W2W - time to take our country forward

ANOTHER election, I hear you say.

Yes, I’m afraid there is, and on the 8th June the country will once again go to the polls in order to clear the decks for our negotiated exit from the EU.

Wednesday’s vote in the House was the result of a brave and principled decision by the Prime Minister, for going to the country is never a foregone conclusion.

Only arrogant fools believe that.

Last June the country voted to leave the EU in its entirety.

That argument is over.

Now, we must prepare the way to finally get our country back, where we will be in charge of our destiny rather than unelected bureaucrats.

Showing the EU that Britons stand united behind their Government can only strengthen our negotiating stance.

There are other advantages in calling the vote now, too.

It sidesteps the possibility of the EU applying undue pressure as negotiations come to a close in 2019, when we would have been on a pre-election footing.

With a further two years’ grace, there’ll be time to ensure agreements are beneficial to our interests and for the post Brexit settlement to bed in.

In addition, voters will now have a chance to pass their verdict on Theresa May herself, who is proving to be a formidable leader.

Our manifesto will indicate her direction of travel, aspirations and objectives.

A successful Brexit is one of many challenging tasks that lie ahead and they need to be handled with clarity and conviction.

The suddenness of this decision to call a general election should not be allowed to undermine the seriousness of its intent.

I have never felt so optimistic about the future of our great country, which is now in your hands, as it should be.