W2W - a welcome change in the air

THE Prime Minister’s bold move to suspend parliament has certainly put the cat among the pigeons.

Predictably, Remainers are calling it an outrage.

What’s outrageous, though, is parliament’s bid to prevent our departure from the EU, with MPs disguising their true intent by claiming it’s leaving with no-deal that they object to.

The House will now rise during the week of 9 September, before returning for the Queen’s Speech on 14 October.

It’s worth noting that the House would not be sitting for most of this period anyway due to the conference season.

Mr Johnson is perfectly within his right to take the action he has.

I note the cynical and hypercritical accusations of being anti-democratic and shutting down debate.

This from those who are the very antithesis of democracy.

We voted to leave in 2016; what is there not to understand about that?

And, as for debate, that’s been chewed over remorselessly for years, and would continue for many years more were we to stay in and endure further vassalage.

The fact is that many Remainers have only one view – theirs.

Their intolerance is breath-taking, and, by sticking to it, they make a no-deal Brexit more likely.

Now, with a new, optimistic and committed Prime Minister, I sense a welcome change in the air.

His duty now is to take us out of the EU, with or without a deal, on 31 October.

As The Times newspaper said last week, even entrenched Europhiles are coming round to the view that Boris deserves a chance.

The time for pessimism, vacillation and belligerence is over.

We must unite as a country, a great country, and once again take control of our destiny.

Fortune favours the brave and the opportunities out there waiting for us are limitless.