Diary - press out for Boris

Did not head to London today for a variety of reasons. Dealt with a lot of constituency work. Boris continues to attract coverage in all papers. The Left appear determined to bring him down, along with Remainers, who clearly fear he will take us out of the EU on 31 October.

W2W - Syrian refugees

TODAY is World Refugee Day and a good time to reflect on the ongoing Syrian tragedy.

President Assad continues his barbaric assaults on his own people, aided and abetted by Russia.

Diary - Boris and Jeremy to now slug it out

Final day before we know who the final two are in the race for the top job in politics. Spent the first part of the morning on constituency business and then once again entered CR 14 to vote for Boris Johnson. At 1300 we learnt who had fallen out of the race.

Diary - my good colleague Dominic Raab falls out of the race

Another intriguing day, ending with one of the leadership contenders being voted out. After a busy morning working on constituency matters, I went out for lunch - a very rare treat - with a few colleagues. It's normally a sandwich! At 1500 we all piled into CR 14 to vote.

Diary - helping veterans with job interviews

Back to the Commons for a further round of hustings as the remaining leadership contenders battle it out. Today I had the pleasurable task of taking part in a scheme called VETS CV & Interview Skills Workshop.

W2W - protests erupt in Hong Kong

I FIRST visited Hong Kong in 1982 while serving in the army.

The people were generous, gentle and happy under British rule.

But time was always running down for the colony and in 1997 the island was handed back to China after 156 years at an emotionally-charged ceremony.