Diary - out and about

In the Square in Weymouth again. Lots of encouraging feedback on a warm, sunny morning. Lunch with some supporters and then out all afternoon on the doorstep.  

Diary -

Again, out all day, ending up in Swanage for another hustings, this time hosted by the Emmanuel Baptist Church in Swanage. It was a well-attended and organised evening, which lasted about two hours. We were asked 8 questions, which took in the NHS, education and social care.  

Diary - local BBC hustings

This morning, I hopped on my motorbike and headed to Dorchester to take part in a BBC radio hustings with my three political opponents. Like last time, each one of us had about a minute to answer questions put to us.

Diary - out and about

Back out into the fray. Spent the morning in the Square in Weymouth. Some fascinating feedback. Then out in the afternoon on the door.

Diary - tributes to a special lady

On a lovely sunny day, I climbed into a suit, on to my motorbike and headed to New Milton in heavy traffic to pay tribute to Jess Davies, the former manager of Cherry Tree Nursery, which helps those with mental health problems. The funeral was held at Hinton Park Woodland Burial Ground.

Diary - terror strikes again

Horrible news this morning as reports of another ghastly terrorist attack on a concert in Manchester come in. More than 20 young people are dead and circa 60 injured. My deepest sympathy, thoughts and prayers go to family and friends. Reports say there was one man who blew himself up.

Diary - come in for tea

Out and about, both in rain and sunshine. Sheltered under a garage roof while it lashed down, to be invited into tea when I told the owner we'd had to take cover. What a lovely lady. Needless to say we decided to carry on. Time for tea! Whatever next?

Diary - rounding up horses

Had a useful and informative visit to St Mary and St Joseph's RC Primary School in Wool, run by Mrs Brown. This was a long-standing visit and gave me a chance to catch up with the school's news and problems. Our meeting was in confidence, but I was given plenty of food to digest!