Diary - general election set for Thursday, 12 December

Well, well, we now have the election that the PM has been consistently calling for. The Government put down a simple Bill which if enacted would knock out the dreadful Fixed Term Parliament Act. It was another gamble by Mr Johnson, but this time it paid off.

Diary - talk of a December election

Are cracks appearing in Opposition Parties' rhetoric? Both the LDs and SNP are hinting they might back at December election. So, I headed back to the Commons in great anticipation of something happening this week.

W2W - SNP threaten integrity of the UK

HAVING sat opposite the Scottish National Party (SNP) for many years, I am accustomed to the continuous whinging that emanates from their MPs.

The odd morsel of optimism is greeted with cheers, so seldom do they occur.

Why am I writing about the SNP?

Diary - border issues with Northern Ireland

Another fast and furious day. It began with a run, followed by a well-deserved croissant and coffee! Routine matters in the morning kept me busy until I dropped into the Chamber for the UQ on Northern Ireland (NI) and the on-going row about a border in the Irish Sea.

Diary - so nearly there

Another extraordinary day in Parliament. To cope with all the shenanigans, my morning run is not only vital it's essential. It keeps me sane!

Diary - Brexit saga continues

An umpire is meant to be seen and seldom heard. Any requirement for intervention is done quickly, fairly and according to the rules. So it was no surprise that a Statement by the Speaker took an hour!