Diary - AGM in Swanage

The mist was clearing as I headed to Swanage on my motorbike. I went to attend the Branch's AGM at the Conservative Club. They could not have been kinder about my dear Mum. It was well attended and our special Chairman, Cheryl, is generously staying on for another year.

Diary - a very sad day

Today was not a happy day. My dearest Mum passed away this morning, thankfully peacefully and in her sleep. Married to my Father for 60 years, they made a wonderful couple and of course parents.

Letter - to the Guardian, by Rt Hon Sir John Redwood PC MP

I find it difficult to fathom why three Conservative MPs would wish to join the Labour Independent grouping in the Commons. They argue that the Conservative party has shifted away from them under Mrs May over the last year and a half. There is no evidence to support this.

Diary - three Tories jump ship

What an odd day! More defections, but this time they are ours. Anna Soubry, Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen have all joined this new, so-called independent group of MPs from the Labour Party. They are all arch Remainers and set to do what they can to stop Brexit.

Diary - Labour implodes

A busy morning and back to the Commons. A taxi protest in Parliament Sq didn't help matters! They are protesting against Transport for London's plans on various road improvements and cycle lanes and are venting their feelings by blockading the Square on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

W2W - take a closer look at the EU

I FIND it astonishing that while Parliament wrangles over Brexit, the EU has almost totally escaped scrutiny.

Only last week, veteran TV presenter Andrew Marr lamented that not one EU politician had ever appeared on his Sunday programme.

Diary - a totally unnecessary foul-up

Another day at  the office, and not a satisfactory one. The withdrawal from the EU was back in the Chamber and I'd put in to speak. After a routine morning, I entered the Chamber just after midday and took my place at the back on the right.