Article - A view I share from Brexitcentral

Good morning,

It's not just the weather outside which is set to be scorching today - the political temperature is also approaching record highs as the battle over the customs union continues to escalate, with Theresa May accused of "declaring war" on her own MPs.

Diary - onwards and upwards for Atlantic Academy

Up early again and off to Portland on my motorbike to beat the Bank Holiday traffic. I arrived at the Atlantic Academy at 1000 and was soon chatting to Principal Jonathan Heap and his Business Manager and parent Sam Hendrie.

W2W - a troubled Middle East

THE Middle East is never stable, even at the best of times.

Syria’s on-going civil war has provoked strong reactions, not only in the region, but around the world.

Diary - meeting new Assistant Chief Constable

Up early and into office. Some routine matters and then to Winfrith and Dorset Police HQs to meet the new Assistant Chief Constable (Ops) Julie Fielding. She very kindly gave me an hour of her time and our discussion ranged far and wide.

Diary - breast cancer screening bombshell

Up early and out into the park for a run. Into the office for a while before attending a Whips' briefing at 1015 on matters for today. Then out into a grey, overcast day to walk to the Treasury to meet minister Robert Jenrick.

Diary - a fraught day

A rather fraught day began with my usual early morning run in the park. After routine matters dealt with in the office, I went down to the Chamber to support my colleague Alister Jack's Bill on road traffic offences.

Blog - betrayal in the Lords

So far, the Lords have inflicted eight substantial defeats on the Government with amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill. The latest defeat last night, would if ever enacted, allow the Lords to block Brexit through a complicated series of triggers, thereby reversing the result of the referendum.

Diary - Home Secretary bows out

A busy morning and then up to London. The news outlets were busy reporting on Amber Rudd's resignation last night. She had been due to a make a Statement to the House today, but that's no longer her role. Her colleague Sajid Javid has replaced Ms Rudd; a good choice, in my view.