Statement - Natural England revokes three general licences

There has been a large amount of media coverage and interest in the decision to revoke three general licences (GL 04/05/06). These cover 16 species of birds, including several members of the crow family, Canada geese, some gulls, feral and wood pigeons.

Diary - helping a young constituent

Out for a run and into the Commons. A busy morning, with David Lidington standing in for Mrs May, who was attending the funeral of the murdered journalist in N Ireland. Another tragic incident in the history of this troubled part of the UK.

Diary - terror outrage

There are insufficient words to condemn the terrorists who perpetrated Easter Sunday's outrage in Sri Lanka. The co-ordinated attacks on three churches and three hotels have killed nearly 300 innocent people and wounded hundreds more.

W2W - Notre Dame

EASTER is upon us and what could be more symbolic than the news that Notre Dame will rise again from the ashes.
The fire that destroyed a major part of this 850-year-old cathedral was truly shocking.

Diary - a devastating fire damages France's iconic Cathedral

France is mourning this morning as hundreds of firefighters continue to watch over a smouldering Notre-Dame Cathedral. The devastating fire began last night at about 1800. A large part of the roof and spire have been destroyed, along with many valuable artefacts.

W2W - Libya

Once again, Libya is fighting for its life.
This vast country, as far from top to bottom as the distance from London to Libya, is a treasure trove of huge amounts of oil and natural gas.

Diary - another extension, another broken promise

A day of private meetings and voting against the Government - again. How deeply depressing that this has to be the case. It was hard to stomach this afternoon, seeing Conservative MPs standing in the same Lobby as Corbyn.