Letter - more funding for police, by police minster Rt Hon Nick Hurd MP

The first role of government is to protect the public. We will ensure that the police have the powers and resources to keep citizens and communities safe. That is why the Government proposed in December the largest annual increase in police funding in England and Wales since 2010 through the 2019/20 police settlement.
Our plans included an increase in total police funding of up to £970 million if all Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs) use the full precept flexibility we have provided. This would take total investment into the police system in England and Wales to £14 billion in 2019/20.
We have been pleased to see that the vast majority of PCCs are planning to make use of the full precept flexibility. Many are proposing to use this increase in funding to enable additional recruitment with current plans for total recruitment of around 3,300 to the workforce, including over 2,800 police officers, as well as to meet financial pressures and fill crucial capability gaps, such as those for detectives.
The House of Commons debated and approved the Government’s 2019/20 police funding on 5 February. This means there will be substantial increase in funding for police forces in 2019/20 if local PCCs use the full precept flexibility. The total amount available for each local force is included at Annex A.
We are personally committed to supporting the police this year in meeting the changing demands facing them – both through this significant police settlement and in further improving their efficiency and effectiveness to deliver maximum value for money for the taxpayer.
The Government will always be on the side of the police and the broader criminal justice system. This settlement demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that the police have the right resources to do their work against a background of changing demand.