Diary - regional flare ups of COVID-19

Much constituency work to keep me busy. Follow ups to be done after the visit by Jacob Rees-Mogg with both the Pavilion theatre and Weyfish Seafood.

W2W - Uk has a big role to play in an unstable world

WITH Covid-19 continuing to cast its ruinous regime around the world, major and worrying events are escaping proper scrutiny.

Belarus, where Mr Lukashenko achieved an unlikely 80 per cent of the recent vote, confirming his sixth Presidency, is a case in point.

Diary - brother of Manchester Arena bomber jailed for 55 years

Justice has been done in the case of the brother of the Manchester Arena bomber, who was jailed for at least 55 years for the murders of 22 people. Hashem Abedi helped his older sibling Salman to plan the atrocity that killed 22 men, women and children and injured hundreds more on 22 May 2017.

Diary - DCH to get much needed funding

It was inevitable, I suppose, that my battle with a vanilla ice cream yesterday in Weymouth was going to appear somewhere in the papers today, and it did. It caused much merriment with family and friends and I hope put a smile on some people's faces.

Diary - Jacob Rees-Mogg drops in on Weymouth

A day marked by my inability to cope with a melting ice cream! My friend and colleague, Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Leader of the House, came to town to promote getting the economy up and running again and he chose Weymouth as one of his venues.

Speech - Covid-19 update by the Prime Minister

Good afternoon,

Two weeks ago, I updated you from this podium on the progress we had made as a country against coronavirus.

And in many ways that progress continues.

The number of patients admitted to hospitals is still falling, and now stands at just over 100 each day.