W2W - Brexit chaos

What a mess!

Wednesday night’s betrayal of Brexit by 47 members of my Party is a shocking indictment on the state of our politics.

Of course, it wasn’t just Conservatives, but politicians from across the House who let you down.

We are now told that senior ministers who voted against the Government were assured by No 10 that they would not lose their jobs.

If this is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, the implications are horrifyingly clear.

There is a conspiracy to stop our departure from the EU from the top down.

At any cost, it would seem, the democratic will of the British people is being trashed.

Politicians of our country are quite prepared, indeed willing, to trade our liberty and sovereignty to remain in an institution that will destroy our proud island history and subjugate us to its will, perhaps indefinitely.

That is why I and many honourable colleagues voted against Mrs May’s so-called deal on Tuesday.

It’s not a departure, it’s a sell-out.

Look at the detail and see for yourselves.

From a simple instruction to leave the EU, we now have chaos, with political integrity lying bleeding and battered in the gutter.

With the House now demanding that we take no-deal off the table, and, as I write, seeking to extend Article 50, our country is nothing more than a leaderless laughing stock.

The power now lies with the EU, which will continue to play with us as a cat does a mouse.

And we all know how that ends up.

I cannot see how this can continue without dramatic changes.

We need someone, a team, to not only respect the vote in 2016, but to actually believe in it.