Blog - we must never bow to terrorism

This afternoon at about 1500 we were voting in the Commons when word reached us that there had been an incident and proceedings were suspended. No one knew what had happened, but it was clearly serious as the Chamber and Division Lobbies were locked down, with hundreds of MPs trapped inside.

Diary - a man of violence meets his Maker

Today a terrorist, torturer and common thug died. For IRA commander Martin McGuinness was all these things, while pretending to serve his 'cause' for freedom. What nonsense. God knows how many deaths and maimings he is responsible for.

Diary - learning more about leaving the EU

Another historic day as Mrs May announces that she will invoke Article 50 on Wednesday, 29 March, thereby beginning the negotiation process that will see the UK leave the EU.

Diary - tribute to a very brave woman

A busy day. First stop was Winfrith and Lulworth Primary School. I headed to the W Lulworth site to meet headteacher Sharon Buckland, who is sadly retiring this summer after 10 years at the school. I was met by Governor Joanne Self, who kindly took me on a guided tour of the new site.

W2W - justice for a courageous former Royal Marine

THE Royal Courts of Justice are an imposing place and nowhere more so than Court 4.

For it is here that the fate of former Royal Marine Sergeant Alexander Blackman is being decided.

Diary - a day in the Commons

A day spent in the Commons catching up on numerous constituency matters. Home to Dorset in the evening.

Diary - Marine A and U-turns

Another extraordinary day. It began calmly enough with a good run around the park. After a short session of physio, I headed to the Royal Courts of Justice to meet Claire Blackman and her husband's legal team.

Diary - PM reports back from the EU

An early start as BBC Radio Solent wanted to talk to me about last night's Article 50 vote at 0705! Then out for a run and then into the House. A routine morning before I entered the Chamber at 1230 to listen to the PM's statement on her EU meeting.

Speech - Budget Resolutions

I congratulate the Government on doing an excellent job so far, bearing in mind the appalling inheritance that we had back in 2010, along with the banking crisis and many other factors that led to the massive cash crisis that we face.

Diary - another step nearer to getting our country back

What an extraordinary day! It ended with success for the Government, pushing through the Article 50 Bill, which fires the starting gun for our negotiated withdrawal of the EU. I was up in London the night before as we had to defeat two amendments from the Lords.