W2W - no second referendum

IN just over 100 days’ time, the UK will leave the EU.

That’s, of course, if a withdrawal deal cannot pass through the Commons.

As the clock ticks away, those attempting to keep us in the EU are upping the ante, with tales of doom and gloom and calls for a second referendum.

I’m afraid my reaction is: “How about the best of three, or even nine!”

It’s non-sensical and, as the Prime Minister said herself this week, it would do untold harm to our democracy.

We held a referendum, had the result and must now implement it.

No ifs, or buts.

To the Prime Minister’s credit, she has made this point on many occasions.

Now, the Government is, at last, preparing for world trade terms, on which most countries around the world operate.

Yes, there will be a bumpy patch, but, once again in control of our destiny, it is we who can, and will, sort it out.

I believe that our only option now is to leave and renegotiate a deal once the rancour has gone, and it will.

Both the EU and the UK have too much to gain not to sit down and come to a free trade deal of some kind.

It’s just a shame that EU leaders could not have been more accommodating over the past two years.

But, they don’t want us to leave, so fair and balanced negotiations have proved impossible.

And let’s put to bed, once and for all, claims by some that those who voted to leave did not understand what they were doing.

I have spoken to hundreds, and they knew exactly what they were doing.

I do, too, when I wish you all a very Happy Christmas and New Year.