Statement by PM - Brexit negotiations

With permission, Mr Speaker, I would like to update the House on the negotiations for our departure from the European Union. On Friday morning, the Government and the European Commission published a joint report on progress during the first phase.

Diary - trade talks can now start

Snow across the country provided a challenging start to Monday. After a morning in the office, I headed to London to listen to the Prime Minister make a statement on the latest news on our EU negotiations.

W2W - humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen

A HUMANITARIAN disaster continues unabated in Yemen.

According to the United Nations it could be the worst in history.

It’s calling for a pause in the fighting to allow food and medical supplies to get through.

Diary - EU debate continues

A day full of claim and counter-claim. The EU, naturally. Day began with a run and then in for an early session of our European Scrutiny Committee. I spoke to several colleagues about EU negotiations and the views were mixed.

Diary - concerns from the POA

A full day which started with a run. Routine matters out of the way, I concentrated on constituency cases before attending an Urgent Question posed by Labour on the EU negotiations.

Diary - crossed wires in EU debate

An early start for another week, which promises to be interesting. We had the EU Withdrawal Bill again today and that was due to last to the early hours, and did!

W2W - a Royal engagement

OUR Prince is to marry an American actress.

It’s been on the cards for a while, but this week was formalised and I am delighted for both Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Everyone enjoys a love story and the beautiful country of Botswana has featured heavily in theirs.

Diary - ice rink opened

Up early on a cold, cold morning. First stop the office and then to my Association office to go through a number of constituency-related matters. At 1230 I was in ASDA doing one of my regular surgeries.

Diary - to No 10

Up early and out for a run on a cold morning. The Christmas fair is well under way in Hyde Park. Dealt with routine matters over a coffee and croissant and then to No 10 to listen to the PM's chief of staff, former MP Gavin Barwell.

Diary - a poignant time with the Anthony Nolan charity

Up to the Commons and straight into the Chamber to wait my turn to speak during the last day of the Budget debate. I found myself juggling this and attending an awards' ceremony laid on by the cancer charity Anthony Nolan.