W2W - no second referendum

IN just over 100 days’ time, the UK will leave the EU.

That’s, of course, if a withdrawal deal cannot pass through the Commons.

As the clock ticks away, those attempting to keep us in the EU are upping the ante, with tales of doom and gloom and calls for a second referendum.

Diary - thanking the posties

The row over what Corbyn did or did not say at PMQs yesterday is splashed across all the papers. My colleague Amber Rudd is promoting a second referendum, which, for a Cabinet minister, is strange as it's not exactly following the Government line.

Diary - Speaker under fire

Up for a run and then to the House for what turned out to be a lot of noise about nothing! Down to the Chamber for PMQs at midday, which was running smoothly until Corbyn allegedly uttered the words: "Stupid woman," under his breath.

Diary - nothing untoward

Another odd day in Parliament, the reaction to the confidence vote in the PM still reverberating. Labour's thinking of doing something similar, or at least threatening to. The day was reasonably quiet and I spent a lot of it in my office working through a mass of constituency matters.

W2W - a Brexit impasse

FIRST, can I apologise on behalf of the political class for the continued division over Brexit.

I thought our instructions were clear: to leave the EU.

But a Remain-orientated Parliament has forced an impasse.