Diary - Defence Secretary gets the boot

A early morning trot in the park and into the Commons. PMQs was a damp squib, with no one mentioning the elephant in the room: the lack of Brexit.

Diary - Portland attraction continues apace

A morning run, haircut and into the Commons. Routine matters, followed by a chat with Channel 4. I then met the driving force behind this new attraction on Portland Sebastian Brook.

Diary - contentious new policy in rape cases

The House felt empty all day, with a series of Urgent Questions (UQs) and a Statement on N Ireland taking up most of the time. Some Government SIs ended the day. Following Education Questions I sat in on two of the UQs.

Diary - with candidates in Weymouth

Another session on the doorstep, this time in Weymouth. I was out with Louis O'Leary and Tony Ferrari in the new ward of Littlemoor and Preston. Again we received a warm welcome wherever we went. Both men are outstanding candidates and I hope they are elected on Thursday. 

W2W - carnage in Sri Lanka

TERRORISM has once again raised its hydra-like head, this time in Sri Lanka.

At the time of writing, the death toll has reached 359, with over 500 wounded.

We hear the attacks were in retaliation for the mosque killings in New Zealand.

Diary - campaigning in Swanage

A busy day, with the last few hours spent in Swanage campaigning on behalf of one of our council candidates Bill Trite. The reception on the door was warm, although there was understandable exasperation about the lack of Brexit.