W2W - Brexit chaos

What a mess!

Wednesday night’s betrayal of Brexit by 47 members of my Party is a shocking indictment on the state of our politics.

Of course, it wasn’t just Conservatives, but politicians from across the House who let you down.

Statement - Chancellor's Spring brief

Today the Chancellor reports on a resilient economy which is creating jobs and delivering the fastest rate of wage growth in over a decade.

Diary - we are sold out

Another blow for democracy, integrity, honesty, our word and the future of our country as 47 of my colleagues betray the Government, allowing an amendment through that will take no-deal off the table.

Diary - a sad day for democracy

This was always going to be a depressing day, and so it proved. The Prime Minister had brought her Meaningful Vote back to the Commons for the second time.

Article by the ERG's legal team - a flawed deal

These are the conclusions of the group of lawyers under the Chairmanship of Sir William Cash MP regarding the documents published by the Prime Minister last night, and their impact on the legal position of the United Kingdom under the proposed Withdrawal Agreement (“WA”) and Northern Ireland/Irel

Diary - a poignant funeral

Today was another sad one as the wife of one of my senior managers had finally succumbed to cancer and her funeral was today. So, after a morning spent on constituency matters, I headed to Harbour View crematorium for the funeral of Elaine Macduff.

Diary - out on Portland

On a colder day than expected, I headed to Portland on my motorcyle to join up with the lovely Su Illsley. Su runs Fancys Farm at the top of the island and is a well known and popular islander. We drove to Southwell and had a most enjoyable and interesting time canvassing.

Diary - inspirational Jim Cregan wows College audience

Today was Weymouth College's 6th Apprenticeship Fair. Amazing how time flies. The College generously hosts this annual event, which is a chance for apprentices to be recognised and for those thinking of becoming an apprentice to meet and talk to businesses.