News - more aid for developing countries

The Prime Minister will announce that British scientists will be able to access up to £1 billion of UK aid to innovate new technology to help developing countries fight climate change, cementing our position as a global leader in the fight against global warming.

Diary - catching up on police matters

At the end of a sunny week, I hopped back on to my motorbike and headed to Weymouth to catch up with Inspector Barry Gosling, of Dorset Police. He's in charge of looking after Weymouth and Portland and I went for one of my regular meetings to listen and support.

W2W - a new "Empire" arises, so help us all

SO, a new “empire” now exults in humiliating our Prime Minister.

The pre-planned ambush this week by Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel should dispel any doubts as to what the EU stands for.

Comment - former PM speaking on BBC1's The Cameron Years

One of the best arguments for leaving the EU is David Cameron's new book. Read it and note how obstructive the EU is. Mr Cameron made the comments below during BBC1's documentary: The Cameron Years. They make interesting reading  -  


Defence spending to increase

Today the Prime Minister will meet with UK military leaders to explore how we can maintain our world class Armed Forces and keep people safe.


W2W - every good team needs a leader

IT was a sight that I’m sure many constituents would have approved of – their MP in the stocks.

The wet sponges came thick and fast, all in a good cause.

Diary - Kingston Maurward College forging ahead

With the sun shining, I had no hesitation in hopping on to my motorbike and heading to Dorchester to visit Kingston Maurward College. There I met Principal Luke Rake, who has now been in place for over two years.

Conservative brief - new RN warships will be built in the UK

The Prime Minister has announced that new warships for the Royal Navy will be built in the UK, securing thousands of jobs for people at British shipyards and ensuring the United Kingdom is a global, outward looking nation as we leave the EU.