Diary - why no-deal should hold no fears

Another interesting day in parliament. It began outside, though, as I attended a funeral in Dorset. The wife of an old friend, Robert Wadham, had died after battling cancer for some time and I wished to show my support. Jackie was a remarkable woman, we learnt during the Service, full of life and with a wonderful optimistic view of everything, from work to rest and play. It was a poignant Service, with songs, including Rod Stewart's 'Sailing', where we were treated to a short slide show of Jackie and Robert's time together. Then, from reality back to dark mood of the House, and the divided politicians within. After dealing with the mundane matters, I was interviewed by the Daily Express on-line team about Brexit. Nothing will sway me from changing my mind that the sooner we leave the EU the better, even with a so-called no-deal. I attended a private meeting later in the day where former MP Peter Lilley talked through his paper on WTO terms and what it would mean for the UK were we to leave with no-deal. This excellent 30-page document, entitled 30 Truths About Leaving on WTO Terms, is a must read for everyone and it's on this website. Another private meeting at 1630 went ahead, despite votes during the Finance Bill, caused by amendments to it placed by the likes of Oliver Letwin and others who are doing all they can to scupper a no-deal departure, which, given the state of things, is the only sensible course of action now. Get out and renegotiate as an independent country. One of these amendments was aimed at preventing the Government from raising the necessary money to prepare for no-deal. The Government lost the vote, but the consequences are not serious and do not affect our departure date on 29 March. What a day!