Diary - we must keep our word

Another long day in Parliament. I had put in to speak in the EU Withdrawal Act debate, as had more than 70 other MPs. Time was inevitably going to be limited. I worked in my office until about 1115, when I descended to the Chamber to take my usual seat at the back. I knew it was going to be a long wait and so it proved but, in waiting, I enjoyed listening to the many speeches on both sides of the divide. I was called at about 1715. The time limit by then had been cut to 4 minutes. On such an important issue, it would have been nicer to have had some more time. But there we go. What I did say is on my website. I think I can sum it all up by challenging the political establishment to honour the referendum result in full. It does not seem it is going to at the moment and I shall not be voting with the Government on Tuesday. Clearly, No 10 is concerned as there was a flurry of minister going in and out of the PM's home in the early afternoon. And I am not surprised. This is a car crash and I take no pleasure in saying so or witnessing it. What a time!