Article - EU misconceptions, by Rt Hon John Redwood MP

I have been puzzling over why so many commentators think a so called No-Deal departure would be a heavy negative for the UK economy.

There seem to be a series of specific fears that are unlikely to be realised e.g.

1. “Planes will not fly on 30 March.”

Diary - clarity on fishing post Brexit needed

Up early and into the park for a run. Routine matters all morning and into Owen Paterson's office at 1430 for a meeting with Aaron Brown, of Fishing For Leave, a most effective campaign organisation fighting for our fishing industry post Brexit.

Diary - Budget day

We learned that this was the first time since 1962 that the Budget was on a Monday. As always, MPs waited with anticipation as to what the Chancellor was going to do. There'd been the inevitable leaks beforehand, so we all knew what one or two of the rabbits would be.

Budget - brief on Budget 2018


Today the Chancellor reports that the hard work of the British people is paying off: our careful fiscal management and solid economic recovery means that austerity is coming to an end. 

Diary - funeral of a friend

Attending a funeral was one of the myriad of tasks that faced me today. Michael Goodman MBE RN was one of the best and I and many mourners filled the sweet St Laurence's Church in Upwey for his memorial Service, which began at 1230.

W2W - stand up for our veterans

IT’S time to defend those who defend us.

We politicians send our Armed Forces into harm’s way, so it is only right that we protect them from vexatious claims of wrong-doing when they come home.

Diary - questions to the PM

A charming young man spent the day in my office. We despatched him to various events and I think he got a good glimpse of life in the Commons. The morning was spent on routine matters and private meetings. A working lunch, then to CR 19 for our weekly European Scrutiny Committee.

Diary - supporting our veterans

A run and into the Commons. Meeting followed meeting today, the highlight being a march down to No 10 to deliver a letter to the PM. However, before that I spent an interesting 40 minutes or so with Asa Bennett, the commissioning Brexit editor for the Daily Telegraph.