Diary - exciting ideas for the future of Weymouth & Portland

Take the bike, or not? The forecast was not good but, with many miles to travel, and it being a Friday, I decided the steel horse was the best option. So, first to Dorchester for an important meeting with council officials, Rupert Best, Bill Reeves, CEO of Portland Port, and Oliver Letwin.

W2W - huge gratitude to the police

THE police who serve our community deserve our praise, gratitude and unstinting support.

Despite reductions in manpower over recent years, our brave officers have held their own.

Conference Speech - The Prime Minister

It’s great to be here in Manchester at the best attended conference for years and I know that some of you may have been mildly peppered with abuse on the way in but are you abashed? are you downcast?

Conference Speech - The Home Secretary, the Rt Hon Priti Patel MP

Today, here in Manchester, the Conservative Party takes its rightful place as the Party of Law and Order in Britain once again.

We stand with the brave men and women of our police and security services.

And we stand against the criminals.

Diary - Operation Zulu

The day began early and, staring into the sky for any hints of rain, I hopped on to my motorbike and headed to London. Conditions on the way up were blustery but dry, thankfully. My faithful BMW ate up the miles and after two hours I was heading into London on pretty empty roads.

Diary - Lunch in Studland

Back from the Commons and off to a fundraising lunch in Studland, courtesy of Michael Ferguson. It was a well-attended lunch in a lovely house with an amazing view of the Isle of Wight.

W2W - must honour the referendum result

AS the 31st October draws nearer, the efforts to stop Brexit are ramped up.

For Remainers, this week’s decision by the Supreme Court that proroguing parliament was unlawful was perceived as a victory, another nail in the Brexit coffin.