Diary - update on policing

In the main, a day of correspondence, broken by a visit to the new Assistant Chief Constable, Mark Cooper, at Police HQs and an excellent and top quality address by Jacob Rees-Mogg at one of our fundraising evenings in Weymouth. Mr Cooper could not have been more helpful and accommodating.

PR: EU future about "common sense, pragmatism and negotiation"

Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset, hailed tonight’s overwhelming vote in Parliament to trigger Article 50 as a “giant step” for our country.

Drax spoke during the lengthy debate on the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, which preceded the vote and which lasted two days.

Speech - leaving the EU

There have been some excellent speeches right across the House, and, contrary to what some Opposition Members may think, I do respect the remain view. However, I urge all those who still wish to stay in the EU to realise that we are not going to do that.

Diary - worth the wait

What a long day! It began with an early morning run and ended at about midnight, as the House concluded the first day's debate on the EU Withdrawal Bill, which will trigger Article 50. After the morning's routine, I entered the Chamber for the start of the debate at about 1220.

Diary - anger over Trump immigration policy

The start of a momentous week. Tomorrow we shall be debating the Bill which will allow the Government to trigger Article 50, thereby starting the process of leaving the EU.

Diary - an update on IRC The Verne

It was off to an early start and heading to Portland. Unfortunately my progress was slowed somewhat when I discovered my bank account had been hacked. That was soon resolved and then it was down to the immigration centre at The Verne.

W2W - a step too far for the courts?

THE claim that the Supreme Court’s decision this week safeguards the sovereignty of Parliament is ironic in the extreme.

Diary - getting young people into work

The highlight of my day was to meet a new charity called Ansbury Guidance. To do this, I headed to Kingland Road in Poole, where the charity has its main office. There I met Nicola Newman and Tom Grainger, the charity's CEO and Chairman, respectively.

Diary - PM announces a Brexit White Paper

Another interesting day, beginning with some physio! Into the House, follow through on the morning routine of coffee, croissant, papers, emails, letters and phone calls. Busy at my desk until 1130 when I dropped down to the Chamber and showed Lillian Broad to her place for PMQs.