Diary - Tiger history on show at Bovington

Today was my parents' 60th wedding anniversary. A remarkable achievement and one we are all very proud of. Anyway, while they enjoyed receiving my flowers, I headed to the Tank Museum at Bovington for the official opening of a new exhibition starring the much-feared Tiger tank. This monster caused much consternation in the war as we had nothing to match it and it's powerful, long range gun picked off our tanks before they got close enough to do any damage. The museum displayed five Tigers and is looking to persuade the German government to lend them the sixth. The German military attache was one of the many distinguished guests, which included veteran news reporter Kate Addie, so I sidled up to him and tactfully asked him for the sixth Tiger! I think we'll get it as he was a charming gentleman and supportive of the idea. What was especially poignant about this event was the presence of some veterans, who'd both served in Tigers and fought against them. Some extraordinary stories, as you can imagine. The museum really is doing well and it's now after more Lottery money in order to create modern workshops, to be used by both the museum and the serving military. It's a huge success story and most ably led by Director Richard Smith. In the afternoon, I locked myself away in my office to continue drafting my speech for my parents's big day on Saturday. You need peace when you write a speech and I found it.