Diary - take us out of the EU, or go Prime Minister

Over the weekend, I had mulled over the way I had voted again and again. Had I made the right decision, or not? My gut said I had not, so, for me, personally, I had to put the record straight. I thought I would do this via a Point of Order today. Having gone through several drafts, I headed down to the Chamber at 1525, ready to make my PoO when departmental questions were over. At the appropriate time, I rose, and the Speaker kindly granted my PoO. I suppose in the true interpretation of parliamentary procedure what I wanted to say was not strictly a PoO. However, the Speaker generously allowed me to make it and you can read what I said on my website. No one encouraged or coerced me to say what I did. It was my decision and mine alone. One of my friends knew I was going to make a PoO and had kindly asked other colleagues of a like mind to sit around me. It was a touching gesture and one I appreciated enormously. Having made my short speech, I slipped out of the Commons and into St James's Park for some fresh air and a walk. A BBC reporter did catch me as I left the Commons, but I told him I would be giving no interviews. This whole issue is not about me, or any one of us, it's about the future of our great country. On this occasion, I thought the less said the better. As the hours went by, my email inbox exploded as message after message of support poured in. I was truly touched and humbled and realised yet again that we must trust the people and how easy it is for politicians to lose touch. Meanwhile, my colleague Oliver Letwin and other like-minded MPs continued to debate one soft option after another. It made depressing listening and I cannot understand for the life of me why so many MPs here are doing their level best to prevent us leaving the EU. The future IS outside this imploding bureaucracy and it's there for the taking if only the PM had the courage to get on with it. I understood that some climate change activists had stripped off in the public gallery to make their point. I missed all the fun and games, but it was 1 April! Dinner and a very strong drink with my lovely wife ended another fraught day.