Diary - follow up on forest fire

Following yesterday's fire at Sugar Hill, near Bere Regis, I was keen to return to the incident control point (ICP) and see how the firefighters were getting on.

Diary - major fire near Bere Regis

There's no better start to the day than to hear your daughter on the phone saying that my second grandchild - another girl - had arrived safely in the early hours. A cloud of happiness surrounded me for the rest of a busy day that ended with the Fire Brigade in a burning forest near Bere Regis.

Diary - coronavirus deaths down

At last, some good news tonight. We learnt that the UK's daily figure for coronavirus deaths has dropped to 170 - the lowest since the day after the lockdown began.

W2W - common sense must prevail

THE lock-down is threatening countless lives and livelihoods.

Constituents running businesses in the hospitality sector tell me they are particularly vulnerable.

Turnover normally starts to climb at this time of the year, with the summer promising much more.

Update - testing sites in Dorset

Sat (09-May)

- Blandford

- Dorchester

Sunday (10 May)

- Weymouth

- Bridport

Monday (11 May)

- Weymouth 

- Bridport

Tuesday (12 May)

- Weymouth

- Bridport

Wednesday (13 May)

- Dorchester

Diary - a potential breakthrough in the fight against COVID-19

There has been a positive development in the fight against coronavirus in that a test to find out whether people have been infected in the past has been approved by health officials in England. The antibody test has been developed by Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche.