W2W - those who live by the sword tend to die by one

IT wasn’t that long ago that President Obama ordered the assassination of Osama bin Laden in Pakistan.

Like Iran’s General Qasem Soliemani, he was a clear and present danger to the US, with much blood on his hands.

Both men chose to live by the sword, so it cannot be a surprise to anyone they’ve died by one.

Of course, the fact that this latest drone attack was ordered by President Trump has given all those opposed to him the opportunity to question his judgement.

In my view, every country has the right to protect itself and its citizens.

The death of Soliemani follows numerous recent provocations, including the seizure of oil tankers, the downing of an US drone, an attack on US/Saudi oil installations and last week’s siege of the US embassy in Baghdad.

Brutally effective, the general had spread Iran’s malign influence across the Middle East, training and arming Shia fighters, from Assad allies in Syria, to Hizbollah in Lebanon, to militias in Iraq, Palestine and Yemen.

With hundreds of British and American deaths on his hands, and more planned, he will not be missed by the West.

On the question of whether the US should have warned us of the drone attack, Defence Secretary Ben Wallace told MPs this week that, when an opportunity target presents itself, it’s not always possible to warn allies.

Mr Wallace and the Prime Minister have emphasized the need for de-escalation, but this must be accompanied by a steely resolve to stand together.

Already, an unholy alliance of terrorists, including FARC in South America, Hizbollah, and numerous proxy militias are pledging revenge for Soliemani’s death.

And, as I write, reprisal strikes have begun against Iraqi air bases housing coalition forces.

This is not a time for the faint-hearted.

Bullies never respect the timid.