Diary - Speaker throws a spanner in the works

Another strange day in the Commons. One thing is for certain, it's better not to predict anything. Events move in peculiar ways at the moment, mainly as most MPs do their level best to stop Brexit in one way or another, sadly. After Work & Pensions Questions, the Speaker had allowed three Urgent Questions, including one on the appalling massacre in New Zealand and how the internet can be stopped from fanning the flames by allowing horrific film of the attack to be downloaded, seemingly with no restrictions, and another on extending Article 50, called by Remainer Justine Greening, who wants a second referendum. Before these got under way, the Speaker threw a spanner in the works by making his own Statement on Brexit legislation. In short, he told the House that the Government could not have a third Meaningful Vote unless it was substantially different. This sparked many Points of Order as MPs tried to interpret Mr Bercow's guidelines in a way that suited their cause. Of course with a mainly Remain-orientated House, these MPs were delighted that the Government had been torpedoed in this way. Others made the perfectly fair point that this ruling must also affect those who were trying to derail Brexit by repeatedly laying amendments that, for example, removed no deal from the table, or sought an extension to Article 50. Government business saw a number of motions voted on to quite late in the evening.