Diary - grilled by students

Visiting schools is always a pleasurable experience and today was no exception. After an early rise and a short stint in the office, it was off to Weymouth to visit Wey Valley School.

Blog - free school meals and universal credit

For the second time in a month, local campaigners are suggesting that the new rules governing free school meals after the full introduction of Universal Credit will deprive large numbers of Dorset children of the chance of a meal at school.

W2W - the young falling victim to social media

ANY regular reader of my column will know that I am not a fan of social media.

It has its advantages, of course, but there’s growing evidence that it’s proving detrimental to health, especially among the young.

Diary - a remarkable lady remembered

Up at 0600 and a hearty breakfast, before climbing on to my motorcycle and heading out of London in the rush-hour traffic. I was heading to Corscombe in Dorset, a three hour ride, fortunately all in sunshine except for one shower that caught me out near my destination.

Diary - seeking PM's assurance for fishermen

Up early and out for a long run. Into the House, routine matters and a lot of constituency issues. Down to the Chamber at 1130 in time for PMQs, where I had a question. Naturally, Corbyn attacked on the Windrush issue and didn't really get that far as he was drowned out by MPs.

Diary - we must honour the EU referendum result

Routine matters in the morning and two confidential meetings in the afternoon. The first of these was with the Chief Whip, who appeared at the end of our meeting due to other commitments. Then up to CR12 for the ERG's weekly gathering, under the chairmanship of Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Diary - out on the door

Up early and to Weymouth for a spot of canvassing with our by-election candidate Richard Nickinson. He is a local man and would make an excellent councillor. I always enjoy being on the door because constituents rarely hold back from saying what they feel.

W2W - BBC bias

I SPENT some of my happiest working years as a regional reporter for the BBC.

Not once was I pressurised to report a story with a particular slant or political angle.

We were expected to report impartially and accurately, and that’s what we did.