Diary - meeting CCG regarding healthcare issues

Out to Dorchester first thing for one of my regular meetings with council officials and our senior cllr Jeff Cant. It lasted about an hour and we went through an agenda that covered many key areas.

Speech - our fishing rights still in doubt

It is a pleasure to follow my friend and colleague the hon. Member for North Antrim (Ian Paisley). I, too, would like to pay tribute to our fishermen.

Diary - debate on our fishing waters

Run and into the Commons. Routine morning and then PMQs. Remainer Neil Parish bravely stood up and told the PM she needed to go back to the negotiating table as her deal would not pass muster. After an Urgent Question, it was time to debate the Fisheries Bill.

Diary - DUP withdraws its support

Another interesting week lies ahead. The Finance Bill was the main focus in the Chamber, ending in multiple votes at about 2230.

Diary - museum opening on Portland

The row over Mrs May's proposed deal rumbles on. Naturally, the Remainers love it, as it keeps us in the EU in all but name. And, as expected, we who wish to honour the EU referendum result are now the Devil incarnate, disloyal and threatening the end of the world as we know it.

W2W - more bobbies on the beat

VIOLENT crime is on the rise.

A neighbour of mine in London was recently chased up and down the street for his watch by a man wielding a knife.

The terrifying encounter ended when a car approached.