Diary - we are sold out

Another blow for democracy, integrity, honesty, our word and the future of our country as 47 of my colleagues betray the Government, allowing an amendment through that will take no-deal off the table. Anyone who has ever had to negotiate anything knows that you must have the ability to walk away to ensure a fair outcome. Well these so-called colleagues of mine, the same colleagues who have consistently voted for the Article 50 process, sold us out tonight by failing to prevent an amendment that takes no deal off the table. In the Division Lobby there was consternation from the Whips who clearly had not been informed of this betrayal. Their anger was palpable and who can blame them. Tomorrow further moves by Remainers to prevent Brexit will take place as they seek to extend Article 50. You really could not make this up. I had spent the day talking to many colleagues and running through a variety of scenarios.  Arch Remainer Hammond gave his Spring Statement, but much of it was lost on other events. And arch Brexiteer - or so we all thought - Michael Gove summed up for the Government at the end of the debate. His speech was predominantly negative on Brexit and this from a man who led the campaign to take us out! Cometh the hour, cometh the man, they say. Well, events are clearly revealing MPs in their true colours, and it is not a pleasant sight. I have to say that I left the House tonight feeling ashamed of our political class and dejected. The democratic will of the British people is being trashed in front of my eyes and it is deeply depressing.