Diary - travel business takes another hit

The travel industry was not happy with the Government's decision to require travellers arriving in the UK from Spain to quarantine for 14 days. The decision follows a spike of COVID-19 in Spain.

Diary - a very controversial conviction

It appears that blatant thuggery has won again in our courts as three teenagers were convicted of the manslaughter of PC Andrew Harper, who died after being dragged along a road by a car.

W2W - must fight for free speech

FREE speech; one of the main pillars of any democracy.

Over the generations, many have died defending it, and we owe it to them and our children that the basic right to be able to speak freely continues.

Diary - more money for schools

Rightly, the PM dropped in north of the border to counter an increasingly intolerant SNP, whose members continue to disingenuously tell their citizens that independence would solve all their problems when, in reality, they'd become a basket case and tied up in knots by the EU.

Diary - new special school for Dorset

I am delighted that the green light has at last been given for a new special free school, which I hope will be located on Portland.

Diary - advances made in finding a virus vaccine

A potential break-through in the fight against the coronavirus has come about with a vaccine developed by the University of Oxford. It appears safe and triggers an immune response.