Diary - apprentices recognised

Our fifth Apprenticeship Fair at Weymouth College today and the conclusion of a busy and innovative week in which the College managed to sell the apprentice message via a number of initiatives. It was an impressive effort by Principal Nigel Evans and his team.

W2W - future of the EU in question

THE recent election result in Italy has sent a shockwave through the EU.

Predictably, commentators have dismissed the substantial gains by several anti-establishment, anti-immigration Parties as a “return to Fascism”.

Diary - innovative use of R Wey

Up early, time in the office, a visit to my elderly Mum,and then To Weymouth to meet some innovative constituents and members of the River Wey Society. I was met by about 10 members, led by Bob Turner. They all live in a very pretty and tucked away part of Weymouth on the river.

Diary - routine day

Up early and out for a run. Into the office, through routine matters and into the Chamber by 1145 in time to PMQs. The weekly bout was won by Mrs May and then it was off for a sandwich at my desk, before heading to CR 19 for our weekly session of the European Scrutiny Committee.

Diary - Brexit Secretary in the chair

Out for a run and then into the Commons. After some routine matters, I entered the Chamber at 1130 to participate in Justice Questions. I wanted to ask about the deterrents that currently exist in the prison estate, or lack of them, more to the point.

Speech - press freedom

I was a journalist for 17 years: five with the local press, two with the local media and ending up with 10 years at the BBC. I therefore have an interest in this debate, particularly in the Lords amendments, with which I entirely disagree.

Diary - PM reports on EU negotiations

A early start to what was a busy day. Up to London midday and into the Chamber for Defence Questions by 1430. I picked up on a question about the size of our Royal Navy, which I think is lamentably small.

Diary - freezing rain causes chaos

I woke early because we'd been warned that conditions - already appalling - were going to worsen overnight. They did. I woke at 0700 to find our windows encased in ice. Grabbing our two cocker spaniels, I opened the back door and practically went A over T, as did the dogs.

Speech - by Rt Hon Theresa May MP at the Mansion House

I am here today to set out my vision for the future economic partnership between the United Kingdom and the European Union. There have been many different voices and views in the debate on what our new relationship with the EU should look like. I have listened carefully to them all.