Diary - consoling a friend

Mild weather continuing to dominate, and no rain in sight until the evening, I decided to take the motorbike, my first port of call being DCH. There I met hospital campaigner Naomi Patterson, her friend Emily and Cllr Gerald Duke at the hospital's restaurant.

Diary - constituency matters

With the House on a one-line whip, I took the opportunity to deal with a lot of constituency matters, ranging from healthcare provision to noisy aircraft. 

Diary - selling poppies

Up early and a brief stint in the office before heading to Weymouth to sell poppies. I co-ordinate this annual event with Naomi Turner, who selflessly raises money during the Poppy Appeal period year in, year out.

W2W - horror of Yemen

YEMEN is enduring a disaster on an apocalyptic scale.

The humanitarian crisis grows daily, with an estimated 14 million people on the verge of famine.

And let’s not forget the war’s 16,000 casualties.

Diary - Budget debate concludes

Dentist first stop! Not much fun. Budget debate continued in the Chamber. Having spoken already in it, I spent my day working on many constituency matters. Votes came at 1700 and there were several of them.

Diary - participating in Budget debate

Up early and out into the park for some exercise. Into the Commons where, after routine matters, I prepared to speak during this afternoon's Budget debate. Before that, though, I had three visitors.

Speech - note of caution to Chancellor during Budget debate

There is much to welcome in the Budget for my constituents, not least the raising of tax thresholds, the freezing of fuel duty, the business rates announcement, the freezing of beer duty, and other announcements, all of which are to be welcomed and will help my constituents.