W2W - time to take our country forward

ANOTHER election, I hear you say.

Yes, I’m afraid there is, and on the 8th June the country will once again go to the polls in order to clear the decks for our negotiated exit from the EU.

Diary - election preparations

A routine morning in the House before heading to Dorset for a meeting with my election team. Certainly, Mrs May's announcement caught us all on the hop and there's a bit of organising to do! A dinner with the Chief Constable had to be cancelled sadly. 

Diary - raising concerns over the Marine A case

The talk is still about the next General Election, set for 8 June, almost a year to the day that the country voted to leave the EU. Extraordinary how events change.

Diary - PM calls early General Election

What a day! Talk about being taken by surprise. We'd all just returned from the Easter break and I was in my office by 0900 sorting through several routine matters when my assistant called me to say that the PM was to make a statement on the steps on No 10 at 1115.

Text of the Prime Minister's Statement announcing a General Election on June 8

‘I have just chaired a meeting of the Cabinet where we agreed that the government should call a general election to be held on the 8th June. I want to explain the reasons for that decision, what will happen next, and the choice facing the British people when you come to vote in this election.

W2W - dangerous times

SUDDENLY, the world looks a lot less stable.

Two of the world’s great superpowers are currently ruled by two, extremely touchy autocrats.

 “Make America Great Again,” was Trump’s election battle cry, while Putin has promised to restore Russia to her former glory.

Diary - out in Crossways and Osmington

After returning from London, battling the Easter traffic, I headed to Crossways to canvass, again with our candidate Peter Stein. We had a most valuable time in the village before moving to Osmington, where we finished in the evening.

Diary - remembering a fallen hero

When I read in the newspaper yesterday that PC Keith Palmer's funeral was today, I hitched a lift to London with my son and daughter last night.

W2W - upping the rhetoric over Gibraltar

COULD we see another Falklands-style conflict as Spain casts a covetous eye over Gibraltar?

One or two of the more alarming press reports suggested this, laying out our respective Forces across their pages.

However, I can safely predict that war with Spain is a nonsense.