Brief - controlling welfare and protecting our NHS

Today, we’re announcing that a Conservative majority government will take back control of our welfare system and protect our NHS – making if fairer for hardworking UK taxpayers. We will:

Diary - out & about

Another interesting day on the hoof. Lots to hear and talk about. And some fascinating visits to local businesses and charities. 

Diary - out & about

As always, a most interesting time with voters. Lots of feedback. 

Conservative brief - unemployment at its lowest for 45 years

New figures have shown that the number of people in full-time work has hit an all time high, unemployment has fallen to the lowest level in 45 years - and wages have risen ahead of prices for the 20th consecutive month.

Diary - out & about

A cold but clear day. First stop, a brief by expanding marina company Dean & Reddyhoff on their plans for improving Weymouth's inner harbour. I have always said that this area in particular is begging for investment.