Diary - the race for the top job is on

Back to the Commons as the race as to who becomes our next PM gets under way. There are plans to change the rules to ensure that no-hopers don't waste our time, when it's important we select our next leader as quickly as we reasonably can.

Diary - a final farewell to Mum

It was a sad, but happy day, today. We commemorated the life of my Mother at Milton Abbey under a bright sun and in beautiful school grounds. I am most grateful to the school and many others for all the work this week to prepare for the event.

Diary - a drubbing in the European elections

The predictions came true, of course, and our Party received a massive drubbing in the European elections. Politically, those Parties which want to leave the EU and those who wish to remain in it did best. Again, no surprise there. To me the message is clear.

Diary - Prime Minister resigns

The day began in dramatic fashion with the resignation of the PM. Mrs May came out of No 10 at 1000 and delivered a short and emotional speech. She will stand down as PM on 7 June. This was a sad moment, but I'm afraid predictable.

W2W - only solution now is to leave the EU

I watched the Prime Minister’s speech on Tuesday with growing incredulity.

In a shameful volte-face, she placed the possibility of remaining in a customs union and a second referendum on the table.


Diary - a facade of a Statement

The media coverage of May's speech yesterday was visceral. They tore into her from all sides, arguing that compromises too far were to no one's liking. Many of my colleagues were equally appalled and much is going on behind the scenes.

Diary - a disastrous speech

Another disastrous day for democracy, our country and ultimately our Party. The reason: a speech from the PM. But more of that in a minute. Routine matters all morning and then a lunch with two charming constituents, Elaine and Jim Cole, from Weymouth.

Speech - immunity for soldiers

I, too, pay tribute to my hon. Friend the Member for Southport (Damien Moore) for securing this debate and for his excellent speech introducing it. I also pay tribute to all those who have spoken. It is humbling to be surrounded by so many hon.