W2W - saints become sinners

IT’S hard to imagine how any aid worker could abuse the victims they are sent to protect.

But a spate of shocking reports indicate that this scandal is wide-spread.

Oxfam is the latest charity to come under scrutiny.

Diary - bitter conditions cause chaos

We were warned the the 'Beast from the East' and Storm Emma were going to collide over the south of England, bringing snow, ice and blizzard conditions.

Diary - a busy day

A run in stunning but cold conditions and then into the Commons. Routine matters out of the way, I went for an introductory meeting with Laura Hughes, a political reporter with the FT. PMQs followed immediately afterwards, where Mrs May more than held her own against Corbyn.

Diary - Brexit dominates the day

Up to London after a brief stint in the office. Two meetings dominated the day. The first was with the Chief Whip at 1630. A team of us went on one of our regular meetings to have a chat in confidence about issues such as Brexit.

Diary - in the office

With a one line Whip in place, I decided to remain in Dorset and catch up on constituency work and matters. 

Diary - meeting farmers

Another most useful and informative meeting with my NFU group, which meets quarterly. The aim has always been to achieve a flow of information between Government and farmers in S Dorset and to a very large extent I'd like to think this initiative works well.