W2W - a dose of optimism

I HAVE never been in any doubt that it is in our country’s best interests to leave the EU.

Bureaucrat-in-chief Jean-Claude Juncker only confirmed my worst fears last week.

Blog - another outrage

As I write, an 18 year old man has been arrested in Dover in connection with another appalling terrorist outrage, this time on the underground at Parsons Green. The threat level remains at 'critical', which is the highest level possible and indicates another attack is imminent.

Diary - tackling re-offending

Another busy day in the House before it rises for a further three weeks for the Party conference season. Had to cancel a meeting with the Weymouth job centre, which I will re-organise.

Diary - festival goer found dead

The main debate saw the Finance Bill put to bed. It did not go on for as long as some expected, with few contributors from Labour. A further two hour debate on Committees, their role and make-up got the House going a bit, with Labour accusing us of putting more of our MPs in each Committee.

Diary - EU chaos averted

Back into the Commons for Day 2 of the EU Withdrawal Bill's Second Reading. I had sat for some hours on Thursday in the hope of being called, but regrettably was not. Today I was more fortunate. The Speaker began by asking Members not to crowd the Chair, asking when they would be called.

Speech - EU Withdrawal Bill

This is the second day on which I have sat listening to many good speeches on this topic, but I cannot help but feel that during some of them, irony sits heavily in the air; we have heard about “scrutiny”, “democracy”, “democracy of the people” and “functioning democracy”, but where has democracy