W2W - shame on Parliament

MAKE no mistake, democracy is under threat with this disreputable Parliament.

Enabled by a biased Speaker – shameful in itself – members of the Commons have seized control of legislation, forcing the Prime Minister to beg for an extension to Article 50 at the EU summit on 17 October.

They portray themselves as a ‘rebel alliance’, fighting to protect the country from a dastardly plan to leave the EU with no deal.

In reality, they are anything but revolutionary; they are the establishment, who desire only to revoke Article 50 and cancel Brexit.

The true freedom fighters are the 17.4 million who voted to leave.

This damaging Bill removes the option of a no-deal exit, which is a vital weapon in Mr Johnson’s armoury as he fights for a deal.

It also further empowers the EU, which has shown no indication that they intend to agree a deal that is fair to both sides.

Why would they?

They don’t want us to leave.

What’s going on is dishonest, dangerous and undermines democracy.

Jacob Rees-Mogg, Leader of the House, reminded us in a recent speech that, while Parliament may be sovereign, it derives its power from the people.

Make no mistake, Brexit will happen, the genie’s out and the people will win.

But what price to trust in politicians?

A disheartened constituent hit the nail on the head when she said in an email to me: “I feel many politicians have lost their core value and their purpose as MPs, which is ultimately to serve the electorate.”

Many others I have heard from have similar views.

The Prime Minister now demands a general election, which is the only way out of this impasse.

I say, bring it on.