Diary - meeting a very special lady

A busy morning working on constituency matters and then to Swanage to join Bobby Alexander to sell poppies in the Co-op. Bobby is the branch chairman of the Royal British Legion and every year I join him to sell poppies.

W2W - enough is enough

FOR too long, both former and serving soldiers have been subjected to baseless investigations into alleged wrong-doings.

In the Commons, I and many of my colleagues have been lobbying the Prime Minister to draw a line under this shameful persecution.

Diary - visit to the Tank Museum

Up early and into the office. Routine matters resolved, I headed to the Tank Museum to meet with Director Richard Smith, a delightful man, who has really brought the museum on over the past 11 years.

Diary - EU scrutiny committee reforms

Early morning run and into the office. Lots to do - mainly constituency matters - before entering the Chamber at about 1135 for PMQs. Another noisy session, with Corbyn launching into an attack no tax-breaks for private plane owners.

Blog - New York City Attack

New York City’s TriBeCa area, formerly home to the twin towers, has again come under attack by Islamic terrorism.

Diary - young courage

Up early and out for a run. Finance Bill continued throughout the day. Had the great pleasure of meeting a remarkable young girl in the afternoon at a reception for air ambulances across the country. Maisie Sheridan was 11 when she was hit by a van in Weymouth.

Diary - western relief road

An early start and then I teamed up with my Mum and brothers to scatter my Pa's ashes. This was a very moving ceremony, as you can imagine, and Pa joined many others of our family in Highwood Garden, a place he loved and nurtured.

W2W - treason

NOT so long ago treason was punishable by death.

In my view, the behaviour of those of our citizens who travel to Syria and Iraq to fight for ISIL is akin to treason, and certainly so if they return to take up arms against us here in the UK.