Diary - votes won, but at what price?

What a day! It began with an early morning run. Good time to clear the head in preparation for what was always expected to be a close call. It did not turn out that way, but the shenanigans carried out by a handful of Remain MPs on our side was embarrassing. The heat was over the meaningful vote, that would simply undermine the PM's negotiating hand and could, potentially, end Brexit. These MPs deny trying to stop Brexit, but the evidence is to the contrary. All these MPs, except for Ken Clark, were elected on a promise we'd leave the EU and they all voted to implement Arcticle 50. They've had plenty of chances to make their point, yet here they are again at the 11th hour, attempting to thwart the will of the people. One minister, Philip Lee, resigned in order to vote against the Government, too. What baffles me is, if he is a diehard Remainer, why did he accept a job in a Government intent on leaving the very institution he wants to remain in, and then leave his post on the very day of some essential votes. I think I will leave you to conclude what the answer to that question is! Anyway, as the Chief Whip ran between the Government Front Bench and the small team of Remainers, the debate continued, with some excellent speeches from the likes of Sir Edward Leigh and Sir William Cash. There were courageous speeches on the Opposition Benches from the wonderful Kate Hoey, Frank Field and John Mann. The treachery of the Labour and Lib Dem Parties is appalling. Both supported a referendum, promising to respect the result, but are now playing politics in attempting to bring down our Government. They should both be backing Brexit, as, with their support, there is no doubt we'd be in an even better negotiating position. It fills me with sadness to see such a lack of integrity in the House because it reflects badly on us and it will lead to even less confidence in our politics and politicians. If we do not deliver Brexit, why should anyone believe a word we say in this place? After multiple votes, the Government came through unscathed, but with an a argument brewing over what was, or was not, offered to the Remainers in our Party. I hope that our Remainers will reflect very carefully on their behaviour today, because they risk a catastrophe if the Government is defeated.