Diary - Government survives no confidence vote

Another extraordinary day. And again it began with a run in the park. Rather necessary to clear the head as events in parliament continue to unfold. Today, Labour were debating a No Confidence motion in the Government and I put into speak. A routine morning to PMQs and then down to the Chamber.

Diary - a momentous day

A momentous day. As was expected, and had been predicted for many months, the Government lost the vote by over 200. A sense of anti-climax followed on a day full of drama. It began with an early morning run.

Diary - prepare for no deal

Day 4 on the EU Withdrawal Bill debate and I'd put in to speak for a second time. I spoke during the last debate before it was pulled. All kinds of rumours abound in the Commons as commentators predict a massive defeat for Mrs May tomorrow night.

W2W - time to leave

WEDNESDAY’s uproar in the Chamber was unprecedented.

Against advice from his own Clerks, Speaker John Bercow undermined his role’s neutrality by allowing MPs to vote on a vexatious amendment, laid by arch Remainer Dominic Grieve.

Diary - Speaker takes unilateral action

Out on a run on a very cold morning! Coffee and croissant later much needed. Into the House where I dealt with routine matters before dropping down to PMQs. These weren't especially enlightening, although the PM encouragingly stuck to her guns that we would be leaving the EU on 29 March.

Diary - why no-deal should hold no fears

Another interesting day in parliament. It began outside, though, as I attended a funeral in Dorset. The wife of an old friend, Robert Wadham, had died after battling cancer for some time and I wished to show my support.

Diary - happy New Year

First, a very happy New Year and let's hope that 2019 sees the UK leaving the EU and embracing our new-found freedom with passion and courage. Much constituency work to continue with and new appointments to be made.