Speech - Second Reading of the Fisheries Bill

I, too, pay tribute to all the fishermen who fish our waters, particularly those who fish off the beautiful cost of South Dorset. They are an integral part of our community, and a very valuable one, and we must fight to do all we can to retain them.

Diary - concern over Bank Holiday weekend visitors

Trying to help a pub in my constituency that doesn't quite meet the criteria for a government grant. The grant is accessible dependent on how much you pay in business rates. This pub is above the threshold, which is very frustrating.

Diary - a life sentence for a mass murderer in New Zealand

The two-week quarantine rule will apply to travellers in Switzerland, Jamaica and the Czech Republic who return to the UK from 0400 on Saturday. The UK government said the move was needed to keep UK infection rates down.

Diary - civil unrest continues in the US city of Kenosha

A day full of topics, from ferries, pubs and schools, to incinerators, support for business and anti-social behaviour. An MP's role is never, ever dull! Today, Boris Johnson blamed a "mutant algorithm" for this summer's exam results fiasco.

Diary - naming a new vessel in Portland Port

The wearing of masks in schools made the news today, with the Government under pressure to change its guidance. Headteachers wanted an urgent review of advice over face coverings in school and said that, if there was a U-turn, it should be "sooner rather than later".

Diary - jobs recovery led by online business

The PM rightly continues to push home his message that children must go back to school next month. As the autumn term began in Northern Ireland, Mr Johnson said the risk of contracting coronavirus at schools across the UK was "minimal".