Diary - some schools back

The day after the weekend, which saw chaos at two beauty spots, Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. Other coastal locations in Dorset suffered similarly from an invasion of people, many from London.

Statement - launch of discretionary payments by Dorset Council

Businesses that were not eligible for Government funding through previous COVID related financial support schemes are being invited to apply for business support funding through the discretionary grant fund, from lunchtime today, Monday 1 June until the closing date on 14 June.

Diary - Durdle Door and Lulworth swamped by visitors

The sun has not stopped shining, which is causing its own problems, not least by attracting thousands of people to beauty-spots such as Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove. The problem was exacerbated this weekend by three reckless people jumping off the rocks at Durdle Door.

W2W - indebted to courageous and professional firefighters


That was the description given to me by a senior office, with more than 30 years’ experience in the fire service, who I met at the incident control point late on Monday last week.

By then, he and scores of firefighters had been combating the fire since midday.

Diary - most MPs back to the House on Tuesday

Another sunny day. I first had a chat to the Sun's new defence correspondent, Jerome Starkey. He's been a foreign correspondent for many years and was most interesting to talk to. Emails continued to come in on the Cummings' affair and I put my reply on the website.

Statement - Sandbanks ferry announces return to service

The Sandbanks chain ferry is scheduled to resume service on Wednesday 17 June. The service is planned to commence at 07:00 hours from Sandbanks, with 3 crossings per hour in each direction as usual until 23:10 hours from Studland.