Diary - Budget Day

Philip Hammond's big day. I feel sorry for the fella, as the media has hyped his Budget speech to a ridiculous degree. After a routine morning, I entered the Chamber about 1125 and took my place. PMQs was nothing special and the PM held her ground well.

Diary - debate on EU Withdrawal Bill continues

An early morning run and into the Commons. Foreign Office Questions was followed by another eight hours of debate on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill. Today MPs were looking at what rights should be incorporated into UK law, if any.

Diary - taking back control of our fishing waters

A busy morning in the office and one or two calls regarding the missing teenager Gaia Pope. The poor family are struggling to come to terms with their loss after Gaia's body was found near Dancing Ledge at about 1500 on Saturday. A terrible tragedy. Then up to London to the Commons.

Diary - Gaia's body is found

Spent the morning in the office waiting for a call from Richard Sutherland, Gaia's Father. He called and we agreed to meet at Durlston Country Park car park at midday. I arrived to find hundreds of volunteers being briefed by the police and Richard.

Diary - search for missing teenager continues

The search for missing Gaia Pope goes on. After a busy morning, I headed to Highcliffe Castle Golf Club to speak to my colleague's Association in the neighbouring Seat of Christchurch. After a good lunch, I addressed more than 70 members, who had a mass of questions to follow up on.

W2W - time to stand up for the UK

I SPENT many hours this week listening to the on-going debate about our departure from the EU.

There were many contributions from those on both sides of the House, some of whom do not want to leave the institution.

Diary - search for missing teenager goes on

A sad day as the search for the missing 19-year-old, Gaia Pope, continues. Clothing, believed to be Gaia's, was found near Dancing Ledge and a 49-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of murder. I have written to Gaia's Mum, who must be going through hell, poor woman.

Diary - new railway timetable

Another intriguing day as the EU Withdrawal Bill is debated in Committee for the second day. This time its laws on employment and the environment that are in the spotlight.

Diary - we are leaving the EU

An interesting day, to put it mildly. A run and into the Commons for the first day of the EU Withdrawal Bill. We had eight hours of debate on this Bill and I sat in the Chamber for about seven of those hours.