Diary - Home Secretary to stay

Into the office first thing, before heading to Weymouth to meet one of our prison officers and his wife. The PO concerned is recovering from a very serious assault at HMP Bedford, where he was on detached duty. He was knocked unconscious before the prisoner began stamping on his head.

Diary - lobbying for infrastructure funding

An early morning run and into the office. PMQs was particularly uninspiring, considering it was the last one before the Easter break. Corbyn chose mental health as his topic. The gloss is falling off this man as his true colours are revealed.

Press release - more must be spent on defence


Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset, yesterday asked the Prime Minister to confirm that Britain’s European allies must spend more on defence.

Diary - blue passports

Up early and into the office. The Prime Minister was making a statement on Europe this afternoon and I did not want to miss it. Arriving at the Commons, I learnt that an Urgent Question had been tabled about the growing row as to where our new blue passports should be produced.

Diary - their optimism was infectious

A busy morning in the office and then to my Associatoin HQs for two meetings. The first was with the charming Julie Connolly, the SW Regional Officer for the Royal College of Nursing. She was doing a tour of MPs to lobby hard for more pay for NHS staff.

W2W - vexed issue of fishing

WE were led to believe that we’d take back control of our fishing waters at the end of March 2019.

There was genuine excitement and anticipation.

Instead, though, we find ourselves imprisoned in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) for another 21 months.

Diary - mental health issues and former veterans

Today I met Andy Price for the second time. The first occasion was in Bournemouth Square, where he and a hardy band of brothers were camping out in the street to highlight the plight of veterans with mental health issues.

Diary - fishing boat heads up the Thames

A morning run and into the House. My friend and colleague Jacob Rees-Mogg had in the meantime organised for a fishing vessel to come up the Thames and potter about in front of the Palace of Westminster to reinforce our concerns that we will not take back control of our waters until January 2021.