Diary - PM update on EU negotiations

With all kinds of rumours and whispers that the PM's time is limited, I headed back to the Commons for what is bound to be an interesting week. My first appointment was with Rebecca Ryan, who runs the campaign organisation Stand Up 4 Brexit.

Diary - relaunching CAB on Portland

With the sun shining, it was madness not to hop on my motorcycle and head to Portland. I had been asked to attend the relaunch of the CAB there. I arrived at 1030, to find the centre packed with people, including both Mayors, councillors, volunteers and the local press.

W2W - EU bluster is not for us

THE backstop to the backstop, and the extension to the extension, are both non-starters.

Our negotiating stance now smacks of desperation, with our consistently weak stance over the past two years leaving us vulnerable to EU delay and duplicity.

Diary - fracking and seahorses

Run and into the Commons. First meeting was with a colleague of mine Lee Rowley, MP for NE Derbyshire. He wanted to chat about fracking and raise his concerns about Government proposals to allow energy companies to explore for fossil fuel without planning permission.

Diary - Portland MD sees defence procurement minister

Early morning run and into the office for a busy day. After completing routine matters in the morning and a working lunch at my desk, I headed across to Mark Francois's office to sign a letter to the PM.

Diary - meeting an inspirational team

Up early, a short stint in the office and then to London for another week. My first appointment was with the Weymouth Chamber of Commerce, whose members had come up for a tour of the House.

Education - fairer funding by F40

f40's central aim over more than 20 years has been to influence a significant change in the way the government allocates funding to local authorities and schools.