwich lunch and then to Wool to hold two appointments at our Association HQs. The first was with the newly appointed Enterprise Zone Manager, Sarah Powell-Pisareva.