Diary - a devastating fire damages France's iconic Cathedral

France is mourning this morning as hundreds of firefighters continue to watch over a smouldering Notre-Dame Cathedral. The devastating fire began last night at about 1800. A large part of the roof and spire have been destroyed, along with many valuable artefacts.

Diary - another extension, another broken promise

A day of private meetings and voting against the Government - again. How deeply depressing that this has to be the case. It was hard to stomach this afternoon, seeing Conservative MPs standing in the same Lobby as Corbyn.

Diary - an "abomination of a Bill."

Another shambolic and ghastly day. I cannot understand why so many MPs, including several on my side, wish to hand our country over to a bunch of bureaucrats.

W2W - beginning of the end for Turkish President?

COULD two strategic wins in Turkey’s local elections indicate the beginning of the end for President Recep Tayyip Erdogan?

On Monday morning, voters were greeted by the extraordinary sight of workers tearing down victory posters in Ankara and Istanbul.

Diary - another day of shame

It was always going to be a day of shame, as MPs like Oliver Letwin continued their moves to take control of the Order Paper and delay Brexit. And so it proved to be.

Diary - another day of chaos

After a pretty stressful day yesterday, what with one thing and another, it was a little calmer today as the likes of Letwin and Cooper were not pushing their controversial versions of Brexit on us.

Diary - take us out of the EU, or go Prime Minister

Over the weekend, I had mulled over the way I had voted again and again. Had I made the right decision, or not? My gut said I had not, so, for me, personally, I had to put the record straight. I thought I would do this via a Point of Order today.