Diary - we must stop chasing NI veterans

Into the Commons where we heard that Mrs May intends to bring back her withdrawal deal early next month, this time in the form of a Bill. I despair! This has gone beyond a joke now. Attended PMQs, where there were many empty seats. At the end, my colleague Mike Penning made a Point of Order about Captain Robert Nairac, who was captured, tortured and then murdered by the IRA. It was connected to the very real concerns we all have about the lack of protection for veterans who served in NI. There are about 200 veterans facing possible charges of one sort or another for alleged offences dating back decades. This really cannot be right and must stop. I made a point of order myself on this very point. At 1345 it was time for our weekly European Scrutiny Committee, which was held in private. Plenty of correspondence to wade through until the early evening.