Diary - Tiger history on show at Bovington

Today was my parents' 60th wedding anniversary. A remarkable achievement and one we are all very proud of. Anyway, while they enjoyed receiving my flowers, I headed to the Tank Museum at Bovington for the official opening of a new exhibition starring the much-feared Tiger tank.

Diary - update on IPACA

Down to Weymouth on my motorcycle first thing to attend an awards ceremony at the College. We all met in the Hix Restaurant, where the students had prepared some delicious food, accompanied with champagne!

Blog - another sarin attack

At the time of writing, the gas attack on Idlib province in Northern Syria has left 72 dead and 200 injured. What is certain is that the specific symptoms shown by the wounded and dying have led doctors and experts to identify the use of sarin gas.  Use of chemical weapons is a war crime.

Diary - Meeting Wool residents

Out canvassing with our county council candidate Cherry Brooks in Wool. As always, we had a fun and interesting time. I much enjoy meeting people on their doorsteps and you certainly hear a range of views. Clearly, housing is a big issue, although that is a district responsibility not county.

Diary - controversial recovery centre

Off to Dorchester on my motorcycle to meet Cllr Rebecca Knox. I had a private meeting with her to discuss several issues, one being plans for a controversial new centre for those recovering from drug and alcohol addictions.

Blog - cutting the Royal Marines

I am concerned by a report in the Times that the Royal Marines may be cut to meet a £10 billion shortfall over the next decade. This would be quite unacceptable and I hope this speculation is unfounded. The article specified that one of the three, frontline Commando units may be axed.

Diary - official opening of new museum in Kimmeridge

Today the new museum in Kimmeridge was officially opened by the Lord Lieutenant Angus Campbell. This museum is a magnificent feat of sheer determination and of course the dedication and diligence of Steve Etches, who has collected fossils since he was five years old.

W2W - starting gun to leaving the EU is fired

ADDRESSING the Commons after Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday, Theresa May presented her vision of our country outside the EU.
She talked of optimism and hope and that our best days lie ahead.
I entirely concur and said so when called by the Speaker.

Diary - UK's position in Brexit negotiations

Up early and out for a run in the spring sunshine. After a short stint in the office, I walked to College Green for an interview with an on-line television programme called Insight.

Diary - another historic day

What a tremendous day! Another step towards shaking off the EU's shackles as the Prime Minister triggered Article 50 in a letter to President Tusk.