Diary - the truth booms out

Another extraordinary day in the Commons. The much anticipated appearance of Attorney General Geoffrey Cox QC came after the PM had made a Statement on her recent G20 meeting. Mr Cox had come to the House to explain the legal ramifications of the PM's Withdrawal Bill. He performed as we all expected he would, his rich baritone voice booming around the Chamber, accompanied by much theatre. In short, he told us all what we feared, that the deal could see us permanently trapped in the so-called Backstop. This would leave us in the EU in all but name and is totally unacceptable. Mr Cox was frank and told us that he didn't like it but he was prepared to take the risk. I am not. We have a duty to leave the EU, an institution I do not trust and who will do all it can to keep us ensnared in its web. I did eventually catch the Speaker's eye right at the end of these proceedings and only afterwards learnt that I had missed an appointment with Mrs May herself. I have asked for another. Politics is treading a very dangerous path, with many colleagues on both sides of the House working to prevent Brexit. In my view, this is shameful, and, if successful, could see the Conservative Party cast into outer darkness for many years to come, which Labour is hoping for. However, they are behaving just as dishonourably by not supporting Brexit, instead seeking power on the back of those who would thwart the will of the people. Five days of debate follow, with a big vote next Tuesday. I shall voting against the Government unless there are dramatic changes to the deal. What a sad time for politics, honour and integrity.