Diary - was attempted murder state-sponsored?

A short stint in my Dorset office and then up to London for another week of politics. The big moment of the day was the PM's statement on the murder attempt of a former Russian spy and his daughter. Mrs May's full statement is on my website but she told the Commons that Mr Skripal and his daughter were poisoned with a military-grade nerve agent of a type developed by Russia. No surprise there. It was a statesmanlike delivery and the PM did well. Corbyn, on the other hand, seriously misjudged the mood of the House, and his performance was, as several MPs stated, a disgrace. Even a number of his own MPs distanced themselves from him. Poor things; they're for the Momentum chop! At times like this unity is sought and needed. Putin is a dangerous man and, with a country in a poor economic state, and every penny it earns spent on the armed forces, the President has to keep banging the war drum to justify his behaviour. The threat from the West is used again and again to keep the Russian people on board with their thuggish leader. He is doing his people a great disservice and I just hope there are enough Russians with sufficient brains to see through the smoke and mirrors. I did catch the Speaker's eye and asked the PM to reassure the House that if it was proved the attack was state-sponsored then our response would be delivered with the solid backing of NATO and our European allies and friends. United we stand, divided we risk allowing Putin to continue throwing his weight around. The PM said she would update us further on Wednesday. I thought it might be helpful to say what steps are being taken by the Government to reduce homelessness. It aims to spend £1 billion up to 2020. It hopes to halve rough sleeping by 2022 and eradicate it by 2027. The Government backed the Homelessness Reduction Bill last year, and is putting £72 million in place to support its delivery. Housing First pilots will test a new approach to tackling this problem with intensive wrap-around support and funding of £28 million. Homelessness is a complicated issue, with a myriad of reasons why people are sleeping rough, but the problem is identified and action is being taken. Finally, there were so many UQs and Statements today that parliamentary business was dropped and I headed home at about 2000.