Increasing police numbers for Dorset

Dorset police have been underfunded for many years. Since his election, Richard has spoken up for them every year in the police funding debates and campaigned forcefully for more officers. He frequently meets the Chief Constable and does what he can to support this essential service.


Richard welcomed Chancellor Rishi Sunak's confirmation of more police officers for Dorset in January 2020.

“We welcome the 50 new police officers for Dorset that we fought so hard to get and 120 more are planned over the next two years. Can my RHF please confirm that we will definitely get these extra officers for Dorset?”
The Minister replied: “I am pleased to give my hon. Friend that reassurance. That is why the Chancellor committed in the spending review to specific additional funding of £750 million for the first year, for the first 6,000, and additional funding will follow to ensure that we deliver on the commitment of 20,000 new officers across the country.”

This is welcome reassurance,” says Drax. “We have fought long and hard for more officers. Dorset is historically underfunded and notoriously hard to police, with most of its population centred on the east of the county. 

“People need to know that they are being protected and there is nothing like a bobby on the beat to give confidence. Our police are outstanding; I am delighted there will be more, and soon.”