Diary - another heath fire scare

Following the invasion of visitors over the recent Bank Holiday, a lot of planning had been done by all those involved to ensure it does not happen again. I was invited on to both BBC Radio Solent outputs first thing to report back on how the weekend had gone.

Diary - agreement to tackle large visitor numbers published

Two lengthy telephone conferences began the day. The first was with Dorset Council (DC) and other agencies, the second with council, police and neighbouring MP Chris Loder. I was delighted to hear that DC has got just over £9 million for roads and that schools were going back.

W2W - democracy further under threat in Hong Kong

I’VE been to Hong Kong as a young boy, a soldier and a tourist.

On each occasion, I recall friendly, law-abiding and hard-working people who hold the UK in high regard.

The former colony was under British rule for 156 years, until we handed it back finally to China in 1997.

Diary - face masks to be worn on public transport

A busy day dealing with a mass of constituency matters. Two conference calls with the police and CCG updated us on their matters. Good news on the virus in that there have been no outbreaks in Dorset in the past seven days. And the south west remains one of the least affected areas in the UK.

Diary - new suspect in the Madeleine McCann case

Sadly, the day ended with disgraceful scenes of violence outside No 10 from those claiming to be protesting against the appalling killing of African-American George Floyd. A peaceful protest is one thing, but the pictures taken by those at the scene show quite another.