Diary - sports day at a very special school

It's been a while since I've visited Purbeck View School in Swanage and the visit was as poignant and interesting as I had anticipated it would be. The school caters for up to 50 students with special needs. Autism is the main theme and some of the youngsters are severely affected and need one to one care. I was met by the Principal, Ginny Bellard, who is most impressive. It was their sports day and I and the Town Cryer - Andrew Fleming - had been asked to hand out the certificates and medals at the end, before opening the new therapy suite. Under a very hot sun, the youngsters performed so well and clearly everyone was enjoying themselves. Many parents attended and I had some fascinating chats with several of them. After prize-giving, we walked a short distance to the therapy suite and opened it with the help of the youngest  student. I was very touched by the whole experience and impressed by all the staff, who were totally dedicated to working with their challenging charges. Afterwards, I drove the short distance to Ullwell Caravan Park to meet the owner Jenny Scadden and her team. She wanted to brief me on what they do and how they do it and I found the visit most interesting. The park itself was started by Jenny's father, who was clearly far-sighted. The camp is now well established and several improvements have made it a popular attraction. Jenny employs about 40 local people, so it's not a small affair. I was taken on a short tour of the site on foot and we visited one of the homes, which was comfortable and with an amazing view of the resort and sea.