Diary - a hold for S Dorset

We heard the general election result in S Dorset at about 0415, if I recall. We had held, gaining 56.1 per cent share of the vote, up on 2015. The turnout was high at 68.7 per cent. My majority now stands at 11,695.

Diary - election day

The rain held off as S Dorset went to the polls. I began the day on Portland Bill, before dropping in on the Coastwatch tower to thank the volunteers for all that they do. I did the same thing at the beginning of the last two elections and is now a routine.

Diary - out and about

Out and about. Nearly there! Everyone to polling booths tomorrow. 

Diary - final week

Final week of the general election - my third in seven years. And, as usual, I was out and about all day meeting prospective constituents. A lot of useful and helpful feedback on a huge range of issues. My final evening Drax Direct in Studland Village Hall. Well attended. 

Diary - another appalling terrorist outrage

I am truly shocked and sickened this morning at the news of yet another attack on innocent people in London. It's reported that seven people are dead and nearly 50 injured. It beggars belief how anyone could behave like this.

Diary - out and about

In the Square in Weymouth again. Lots of encouraging feedback on a warm, sunny morning. Lunch with some supporters and then out all afternoon on the doorstep.  

Diary -

Again, out all day, ending up in Swanage for another hustings, this time hosted by the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Swanage. It was a well-attended and organised evening, which lasted about two hours. We were asked 8 questions, which took in the NHS, education and social care.