Diary - judging business awards

A busy morning in the office and then off on my bike to the local paper's office in Weymouth. I had been asked to be one of the judges in the paper's annual business awards and was delighted to help out.

Diary - fellow Guardsman killed by an elephant

A cold, rainy morning as I set off for the Commons. The morning passed routinely enough and then it was down to the Chamber for PMQs. For the first time, I saw that many MPs on our side were not in their places.

Diary - a new royal baby boy

Back to the Commons. Mood remains sombre, brightened by the news that the Duchess of Sussex has given birth to a baby boy. My congratulations to Meghan and Prince Harry. No one knows the name yet, but plenty of punters are guessing. Traditional or with an American twist?

W2W - another bird-brained idea

JUST when I thought politics couldn’t sink any lower, a Government quango announces out of the blue that farmers can no longer control avian vermin.

This ludicrous decision was forced on Natural England (NE) after a court case brought by a small campaign group called Wild Justice.

Diary - local election day

Back to the polling booths today as constituents voted for councillors on the new Dorset Council, one of two unitary authorities that will now govern Dorset locally. I voted at about 0900 and only four others had gone before. That was the first hint I had that turnout would be low.

Diary - Defence Secretary gets the boot

A early morning trot in the park and into the Commons. PMQs was a damp squib, with no one mentioning the elephant in the room: the lack of Brexit.

Diary - Portland attraction continues apace

A morning run, haircut and into the Commons. Routine matters, followed by a chat with Channel 4. I then met the driving force behind this new attraction on Portland Sebastian Brook.