Diary - logging SAR call outs

A morning run and into the House. Papers, email and correspondence dealt with, it was time to head down to the Chamber for PMQs. Mr Corbyn decided to target his questions on welfare reform and in particular Universal Credit.

Diary - a cavernous idea

Up to London to the House, which is becoming more and more covered in scaffolding as the work continues. The rumours that the Jurassica project is failing needed to be investigated, so I did.

Diary - constituency matters

A busy day catching up with constituency matters. There are several on the boil, not least on the on-going use of the former SAR base on Portland, the rumoured collapse of project Jurassica and people's concerns about the new proposed timetable by South Western Railway, the new franchisee.  

W2W - an act of madness

IN a random, pitiless and, so far, motiveless act, the gunman aimed out of his 32nd floor hotel bedroom window at a mass of people a field away.

He was a former accountant; they were country and western fans, neither clan notorious for violence.

W2W - the German elections

INCREASINGLY dubbed the ‘far right’, Germany’s new political party has done well at the recent election.
Only four years old, the Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) won 12.6 per cent of the vote and 94 seats in the 709-seat Bundestag.

W2W-The Foreign Secretary

I HAVE never been in any doubt that it is in our country’s best interests to leave the EU.
Bureaucrat-in-chief Jean-Claude Juncker only confirmed my worst fears last week.

Speech - PM's Florence speech

It’s good to be here in this great city of Florence today at a critical time in the evolution of the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union.