W2W - tackling re-offending

HOW many times have I heard people calling for the return of boot-camps to instil some discipline into wayward young men.

A short, sharp shock is just the ticket, they say.

I’m tempted to say that I agree with them, although it didn’t work when it was tried before.

Diary - dispute in Osmington

Up early and into the office. Time to go through routine matters before heading to Osmington to meet a constituent and some of her neighbours who are concerned at the huge amount of traffic using a narrow public footpath to access a children's adventure centre near Osmington.

Diary - parliamentary boundary changes

An early morning run, into the House, daily routine, out to the dentist, which meant sadly missing PMQs. Corbyn predictably concentrated his fire on Universal Credit, which is slowly being rolled out.

Diary - no deal has to be an option

An early morning run, private meeting and into the House. We were on a one-line whip today, but David Davis made a Statement on his negotiations with the EU and I was keen to hear what progress, if any, had been made.

Diary - nuclear safeguards and the EU

An early start and then to London midday for another week. Nuclear Safeguards Bill was under scrutiny this afternoon, with the pro-EU crowd ramping up fears that by leaving the EU we could be generating all sorts of risks.

Diary - listening to the CAB

A most interesting visit to the CAB in Wareham. There, in their newly refurbished building, I met Helen Goldsack and Karen Spurr.

W2W - thanks to the thousands of volunteers

IT’S perhaps a little known fact that nationally our coastal rescue service is manned by 3,500 volunteers.

They are trained and managed by about 80 of the 450 full-time officers who, themselves, are overseen from the Marine National Operations Centre at Fareham.

Diary - logging SAR call outs

A morning run and into the House. Papers, email and correspondence dealt with, it was time to head down to the Chamber for PMQs. Mr Corbyn decided to target his questions on welfare reform and in particular Universal Credit.

Diary - a cavernous idea

Up to London to the House, which is becoming more and more covered in scaffolding as the work continues. The rumours that the Jurassica project is failing needed to be investigated, so I did.