Diary - Chequers rejected

The front page of our local paper led with a data breach story, with animal rights' activists claiming they had the details of those involved in the badger cull. This was a wild claim and pure speculation, but shows the lengths to which some will go for their cause.

Statement - by the Prime Minister

Yesterday, I was in Salzburg for talks with European leaders.
I have always said that these negotiations would be tough - and they were always bound to be toughest in the final straight.

W2W - elephant in the room

IF ever there was an elephant in the room, it’s the growing burden of social care.

I would be the first to admit that I do not have a solution ready to hand.

Worryingly, as we enjoy longer, healthier lives, the cost and problem will only get bigger.

Diary - apes, prison and helicopters

A mixed bag today. I found myself heavily involved in talks with HeliOps and HMP The Verne, both on Portland, and with Monkey World, the ape rescue centre near Wool.

Diary - meeting Budmouth's new Principal

A busy day, including a visit to Budmouth College to meet the new Principal, Richard Jacobs. Despite the fact Ofsted officials were in the building, Mr Jacobs very generously gave me an hour of his time.

Diary - boxing fit

A busy morning, off to the Doc for a minor ailment in the afternoon and then down to Weymouth in the evening to visit the youth club on Littlemoor.

Diary - chatting to Swanage Town Councillors

A busy morning and then to Swanage for one of my regular meetings with the Town Council. The clerk, Dr Martin Ayres, is the most affable man and he and three councillors took me through their agenda for more than an hour.

Diary - the big strategy for Dorset

An early rise, quick breakfast and across to Dorchester on my motorcycle to meet Tri-Council CEO Matt Prosser at South Walks House for one of our regular catch-ups.

W2W - EU is imploding

CLEARLY, leaving the EU is a significant moment in our island history.

Looking back, the records might well judge that our departure sparked the end of a political project that was doomed at the outset.

Letter - to the Editor, Daily Telegraph

SIR - William Hague ("With Brexit looming, it worth considering the worst-case scenario," Comment, September 11) implies that MPs like me who wish to honour the referendum are playing "Russian roulette".